A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 2.—Road Transport Workers

714.—Inspectors and Superintendents

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accident inspector ; enquiry officer
carries out preliminary enquiries on behalf of omnibus, tramway or other undertaking, where accidents to passengers, loss or damage to passengers' property, damage to vehicles through collision with company's omnibuses, tramcars, etc., are reported; sometimes visits scene of accident, makes enquiries of eye witnesses, inspects damaged vehicles, etc., and interviews persons injured, etc., furnishes reports to claims superintendent q.v. setting out result of enquiries, expressing opinions as to culpability, or otherwise, of company's servants, and making recommendations as to lines upon which a settlement should be effected.
assistant district inspector, assistant divisional inspector
(i) see assistant district permanent way inspector;
(ii) see assistant district traffic inspector.
assistant district permanent way inspector, assistant divisional permanent way inspector ; assistant district inspector, assistant divisional inspector
assists and acts as deputy to district permanent way inspector q.v.; inspects tramway tracks in specified districts, reported as defective, and recommends necessary repairs; supervises repair gangs and pays periodic visits to portions of track under repair and surprise visits to night conduit cleaners (729) q.v. to ensure efficient working.
assistant district traffic inspector, assistant divisional traffic inspector ; assistant district inspector, assistant divisional inspector
assists and acts as deputy to district traffic inspector q.v.; supervises traffic regulators q.v.; investigates their reports regarding congestion or delays at traffic points and takes necessary steps to remedy defects; is responsible for allocation of vehicles, e.g. for football matches, and for preparing special traffic plans for such occasions.
assistant regulator, assistant traffic regulator (tramways, etc.)
assists traffic regulator q.v. in control of tramway or omnibus services; is stationed at selected traffic points to report upon traffic congestion, delays or late time-keeping, or is stationed at terminal, etc., during rush hours to direct and assist conductors (724) q.v.; supervises loading and unloading of special cars running on public holidays, for football matches, etc.
bar inspector, boom inspector (tramways) ; trolley attendant, trolley examiner
is responsible to rolling stock superintendent, or superintendent q.v. for periodically inspecting trolleys and trolley bars or booms, at tramway depot, to ensure insulation and perfect running on overhead cable; makes minor adjustments and reports serious defects for repair.
brake inspector, brake attendant, brake examiner (tramways)
inspects brakes and brake attachments on tramcars, at depot every night, to ensure that they are in good working condition; makes minor adjustments on the spot; where more extensive repair or replacement is necessary, reports car for temporary withdrawal from service.
brake superintendent (tramways)
is responsible to rolling stock superintendent q.v. for ensuring that brake equipment of tramcars is maintained in good working condition; supervises brake inspectors q.v.; examines and furnishes reports upon brake appliance improvements and inventions used by other undertakings.
car examiner, car inspector (tramways)
is responsible to depot superintendent q.v. for routine examination of cars on arrival at depot alter journeys; applies driver's controls, to test condition; taps wheels and axles with hammer to detect fractures; lubricates bearings, etc.; reports defects for repair to depot foreman (716) or ro depot superintendent q.v.
chief inspector
controls and supervises work of inspecting staffs on tramway or omnibus systems claims inspector; damages assessor; an officer, possessing technical knowledge, who follows up cases reported upon by accident inspector q.v. after damage claim has been lodged; examines damaged vehicle or property and reports, giving estimate of damage, to claims superintendent q.v.
claims superintendent (tramways, omnibus)
in charge of claims department of tramway or omnibus undertaking and responsible to general manager (710) q.v. for supervision of claims inspectors q.v.; in consultation, if necessary with company solicitor, settles claims lodged in respect of personal loss or injury by passengers, or of damage, injury, etc., to persons or vehicles through collision or negligence of company's servants.
damages assessor
see claims inspector.
depot inspector (tramways)
is responsible to traffic manager (710) q.v. for periodically examining tramway depots; suggests organisation improvements to depot foreman (716) or to depot superintendent q.v.; allocates cars to depots in accordance with traffic requirements as indicated by car-load statistics; ensures that car examination and cleaning arrangements at depots are efficient.
depot superintendent, district depot superintendent
is in charge of a tramway or omnibus depot; is responsible to traffic manager (710) q.v. for control of staff, arranging roster of drivers' and conductors' duties as governed by sickness, traffic requirements, etc.; ensures efficient work of car cleaners (729), car examiners q.v.; sometimes also controls repair staff, e.g. fitters (210), electricians (307), where staff not large enough for employment of repairs depot superintendent q.v.
district inspector (omnibus)
see divisional inspector.
district inspector (tramways)
(i) see district permanent way inspector;
(ii) see district traffic inspector.
district permanent way inspector, divisional permanent way inspector (tramways) ; district inspector (tramways)
is responsible to permanent way superintendent q.v. for maintenance of section of tramway track in specified district; issues instructions for track repairs and makes recommendations for relaying, as necessary; directs and supervises permanent way staff at depots within his district.
district traffic inspector, divisional traffic inspector (tramways) ; district inspector (tramways)
is responsible to district traffic superintendent q.v. for inspection of traffic arrangements in a specified district; recommends to him, in accordance with traffic requirements, augmentation, etc., of certain routes; supervises traffic regulators q.v. and issues reports to assistant district traffic inspectors q.v. to investigate reports of congestion, etc.
district traffic superintendent, divisional traffic superintendent
is responsible to traffic manager (710) q.v. for general supervision of traffic arrangements in a specified area; allocates duties of district traffic inspectors, assistant district traffic inspectors, traffic regulators, assistant regulators q.v.; makes arrangements for meeting traffic requirements, distributing vehicles, applying to headquarters for additional quota, etc., as necessary.
divisional inspector (omnibus) ; district inspector
is responsible for supervision of working of service in a defined division or district.
enquiry officer
see accident inspector.
horse inspector
inspects, at stabling depot, horses belonging to omnibus or tramway services, large carting contractors, railway companies, etc., either before journeys or upon horses' return to depot; instructs horse foreman (715) q.v. to rest horses unfit for work and prescribes treatment, medicines and food in case of simple ailments; keeps sick horses under observation and orders veterinary treament [sic] where necessary; is sometimes responsible for purchase of new horses and sale of horses unfit for further service.
horse superintendent (not canals)
is in charge of horse department of large carriers' business, omnibus or tramway services, and is responsible for control of stable staff, and for welfare of horses.
inspector of patrols (Automobile Association)
is in charge of Automobile Association patrols (729) q.v. in a certain area, and allocates and superintends their work.
jumper (slang)
see ticket examiner.
loading observer (omnibus)
keeps watch at different points on omnibus routes to see that no overloading takes place; reports any cases that he sees.
loading observer (tramways)
keeps one particular tramway route under observation; informs authorities as no loading, i.e. number of passengers carried, on that route, and recommends increase or reduction of service, as traffic demands.
material inspector (tramways)
is responsible to rolling stock superintendent or to permanent way superintendent q.v. for examining and testing, before purchase, cars and materials used in tramway service, e.g. rails, spare parts, lubricants; often visits contractors' premises for this purpose, but, in large undertakings, work may be subdivided.
motor car inspector
inspects cars in large motor garages, and sees that they are kept fit for service.
motor inspector, motor examiner (tramways)
periodically examines tramcar electric motors in a depot, sending them to be overhauled when necessary.
night inspector (omnibus, tramways)
is in control of traffic department of depot at night; allocates duties to conductors; superintends cash and ticket department, etc.
omnibus inspector
performs, according to turn of duty (which is usually changed weekly), one or other of duties devolving on omnibus inspectors, e.g. ticket inspector, regulator q.v.
output assistant (omnibus)
books drivers (720) and conductors (724) q.v. on and off duty; gives out tickets, boxes, etc., to conductors.
parcels superintendent (tramways)
is in charge of parcels traffic department of tramway undertaking; draws up time-tables for collection and delivery of parcels traffic on tramway routes; generally supervises staff at head parcel office and organises system of district parcels receiving offices; is responsible for collection of charges, payment of fees to collecting agents, payment of wages and for financial side of parcel traffic generally.
permanent way engineer
see permanent way superintendent.
permanent way inspector (tramways)
is attached to district tramway depot and reports to district permanent way inspector q.v. upon condition of tramway track in specified area; investigates complaints of drivers (722) q.v., examines state of lines at junctions, recommends repair, etc., supervises repair and relaying gang and reports progress.
permanent way superintendent (tramways) ; permanent way engineer
is responsible to general manager (710) q.v. of tramway undertaking for maintenance of permanent way in good condition; issues instructions to district permanent way inspectors q.v. as to repairs or relaying track; is in general control of staff of permanent way department and selects higher officials, e.g. district permanent way inspectors, permanent way inspectors, material inspectors q.v.
plough inspector, plough examiner
examines ploughs (instruments attached to underframe of tramcars for picking up electric current from cables where conduit traction system is used); makes minor adjustments where necessary; reports to depot superintendent q.v. defects of ploughs needing workshop repair, in order that car may be withdrawn from service.
private inspector (omnibus)
supervises and controls work of private checkers (729) q.v.
punch inspector, punch shop superintendent
unlocks mechanism of ticket punches handed in by omnibus or tram conductors (724) q.v. at depots, and examines to ascertain whether in working order; himself makes minor adjustments, and sends seriously defective punches to punch shop for repair or renewal of parts.
railway cartage inspector
is responsible to cartage superintendent (713) q.v. for efficient working of cartage traffic at goods depots, docks, etc.; issues instructions regarding correct loading of vehicles, etc., to railway cartage foreman (716), carters, van drivers (719) q.v. etc.
regulator, traffic regulator ; timekeeper
regulates traffic at busy junctions, centres, or termini, and sees that tramcars or omnibuses start at scheduled times.
repairs depot superintendent (tramways)
a technical officer who controls staff of repairers and other workers in repairs depot; is responsible to rolling stock superintendent q.v. for efficient repairing of vehicles and for work of car examiner, brake inspector q.v. etc.; maintains adequate stock of spare parts, tools, etc.
road inspector (omnibus, tramway service)
watches (in mufti) working of tramcar or omnibus systems within a defined area; notes irregularities in work of drivers and conductors, points out minor faults on spot and reports serious irregularities to headquarters.
rolling stock superintendent
is responsible to general manager (710) q.v. for efficient control of department which is charged with purchase and maintenance of rolling stock; orders vehicles of approved specifications as authorised by directors, or (municipal undertakings) by tramway committee, and is responsible for examination before acceptance; in general charge of mechanical equipment at depots wherein vehicles are housed, cleaned, examined, repaired; provides efficient inspection and overhaul of vehicles; selects higher officials, e.g. brake superintendent, material inspector q.v.; in smaller undertakings, is sometimes also responsible for maintenance of electrical equipment of rolling stock.
stores superintendent
is responsible for working of stores department, and for control of staff therein; arranges for purchase of stores.
superintendent (cash, ticket and punch department)
is responsible to general manager (710) q.v. for proper keeping of conductors' (724) q.v. cash ticket and punch records and for payment of cash into bank; controls staff who receive and check ticket boxes and cash handed in by conductors; reports serious cash discrepancies to traffic manager (710) q.v. or to general manager for disciplinary action, or, for small amounts, obtains refund from conductors.
ticket examiner, ticket inspector ; jumper
boards omnibuses or tramcars and examines passengers' tickets and conductors' records to ensure that conductors are working satisfactorily, and that passengers are not travelling beyond stages for which they have paid.
see regulator.
time list maker (omnibus)
an omnibus inspector q.v. who prepares lists showing times of omnibus services from a particular garage, and names of drivers (720) and conductors (724) q.v. allotted to each omnibus.
traffic adviser ; traffic development superintendent
studies passenger statistics of undertaking and advises traffic manager (710) q.v. as to extension, curtailment, or alteration of services to meet varying needs of public, arising from growth of population, development of new districts, etc.; suggests innovations, e.g. cheap fares, extension of routes; is responsible for advertising the facilities (passenger, parcels, etc.) afforded by undertaking.
traffic assistant (tramways)
assists traffic manager (710) q.v. in indoor or outdoor routine duties; generally in charge of special section of work; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. outdoor traffic assistant.
traffic development superintendent
see traffic adviser.
traffic inspector
inspects tramway service traffic, and makes routine reports to his department; inspects passengers' tickets, and checks conductors' tickets and ticket sheets; ascertains that conductors are observing regulations as to clothing, discipline, etc.
tramways inspector
general term for an official who supervises work in one section or another of a tramway service, including ticket inspector, road inspector q.v. tramways superintendent; lias charge and control of one section or another of a tramway service, e.g. traffic superintendent (710), permanent way superintendent, works superintendent q.v.
trolley attendant, trolley examiner
see bar inspector (tramways).
works superintendent
controls and directs works of construction or repair on tramway system.
yard inspector
supervises parking of vehicles, cleaning, etc. in tramway depot yards or omnibus garages; despatches tramcars from depots at scheduled times, and notes when cars return.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.