A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 3.—Water Transport Workers

740.—Harbour, Dock and Stevedoring Foremen

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assistant master stevedore
goes down into ship's hold, as representative of master stevedore (732) q.v., to ensure that stevedores (743) q.v. are stowing cargo properly and in positions to facilitate discharge at ports of call on voyage as shown in ship's manifest; often engages holdsmen and other dock labourers (745) q.v. and pays them off at- end of engagement, rendering accounts to master stevedore, whom he assists generally.
dock foreman
general term for foreman in charge or body of men engaged on any section of work in docks, usually in connection with loading and unloading ships and conveying goods to or from warehouse; supervises stacking and storing of goods according to marks; rejects goods unfit for storage; includes foreman dock porter, ship foreman q.v.
dredging foreman
has charge, under dredger captain (733) or engineer (734) q.v., of men engaged on dredging operations.
foreman dock porter ; foreman quay ganger, quay foreman (shipper's)
in charge of dock porters (745) q.v. engaged in loading and discharging cargo on dock quays or in conveying it, on their shoulders or in trucks, to and from warehouses, railway wagons, couriers' delivery wagons, etc., and is responsible for efficient performance of their work; usually engages men, for job on which he is engaged, at dock gates.
foreman of dry dock
has charge of staff engaged in maintenance of a dry dock, e.g. pumping dry, flooding, cleaning, etc.
foreman quay ganger
see foreman dock porter.
foreman ship worker
see ship foreman.
ganger, gangsman
(i) slang terms for foreman;
(ii) directs work of gang of dock labourers (745) q.v. under general direction of foreman.
gate foreman, dock gate foreman ; lock foreman (docks)
prepares duties roster of dock gateman (749) q.v. in accordance with tides; directs and supervises gatemen and is responsible to dock authority for their tune keeping and for efficient performance of their work.
goods selector (shipping company)
is employed by shipping company to determine, in consultation with ship foreman q.v., in which hold or part of hold different parts of cargo shall be stowed; satisfies himself that various parts of cargo, to be discharged at each port of call in succession, are so stowed as to be easily accessible for expeditious discharge.
harbour foreman
in charge of a body of men engaged on any work, e.g. carrying or stacking goods, road making or repairs, on harbour premises.
leading foreman
supervises work of other foremen working on quays, etc., of dock or harbour.
leading stower ; stevedore foreman
under instruction of ship foreman q.v., supervises stowers (743) q.v. and tells them in which hold, or part of hold, each part of cargo is to be stowed; is responsible for efficient stowing.
lock foreman (docks)
see gate foreman.
lottery foreman
at wool sales, sorts wool bales, on wharves and in warehouses at decks, into their proper lots, and places them in their respective positions, which are indicated by marks on floor, corresponding with marks and numbers in sale catalogue.
principal measurer
is employed by shipping company or shipping agent (730) q.v. to supervise and check work of measurers (749) q.v.; sends particulars of measurements to his employer.
quay deputy
a senior dock foreman q.v. selected to act as deputy for master stevedore (732) q.v. when he is absent.
quay foreman
(i) superintends dock labourers (745) q.v. engaging in sweeping and cleaning quays;
(ii) (shippers), see foreman dock porter.
sampler, dock sampler (dock company)
a dock authority employee who, upon instruction of owner, opens bales, cases, or other packages consigned to him, and lying in dock warehouse; takes out one or more samples representative of bulk of contents; puts samples in sample bags or other receptacles, seals with dock company's seal and labels for identification purposes; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., grain sampler; cf. sampler (789).
ship foreman ; foreman ship worker
is employed by master stevedore (732) q.v. to supervise loading and discharging of vessels; supervises rigging of derricks and falls by ship riggers (745) q.v.; allocate stevedores (743) q.v. and various classes of dock labourers, e.g. hatchmen, railmen, winchmen (745) q.v., to their posts; consults with goods selector q.v. (if such is employed) to determine disposal of cargo in hold; engages and discharges dock labourers (745) q.v. and makes out their pay tickets for presentation at master stevedore's office.
steamship foreman
is responsible to marine superintendent or to stores manager (739) q.v. for supervising re-fitting and conditioning of ship in preparation for voyage; inspects existing stock, if any, of stores on ship (deck stores, engine room stores, food stores, etc.); orders removal of defective stores and estimates additional stores required to complete supplies for voyage; requisitions such supplies from respective storekeepers (941) q.v. of shipping company's shore stores; is responsible for safe delivery of stores on board.
stevedore foreman
see leading stower.
transporting foreman (P.L.A.)
usually an ex-seaman on dock master's staff in charge of small crew on vessels being transported from berth to dry dock, or vice versa.
waterside foreman
general term for any foreman who directs and supervises a gang of men employed as dock labourers (745) q.v., or in any other capacity, at waterside; includes foreman dock porter, harbour foreman, wharf foreman q.v.
wharf foreman
as for dock foreman.
wharf foreman, colliery
in charge, at colliery company's wharf, of work of delivering coal into ships' bunkers or holds for export or for carriage coastwise; directs and supervises capstanmen (741), rope runners, coal tippers, coal hoist workers (744) q.v.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.