A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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942.—Warehouse and Storekeepers' Assistants (not Lace Warehouse Hands)

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bench hand, bench worker (newspapers) ; newspaper despatcher, newspaper worker
counts newspapers into bundles; packs bundles, and despatches them to newsagents; does other similar work in warehouse department of a newspaper office or of a wholesale newsagent's establishment, usually working at a bench.
booker (glass), glass caller-over
see marker-down.
book publisher's collector
makes up booksellers' orders by going round shelves in stock room and picking out books required; orders from warehouse books not in stock; sometimes employed on outside work, collecting books from other publishers and from booksellers; cf. book collector (758).
chamberman (cold storage)
see cold storage hand.
verifies, by comparing with invoice or delivery note, weight, number, grade, etc., of goods received or despatched; often further distinguished according to nature of industry or class of goods checked, e.g. sack checker, tea checker.
clerical labourer (Government dockyard)
assists in storehouse, in checking or ordering stores, and does unskilled clerical work in Government dockyard.
cold storage hand, cold stores labourer ; chamberman (cold storage)
carries goods in and out of cold storage chamber; stacks or hangs them in position, and does other labouring work in connection with cold storage.
counterman (2nd class) (drugs and fine chemicals) ; measurer, weigher (drugs and fine chemicals)
measures or weighs out chemicals; bottles, packs, and makes up orders received from 1st class counterman (940) q.v.
counterman, dry
a counterman, 1st (940) or 2nd q.v. engaged in packing dry, i.e. solid, chemicals, into boxes, bottles, kegs, etc., using shovel, scoop, etc.
counterman, wet
a counterman, 1st (940) or 2nd q.v. engaged in packing liquid chemicals into bottles, casks, drums, etc., hand pouring from small vessel or from tap.
examiner, grain; locker and grain examiner
under direction of grain superintendent (940) q.v. , daily inspects grain throughout warehouse, searching for signs of deterioration through damp, overheating, rats, weevil, etc.; reports results of inspection; if necessary, arranges for gram to be moved by conveyor belt from one part of warehouse to another.
examiner, sack
examines sacks in warehouse to ensure that they have been properly cleaned and mended; may also act as sack checker q.v.
fent sorter
sorts and grades fents, i.e. scraps of textile material, in a fent dealer's warehouse.
giver-out, card wire
gives out wire from warehouse, for use in manufacture of card clothing.
see warehouse labourer.
marker-down ; booker (glass), glass caller-over
counts finished plate or rolled glass as it i's received in warehouse, recording size, weight per square foot, quality, etc.; often helps in moving plate and sheet glass; chalks sizes on glass plates and sheets, as required; checks out and records particulars of glass leaving warehouse.
measurer (drugs and fine chemicals)
see counterman (2nd class).
newspaper despatcher, newspaper worker
see bench hand (newspapers).
order hand (commercial firms)
assists warehouseman (940) or order man (940) q.v. by getting out and putting away goods required to fulfil orders.
piler (jam making) ; pot stacker, stacker
a stockroom hand q.v. employed in stacking-down jars of jam, i.e. pushes uncovered jars in trolleys to stock room and there piles them in smallest possible space, to stand for several days before covering.
publisher's assistant
a warehouse hand q.v. in a publisher's establishment.
puller boy, puller-in (glass)
packs blown glass articles on trucks and pulls or pushes or transfers glass from one warehouse to another.
see topper.
scissors wiper
a warehouse hand q.v. who wipes oil and dust from scissors, knives, razors, etc., with chamois leather, in preparation for packing.
see warehouse labourer.
stacker, pot stacker
see piler (jam making).
stacker and packer
see topper.
stock room assistant, stock room hand
puts finished goods, as received, in proper place in stock room; sorts out goods required to fulfil orders, ready for packing and does other similar work in stock room; sometimes also keeps records of receipts and issues.
store boy, storehouse boy, storekeeper's assistant, stores attendant, stores assistant, stores labourer
assists in handling, receiving, and issuing of stores (raw or semi-manufactured materials, oil, spare parts, etc.) in store room; sometimes also keeps records of stores received and issued; precise duties vary with industry; sometimes distinguished according to class of stores handled e.g. rivet stores attendant.
stower (grain milling)
see topper.
stower, jute
carries and stacks raw jute or jute goods in a warehouse or store room, under direction of warehouseman or storekeeper (940) q.v.
stower (tinplate)
stacks boxes of tinplates in assorting room or warehouse.
tool finder
finds tools for skilled workmen; precise duties vary with industry, e.g., in tube making industry, sorts into sizes and examines dies and plugs.
topper, warehouse topper ; runner, stacker and packer, stower
a warehouseman's assistant q.v. who conveys sacks of flour, grain, bran, etc., from packing room and stacks them one on top of another, in tiers, in warehouse; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. bran topper.
trucker, warehouse
warehouse unloader, warehouse assistant, warehouseman's assistant, see warehouse labourer.
warehouse boy
delivers goods, runs messages, and assists in warehouse generally.
warehouse girl
does packing, labelling; and similar light work either in receiving department or in finished goods department of a warehouse.
warehouse hand, warehouse worker
general term for any person employed in warehouse, usually in receiving, stacking loading or unloading, weighing, or checking goods; or in trucking or carrying them from place to place; or in getting out orders, packing, labelling, and despatching, etc.; but sometimes combines these with other duties e.g., in cutlery manufacture, sometimes looks over finished articles; checks, wraps up, and packs; in umbrella making, fits umbrellas with cases and tassels.
warehouse labourer ; lifter, shifter, warehouse assistant, warehouseman's assistant, warehouse trucker, warehouse unloader
stacks goods or takes them from stack, unloads vans and trucks, rolls barrels, carries or trucks goods from place to place, and does other labouring work in warehouse, under direction of warehouseman (940) q.v.
(i) weighs goods in bulk on scales or weighing platform;
(ii) weighs small parcels in warehouse;
(iii) (grain milling) weighs a specific quantity of grain or flour into each sack;
(iv) (drugs and fine chemicals), see counterman (2nd class).

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.