A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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addresser, circular, envelope ; wrapper writer
writes names and addresses on envelopes or circulars from list or directory; sometimes also folds circulars.
agent, press cutting
undertakes to read newspapers, journals, etc., for references to particular name or subject; supplies clients with cuttings containing such references.
see stocktaker (puddling furnaces) ; cf. checker (942).
coal meter man
checks, on a weighbridge, weight of coal leaving coal merchant's yard or colliery for gas company's or other industrial works for which coal has been ordered in bulk; ensures that weight and quality of coal are as ordered; fills in certificate and posts to customer.
code expert
undertakes the translation of telegraph and other messages from and into code.
collector, automatic meter, coin slot meter
collects periodically money deposited in automatic machines belonging to an automatic supply company or in slot meters of gas or electricity supply company; refills automatic machines with goods, when necessary.
collector, debt, rent; collector of debts, collector of rents
calls on debtors, or occupiers of houses, flats, etc., to collect debts (or rents) on behalf of creditors; charges commission on money collected.
collector, gas company's
makes out accounts from information supplied by rental department; renders accounts to customers, calls on them, collects rentals, i.e. charges for meter hire and for gas supplied, and gives receipts therefor; pays-in cash to bank and renders return to accountant's department.
collector, market toll, bridge toll
collects fees for use of market stalls (or bridge) when privately owned.
copy-writer (advertising)
composes or writes the descriptive matter (copy) for advertisements.
folder, circular
folds advertisement circulars for distribution; fills into addressed envelopes, if required.
gauger, valuer's
see stocktaker, valuer's.
instructress (sewing machines)
visits buyers of sewing machines in their homes to instruct them in use of machine.
measures and records external dimensions of bales of goods, timber, etc., for freight or other purposes; when measuring timber, calculates cubic contents according to class of timber and trade custom, for freight or other purposes; sometimes specificially [sic] designated, e.g. timber measurer.
measurer, sworn
as for weigher, sworn.
see weigher ; originally a recorder of numbers of quarters or bushels in a cargo of grain, etc.
meter, sworn
see weigher, sworn.
press clipper (press cutting agency)
see reader (press cutting agency).
pumpman (petrol supply)
operates pump standard for supply of petrol in fixed quantities to customers motor cars at roadside or at special filling stations; accounts, for money received for petrol sold.
reader (press cutting agency) ; press clipper (press cutting agency)
reads newspapers, periodicals, etc., and cuts-out items of interest to individuals, companies, etc., subscribing to agency.
representative, correspondence school (or business training college)
calls at the homes of prospective students making preliminary enquiries to discuss course desired, syllabus, fees, etc.
runner, fish salesman's
reports to salesman (796) arrival of fishing boats in harbour; keeps tally of deliveries and assists salesman generally; cf. fish salesman's clerk (939).
sampler, corn, cotton, grain, hop, wool, etc.; warehouse sampler, sampleman
xamines deliveries of goods at warehouse to ensure that they are in accordance with specification, prices goods where qualities vary, on behalf of factor or merchant; prepares samples for prospective purchasers.
sampler, tea
attends warehouses on behalf of buyers, withdraws for tasting samples of tea to be sold by auction; deposits at warehouse "returns"; of an equal weight and quality for tea taken.
weighs goods for import or export at dock or wharf; works in conjunction with weigher (q.v.) stocktaker; makes periodical inventory of stock of goods, etc., in shop or warehouse, or of raw material, etc., in factory, etc.
stocktaker (iron and steel rolling)
notifies foreman in charge of rolling operations of orders received; determines margin to be allowed in size and weight of bar for production of sheets or plates of given size; attends to despatch of finished! goods; keeps records of weights of various, articles produced by which piecework wages are determined.
stocktaker (puddling furnaces), bar stocktaker ; checker
keeps record of stocks of finished wrought iron bars, pig iron, fuel, etc.; sometimes also examines bars before storing and rejects defective ones; cf. bar inspector (278).
stocktaker, valuer's ; valuer's gauger
assists valuer (796) (q.v.) in valuing of goods, machinery, property, etc.; makes inventory with values attached at valuer's dictation.
tea taster
tastes sample infusions of tea offered for sale to tea merchant or large retailer, in order to form estimate of quality and value.
weigher ; meter
stands by while goods for import or export are being weighed by scalesman (q.v.) or by labourers and records weights in a book.
weigher, sworn ; sworn meter
a weigher (q.v.) who has sworn and signed an affidavit before a commissioner of oaths to record weights of goods, etc., correctly.
window dresser, window display man
designs and carries out window displays of goods for sale in retail shops, etc.
wrapper writer
see addresser, circular.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.