A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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assistant storekeeper (Post Office)
supervises warehousemen (940) and assistants (942) q.v. , and is responsible for carrying out of instructions regarding his section of Post Office Stores Department.
chief storekeeper (Post Office)
controls several branches of Post Office Stores Department, and instructs storekeepers q.v. in charge of individual branches.
drug keeper, drug storekeeper (textile printing)
keeps stores of colouring matters, mordants, and other chemicals, etc., for use in textile printing, and issues supplies as required.
explosives man, magazine keeper, magazine storekeeper, magazine man, powder magazine attendant, powder distributor, powder man
is in charge of stocks of explosives, which he checks in or issues to workmen as required; is responsible for seeing that instructions regarding persons entering magazine, locking doors, etc., are carried out.
material man (copper mines)
a storekeeper q.v. who stores and issues supplies of various material and tools for use in or about mine.
pattern keeper, pattern storekeeper
keeps store of patterns, templates, etc.; sometimes also keeps records of patterns and drawings used; often further designated, e.g., smiths' pattern keeper.
powder salesman (metalliferous mines)
as for explosives man.
receiver of arms (small arms)
a storekeeper q.v. who receives guns, rifles, etc., from works and stacks them in store house; keeps simple book record of deliveries.
spelterman (galvanised sheets)
a storekeeper q.v. who keeps stock of spelter or zinc and delivers supplies to galvanising baths.
stockkeeper (textile mills )
a storekeeper q.v. in charge of wool tops, yarn, etc.; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. top stockkeeper, yarn stockkeeper.
storekeeper, store holder, store minder ; storeman, storer, store room man, stores issuer, storesman, wareroom man
maintains, records, and issues as required, stores, i.e. (normally) raw or semi-manufactured materials, tools, explosives, fuel, oil, spare parts or other articles required for use in production or repair, as distinguished from stocks of finished articles, cf. stockkeeper (940); this distinction, however, is not always strictly observed; often further distinguished according to industry, or according to article stored, e.g. bar iron storekeeper, blue print storekeeper, bottle storekeeper, nut and bolt storekeeper, standing forme storekeeper, tool storekeeper.
storekeeper, negative (photographers)
receives negatives from printing department, names and numbers them and enters in record book; stores negatives in boxes and re-issues to printing department as required.
storekeeper, plate (accumulators)
keeps store of accumulator plates, for use in making or repairing electrical accumulators.
storekeeper (Post Office)
is in charge of staff in branch of Post Office Stores Department; supervises assistant storekeepers, storemen, warehousemen (940) and porters (758) q.v.
storekeeper, victualling
has charge of stores for victualling ships, under direction of victualling superintendent (739) q.v.
storeman, storer, store room man, storesman, stores issuer
see storekeeper.
storeman (distillery)
supervises operations, directing necessary labouring staff, from drawing-off of spirit from stills until casting ready for despatch; attends to cocks controlling flow of spirit from stills to vats in stores; ascertains strength of spirits by use of Sykes hydrometer and thermometer and adds distilled water to spirit, if necessary, to reduce; gauges casks with dip rod to ascertain quantities and sees to despatch of same; in bonded warehouse, determines strength under supervision of spirit clerk (930) q.v. and Excise officer.
storeman, flax; flax and yarn storeman
is in charge of store containing line, i.e. hackled flax or hemp; keeps record of quantity in hand; is sometimes also in charge of utensils used in preparing and spinning yarn, and of stock of spun yarn.
storeman (Post Office)
is employed on less skilled duties in handling of stores in Post Office Stores Department; checks packages into store from van; notes particulars of contents and makes examination as to condition; puts goods in proper position, in store; makes out consignment vouchers for goods leaving stores, checks packages to van.
stores issuer (railway)
issues sponge cloths, oil, tallow, waste, brushes and other stores required by engine men (701) q.v. keeps records of incoming and outgoing stores; requisitions for additional stores as required; renders periodical statements of stores in stock.
tableman (screw making)
receives orders from office and supervises packers who look out different kinds of screws in stock room or warehouse to make up orders; may himself assist in packing operations.
wareroom man
see storekeeper.
weight minder
a storekeeper q.v. in tapes, smallwares, and elastic web industry.
white cloth man
a storekeeper q.v. in charge of white cloth store, in textile printing industry.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.