A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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aeroplane woodworker
general term for any person engaged in cutting, shaping or sometimes fitting together wooden parts of aeroplanes (or airships); is usually a semi-skilled worker only capable of performing one, or a few, machine operations; cf. machinist.
batten maker
makes battens (timber measuring less than 7 inches by 2 inches, cross section) on circular ripping saw.
beading maker
a moulder q.v. who shapes wooden beading, for use in building, furniture or coach building trades, on four-cutter machine or on spindle moulding machine.
beam maker, beam turner (textile machinery)
turns on lathe, wooden barrels, shaft, rollers, or beams for textile machinery.
blind roller maker
makes rollers for blinds, by passing or fixing wood into automatic rounding machine; turns handle of machine to operate cutters; switches on power-drive of machine; cuts rollers to required length with a hand or machine saw, and attaches fittings to rollers.
block feeder (matches)
feeds a machine, used for making certain kinds of matches, with small blocks of pine wood; they are automatically cut by a set of hollow cutters and forced up on to a travelling band, where they are tipped with paraffin wax, which is then automatically pointed with friction composition; switches on power-drive of machine; keeps supply-troughs supplied with paraffin wax and friction composition; watches running of machine, and, when atmosphere is excessively humid, so that dipped match heads take longer to dry, stops travelling band for specified periods from time to time, in order that matches may remain longer in drying chamber.
bobbin borer, wooden bobbin borer
bores out centre or spindle hole of bobbins on a boring machine; may perform all or one of operations performed by bobbin chucker, bobbin maker-ready, bobbin pricker, bobbin rincer, bobbin turner-out q.v.
bobbin chucker, wooden- bobbin chucker
places bobbin blank in lathe chucks, fits a rod carrying a boring bit or reamer, through centre of slide of lathe, and sets lathe in motion by moving a lever; lathe then reams out centre or spindle hole in bobbin.
bobbin maker, wooden bobbin maker
general terms for any worker engaged in manufacture of bobbins; includes bobbin borer, bobbin sinker, bobbin turner, bobbin end presser (498), bobbin polisher (499) q.v.
bobbin maker-ready ; bobbin rougher, maker-ready (wooden bobbins)
passes blocks of wood, intended for bobbins into automatic machine, which rough bores them, i.e. begins drilling hole through longitudinal axis of bobbin, and shells them out, i.e. hollows out middle, concave, portion of external surface, round which yarn is to be wound.
bobbin pricker
sets bobbin, after it has been bored, on spindle of machine, which is set in motion by moving a lever; machine pricks bobbin, i.e. bores a cylindrical hole joining the two tapering holes at either end of bobbin, either by making bobbin revolve round a stationary pricker, i.e. boring tool, or by drilling out a hole in bobbin, which remains stationary, with a revolving pricker.
bobbin rincer, bobbin rancer, bobbin recesser
places bobbin between chucks of a drilling machine, and switches on power-drive which bores out a tapering hole in bobbin, similar to that bored by bobbin borer q.v. but of much smaller dimensions, and at other end of bobbin.
bobbin rougher
see bobbin maker-ready.
bobbin sinker
places bobbin in position between centres of power-driven grooving lathe, and sets lathe in motion by moving a lever, the cutting chisels of lathe making an external groove in bobbin in which cord, rope, or chain runs, when winding on.
bobbin sizer
sets sizing chisel, i.e. a cutting tool which has a gauge clamped to it to determine size of article turned, of power-driven lathe according to size of bobbin required; clamps roughly cut bobbin, prepared by bobbin maker-ready q.v., into position in line with sizing chisel; sets lathe in motion by moving a lever.
bobbin turner, bobbin mill turner, wooden bobbin turner, wooden bobbin mill turner ; pirn turner
finishes wooden bobbins after they have come from bobbin maker-ready, bobbin sizer and bobbin turner-out q.v., by fixing them between centres of a lathe, and holding chisel or other cutting tool against them as they revolve in lathe; tempers and sharpens cutting tools, and keeps them in good condition.
bobbin turner-out
sets boring tool of boring machine according to type of bobbin required; clamps bobbin into line with boring tool; sets machine in motion by moving a lever, and so cuts and shapes hole through centre of bobbin.
borer, wood borer ; driller, wood driller
drills holes in wood with a brace and bit of required diameter or by holding in place on plate or in chuck of boring or drilling machine; may mark out positions of holes to be bored; usually sets up own machine.
borer, cane seat
lays a template, in which holes are bored, on frame of chair seat, and bores holes therein, at points indicated, by holding under rotating drill on bed of a power-driven vertical drilling machine.
borer (wood wind instruments)
see rougher.
boring machinist ; hole-cutting machinist
a borer q.v. using a boring or drilling machine.
bowl maker, bowl turner (domestic utensils)
a turner q.v. who turns bowls on a lathe.
bowl maker, bowl turner (games)
a turner q.v. who turns bowls from solid blocks of hardwood, on a small wood-worker's lathe; also turns surface of pieces of ivory which have been inserted in wood to take number, etc.
bowl maker, bowl turner (tobacco pipes)
see turner, pipe bowl ; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. briar bowl turner.
box-maker's cutter
see machinist, box making ; cf. box maker's cutter (481).
bread platter maker
a wood turner q.v. who specialises in turning bread platters, usually of sycamore wood.
breaster, heel breaster, wood heel breaster ; wood heel shaper, wood heel spindle hand
holds block of wood, from which wood heel is to be shaped, against revolving cutter of power-driven vertical spindle moulding machine, to cut away front (inner) surface of heel.
broom handle maker, broom stick maker
as for handle machinist.
brush handle maker, brush stick maker, brush stock maker
as for handle machinist.
chair stuff maker, chair stuff turner, chair turner
a wood turner q.v. who specialises in turning chair legs, braces, i.e. rails, etc., cf. chair stuff maker (481).
concaver, heel concaver, wood heel concaver
see seater.
concaver, last concaver, boot last concaver
hollows out sides of boot last by holding wood against shaped power-driven cutter and switching on power-drive of machine.
cone maker, wood cone maker
see turner, wood block.
cornice moulding maker (wood)
a four-cutter hand q.v. who makes cornice mouldings on a four-cutter machine.
cornice pole maker
makes cornice poles either by turning on a lathe or by passing through a rounding machine.
cricket stump maker
a wood turner q.v. who turns cricket stumps; mounts ferrules and caps, taps them into position with a hammer, and secures them by nailing; often also turns other articles, e.g., chessmen, dice boxes.
cross borer and cutter
as for boring machinist.
cutter, cutter-out (wooden boxes)
see machinist, box-making ; cf. boxmaker's cutter (481).
dovetailer, dovetailing machinist
(i) sharpens knives by hand; sets knives and other parts of machine by accurate hand adjustment, in position in a power-driven dovetailing machine, i.e. a machine which cuts ends of pieces of prepared wood so as to form corner-locking joint; sets machine in motion, by moving a lever or otherwise and passes wood into machine;
(ii) sets machine in . motion, and passes wood into it, but does not set up his own machine, as described above.
driller, wood driller
see borer.
finisher, body finisher (concertinas)
cuts fretwork to shape with fine saws and glues it on to veneered surfaces of body ends; places ends, with veneer and fretwork attached, on machine having standard fine set gauges and, controlling machine by treadle lever, guides edges of body ends under cutting knives to give them final trimming.
four-cutter hand
(i) sets up four-cutter moulding machine, i.e. fixes cutters and other parts in position in machine by accurate hand adjustment with four cutters, which shape wood on four surfaces simultaneously, e.g., top, bottom, and both edges; makes cutters, i.e., sharpens them with files and other hand tools; sets machine in motion by moving a lever or otherwise; passes wood into machine;
(ii) sets machine in motion and passes wood into machine, but does not set up machine.
gas block maker
turns on a lathe wooden blocks for gas fittings.
glass shade stand maker
shapes flat wooden bases or stands, either by turning on a lathe, or with bandsaw and vertical spindle cutter.
guillotine cutter (wood, veneer)
places veneer on table of guillotine machine, consisting of a frame containing a knife, mechanically operated; sets adjustable gauge, by hand, controlling size of article to be cut; moves a lever, causing knife to descend and cut out article to required dimensions.
handle machinist, handle turner
(i) a wood turner q.v. specialising in turning handles for tools, brushes, brooms, etc.;
(ii) a machine attendant q.v. who passes wooden blanks, by hand, into automatic turning or rounding machine; switches on power-drive of machine and collects finished articles as they issue from machine; cf. handle maker (498).
hat block maker
see turner, wood block.
hole borer, hole maker (pianos)
(i) a borer or boring machinist q.v. who bores hole in keyboard by machine;
(ii) bores .holes in hammers, to take shank or stem of hammer; usually also stamps hammer with number, to show position in scale;
(iii) bores holes in wrest-plank, to receive wrest pins.
heald stave maker
a machinist q.v. who makes wooden stave or framework on which healds are mounted.
hole cutting machinist
see boring machinist.
holer (wood wind instruments)
inserts hand tools into end of section of tube of flutes, clarionettes, and other wood wind instruments, and through note holes when necessary, and by cutting and scraping, renders these note holes (cut by setter-out q.v. ) bell like in shape on the inside of tube; sometimes done by mouthpiece cutter as part time job.
holer and borer (wood wind instruments)
combines work of boring and holing (see rougher and borer, and holer) in workshop where work is not sectionalised; sometimes does work of setter-out q.v.
hosiery mangle or roller maker
as for roller maker.
jointer (cooperages)
a stave maker q.v. who passes stave, after it has been hollowed and rounded, into an automatic jointing machine, which joints stave, i.e., bevels edges; stacks staves after they have been jointed.
leg maker (pianos) ; piano truss maker, truss maker (pianos)
cuts and shapes piano legs, using lathes, fret cutting machines, and spindle moulding machines; sometimes also cuts and shapes other wooden parts of pianos.
machine attendant, machine feeder, machine minder, machine tender (automatic woodworking machinery)
passes wood into machine, by hand; collects wood after it has been passed through machine; sometimes . also turns handle of wheel propelling travelling cradle which carries wood past cutters; sometimes inaccurately called machinist q.v.
machine hand
see machinist (piano hammers).
machine joiner
see machinist, joiner.
machine jointer
passes a piece of wood on its edge along a flat bed and over revolving cutter of flat joint making machine; in this way makes edge of wood perfectly straight, so that joints of sections (e.g. in table tops) are quite true.
machine minder (piano actions)
see machinist (piano actions).
machinist, wood cutting machinist, wood machinist, wood working machinist
general terms for two classes of workers who feed and operate machines used for shaping or preparing wood, e.g., boring or drilling, dovetailing, dowelling, four-cutting, morticing, planing, or spindle moulding machine;
(i) sets up machine, i.e. makes accurate adjustments of cutters and other parts of machine, by hand, and sometimes makes his own cutters, especially for spindle moulding machine, by hand filing and forging of cutting parts; feeds wood into machine;
(ii) merely sets machine in motion, passes wood into machine, removes finished wood as it issues from machine and stacks it where required, but does not set up machine; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. builders' machinist, cabinet machinist, cratemaker's machinist, joiner's machinist.
machinist (automatic woodworking machinery)
(i) is in charge of one or of several automatic woodworking machines, which may be fed by machine attendants q.v.; sets up machines, i.e. adjusts cutters and other parts; sharpens, and, if necessary, makes cutters by hand, with hand tools;
(ii) sometimes inaccurately used in sense of machine attendant q.v.
machinist, box making ; box maker's cutter, cutter, cutter-out (wooden boxes)
a machinist q.v. engaged in preparing wood for use in box making.
machinist (cooperages), cooper's machinist
passes work, by hand, into one of various machines used in a cooperage for planing, shaping, jointing, scrozing and chining, tonguing and grooving, champing and pinching, splaying, or iron hoops riveting, and switches on power-drive of machine.
machinist, cramping-up
places door or other articles constructed of wood, after prepared parts have been assembled and glued, on bed or table of machine, which forces parts together; adjusts, by hand, screws which hold article in place, and manipulates screws or levers for forcing parts together.
machinist, crate-maker's
adjusts i measuring gauge of power-driven planing machine; sets machine in motion, by moving a lever or otherwise; passes wood for crate-making, into machine, and stacks it after it has been planed.
machinist, door dressing
passes doors, after they have been clamped in cramping-up machine, into a special type of planing machine, fitted with revolving cutters which plane surface of woodwork.
machinist, joiner ; machine joiner
a joiner (474) q.v., trained in manual wood work, who has also acquired a knowledge of woodworking machinery, usually as a spindle hand q.v.
machinist, Linderman
(i) sets up Linderman machine, which grooves, tongues, and joints wood at one operation, i.e. adjusts cutters and other parts of machine by hand; sets machine in motion, by moving a lever or otherwise; passes wood into machine;
(ii) sets machine in motion and passes wood into machine, but does not set up machine.
machinist, match-boarding ; match boarding machine man
a machinist q.v. in charge of a machine (usually a four-cutter machine) used for cutting grooves and tongues in match boarding; simultaneously machine-planes top and bottom surfaces of board; if a skilled worker, also sets up own machine, as described under machinist q.v.
machinist, mill; saw mills machinist
a machinist q.v. employed in a saw mill where wood is cut, drilled or planed as well as sawn; cf. saw mill machinist (481).
machinist, morticing
see morticer.
machinist (piano actions), piano action wood working machinist ; machine minder (piano actions)
feeds hopper of automatic machines with small wooden parts of piano actions, to bore holes in them, or to cut them to required size and shape.
machinist (piano hammers) ; machine hand, wood machinist, (piano hammers)
glues together blocks or panels of timber, cut by machine saw; and cuts panels thus formed into strips of standard size and measurement, each strip containing material for a complete set of hammers (about 88); sometimes also saws timber into blocks or panels, puts strips of panelled wood through a moulding machine, to cut and mould hammers to required thickness, cuts sets of hammers into separate individual hammers in a cutting machine or guillotine, and makes shank, or stem, of hammer, by cutting timber in a machine saw, and rounding it in a moulding machine.
machinist, shaping ; shaper
a spindle hand q.v. who shapes ornamental "flat" parts of furniture.
maker-ready (wooden bobbins)
see bobbin maker-ready.
match boarding machine man
see machinist, match boarding.
mop stick maker
as for handle machinist.
morticer ; morticing machinist
a machinist q.v. in charge of a machine used for cutting slots, i.e. mortices, to receive tenons, projecting ends of other pieces of wood cut to corresponding shape; if a skilled worker, also sets up own machine, as described under machinist q.v.
moulder, wood moulder, moulding machine hand, moulding machinist, moulding mills machinist
(i) makes and sharpens, by hand filing, cutters for power-driven moulding machine; sets up machine, i.e. inserts cutters into position by accurate adjustment; sets machine in motion, by moving a lever or otherwise, and holds wood up to cutters, which revolve and cut away superfluous material, thereby reducing article to required shape;
(ii) sets machine in motion, and holds wood against cutters, but does not set I up his own machine; cf. spindle hand.
mouthpiece cutter (wood wind instruments)
cuts out wooden mouthpieces for wood wind instruments, by means of specially shaped hand tools, e.g. chisels, gouges, files, sometimes does work of holer q.v.
oval turner, oval lathe manipulator
a turner q.v. using a lathe fitted with an oval chuck, so that it turns wood in oval instead of circular shapes; brings chisels to bear upon wood as it turns in lathe.
panel planer hand
as for planer.
pan maker, pan worker (concertinas)
cuts, grooves and bores pans (boards to hold reeds or notes of concertina), already planed, by setting in machine, controlled by foot lever; sets tools and gauges as required; trims pan to correct shape.
peeler, log peeler, peeling machine attendant (match boxes) ; skillet machine attendant, splint machine attendant, skillet peeler, splint peeler
places log of wood in chuck of machine which peels off thin shavings or veneers, to be converted into skillets, for match box making or into splints, for match matching; switches on power-drive of machine, and turns a wheel which brings cutter to bear on log as it revolves in machine.
penholder maker (wood)
(i) cuts wood into long rods of convenient size for lathe or trapping machine in which penholders are made; feeds and operates this lathe or machine, and finishes penholders with sandpaper;
(ii) general term for any machine attendant q.v. engaged in manufacture of wooden penholders.
pick helve maker
as for handle machinist.
planer hand, planing machinist, wood planer, wood planing machine operator; wood facer; a machinist q.v. in charge of planing machine having revolving cutters which remove roughnesses from timber as it passes over a horizontal bed; if a skilled worker, also sets up his own machine, as described under machinist q.v., and sometimes sharpens cutters, with file and other hand tools.
plank borer (pianos)
bores holes, by machinery, in wrest plank, for purpose of fixing wrest pins therein; usually done by marker-off (498) q.v.
rail maker (pianos), action rail maker, hammer rail maker
passes wood into machines which cut, plane, and mould main rail of piano action, on to which smaller parts of action are screwed; controls power-drive of machine by means of switches.
reed stave maker (textile machinery)
a machinist q.v. who makes wooden stave, or framework, on which reeds are mounted.
reel borer ; reel piercer
places reel on a disc, which is made to revolve either by means of a treadle or by switching on power-drive of machine; slides head stock of machine, with boring bit attached, until bit is in contact with reel, and pierces centre hole therein.
reel maker
a turner q.v. who fashions reels on a lathe.
reel piercer
see reel borer.
ribbon block maker
a turner q.v. or machine attendant q.v. who turns blocks, used for display of ribbons in shops, on a lathe or automatic woodworking machine.
ring maker, wooden ring maker
a turner q.v. who shapes wooden rings for curtain poles, etc., on a special lathe; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. cornice ring maker, curtain ring maker.
roller maker, roller turner
a turner q.v. who turns rollers on a lathe; cuts tenons at ends in a tenoning machine, and fits in metal axle of square section; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. mangle roller maker.
rougher, rougher-and-borer ; borer (wood wind instruments)
splits log of wood with a hand chopper and selects suitable pieces by experience roughly shapes blank on a hand lathe, and bores hole to gauge required, on lathe or wood boring machine; boring operations sometimes done by turner q.v.
router (block or roller cutting)
takes wooden block or roller and fixes it on bed of power-driven vertical cutting machine, in position required; switches on power-drive of machine, and guides cutter, by means of a hand lever, over work, thereby cutting or routing out wood between metal strips which have been fixed in block or roller by print cutter (257) q.v., to give depth when printing on wallpaper.
seater, heel seater, wood heel seater ; concaver, heel concaver, wood heel concaver
forms seats, i.e. portion of wood heel in which heel part of boot or shoe fits, by holding wood against power-driven, shaped revolving cutter; switches on power-drive of machine; sometimes also does heel thinning; cf. thinner.
setter-out (wood wind instruments)
drills key fitting and note holes in wooden tubes of wood wind instruments, by means of a setting-out machine; sets up machine with drilling bits and gauges, and controls machine by levers to drill holes in required places on tube; sometimes done by holer and borer, or by turner q.v.
shaft maker (textile machinery)
as for beam maker.
shaft turner (golf clubs)
a turner q.v. who turns wooden shafts of golf clubs on a lathe; usually also shapes heads of wooden clubs on lathe.
shaft turner (spades and shovels)
as for handle machinist.
shank maker (piano hammers)
cuts long narrow strips of wood, about ΒΌ inch square, with machine saw, and puts them through a mandrel to round them, to make shanks or stems of piano hammers.
see machinist, shaping.
shuttle block cutter
cuts out blocks of box or other hardwood for shuttle maker q.v. on fine machine saw.
shuttle maker
secures prepared blocks of hardwood in a power-driven combined boring and grooving machine, which bores out holes at each end of shuttle; hollows out oval grooved hollow in centre of shuttle, between holes already bored out, either with hand tools or in specially adapted machines; sets machines in motion by moving levers.
sickle haft maker, sickle handle maker
as for handle machinist.
skillet chopper
operates skillet chopping machine, which reduces to skillets (i.e. small thin flakes of wood, used for making match boxes), shavings or veneers peeled off logs of wood by peeling machine attendant q.v.; clamps end of pile of shavings in skillet chopping machine at end of bench on which they are piled, allowing ends of shavings to protrude a measured distance beyond cutters of machine; moves lever causing cutter to descend and cut shavings into skillets; piles skillets on trays, ready to be used in making match boxes.
skillet machine attendant, skillet peeler
see peeling machine attendant.
spade handle maker, spade and shovel haft or tree maker
as for handle machinist.
spigot maker, spile maker
turns, on automatic or gauge lathe, wooden pegs (spigots) which control flow of liquids from casks, etc.
spindle hand, spindle machine hand, spindle machinist, spindle moulder ; vertical spindle moulding machinist
a moulder q.v. who feeds and operates a power-driven vertical spindle moulding machine; makes and sharpens cutters by hand filing, for this machine; sets up machine, and holds wood up to cutters, which revolve and cut away superfluous material, reducing article to required shape.
spittle maker (Herefordshire )
as for handle machinist.
splint cutter (matches)
cuts splints, i.e. match sticks, in a machine, from shavings or veneers pulled off logs of wood by peeling machine attendant q.v.; cf. skillet chopper.
splint machine attendant, splint peeler
see peeling machine attendant.
spool blocker
puts timber on face plate of blocking machine, and brings circular saw into contact with timber, in required position, by pressing a treadle lever; switches on power-drive of machine, which simultaneously cuts out spool or bobbin, and bores a hole therein with blocking tool.
stale maker
as for handle machinist.
stave maker
(i) a cooper's machinist q.v. who passes pieces of wood, roughly cut to shape of staves for casks or barrels by band sawyer (481) q.v., into one of three successive machines (hollowing, rounding and jointing) used for shaping staves; controls machine by means of levers and switches;
(ii) a wood turner q.v. who turns police batons, ladder rungs (sometimes called staves) and other staves, on a lathe.
stocker, stock maker, stocking machinist (guns)
holds piece of wood from which gun or rifle stock, butt or fore-end is to be made, against cutter of a profiling machine, i.e. a machine fitted with a moving cutter which follows outline or profile of article to be cut, or roughs out blank of gun or rifle stock, etc., with a band, circular or hand saw and a planing machine; cf. stocker (498).
stock maker (wheels)
a wood turner q.v. who turns hubs of wooden wheels and bores them ready for reception of axle and axle box.
stopper maker (wood), air-tight stopper maker
turns hardwood bottle stoppers on a lathe; mills and screws ends.
tassel mould maker
see turner, fringe mould.
tenoner, tenon hand, tenoning machinist, wood tenoner
a machinist q.v. in charge of a power-driven tenoning machine, which shapes prepared pieces of wood to form tenons, or projecting tongues to fit into mortices, or holes of corresponding section, in other pieces of wood; if a skilled worker, also sets up his own machine (see machinist) and sometimes sharpens cutters of machine with file and other hand tools.
tent pole maker
passes wood into an automatic rounding machine; switches on power-drive of machine, and turns handle of machine causing pole to travel through machine.
textile broach maker
a wood turner q.v. turning a spool or broach (Scotland) for use in textile manufacture.
thinner, heel thinner, wood heel thinner
reduces thickness of lip, i.e. front edge of seat, of wooden heel, by holding heel against power-driven, shaped revolving cutter; switches on power-drive or machine; work usually done by seater q.v.
topper (wood heels)
holds top, i.e. thin end of wooden heel, against revolving cutter to smooth it; nicks edge of top by holding heel against a similar cutter; switches on power-drive of machine.
trawl shaft turner
as for turner.
treenail maker ; trunnel maker
turns, on a gauge lathe, treenails (trunnels), or hardwood pins, used for securing chairs to railway sleepers, deck planks to ships' timbers, etc.
tree turner
a turner q.v. who shapes wooden handles of spades and shovels on a lathe, from square piece of ash plant.
trunnel maker
see treenail maker.
truss maker (pianos), piano truss maker
see leg maker.
turner ; wood turner, wood turning machinist
secures a piece of wood between "centres" of a lathe, which may be of various types, and reduces it to a circular or oval section by applying chisels or other hand tools to it as it is made to revolve in lathe; often specifically designated according to kind of wood used, e.g. hardwood turner, or according to purpose for which article is intended, e.g. boot last turner, bowl turner (textile machinery), spool turner, wooden spool turner.
turner, brush; brush wood turner
a turner q.v. who fashions wooden backs and handles of brushes and brooms, from rough blocks produced by sawyer (481) q.v., usually on a verticle [sic] spindle moulding machine or on a lathe.
turner, fringe mould ; tassel mould maker
a turner q.v. who shapes, from wooden blanks, on a gauge lathe, small wooden drops or wooden tassels, used for attachment to blind cords or to form foundation of ball fringes.
turner (musical instruments)
takes instrument or section thereof in rough form, as fashioned by rougher and borer q.v., and shapes it by holding cutting tool against it, as it rotates on lathe; also turns socket joints; sometimes also does work of rougher and borer, and of setter-out.
turner, pipe bowl ; bowl maker, bowl turner (tobacco pipes), pipe stem maker
cuts wooden bowls and stems of tobacco pipes to shape on a lathe, which has an inner boring blade, and two outer curved cutters.
turner, pirn
see bobbin turner.
turner (rollers for barrel organs)
turns revolving cylinder of barrel organ, as roughly fashioned by carpenter (474) q.v. in a lathe, and glues cartridge paper thereon ready for music marker (648) q.v.
turner, spiral
a turner q.v. who fashions ornamental chair or table legs, and other spiral work, on a lathe.
turner, twist
a wood turner q.v. who fixes wood in chuck of semiautomatic machine fitted with a revolving cutter which turns it, and switches on power-drive of machine; turns wheel attached to machine, by hand, to produce twisted effect on wood after turning, for use as Jacobean fitments for furniture, etc., unless machine is fitted with automatic device for twisting as well as for turning; adjusts machine by hand, fits and adjusts cutters.
turner, wood block ; cone maker, wood cone maker, hat block maker
makes wooden blocks or cones on which hats are shaped, using lathe, spoke-shave, etc.
turner (wood heels), heel turner
shapes backs of wooden heels, after they have been breasted on a vertical moulding machine.
turner (wood wind instruments)
as for turner (musical instruments).
veneer cutter, veneer maker
cuts veneers (very thin sheets of wood) from logs, either with a long knife, mechanically-driven, which revolves round log and unwraps annual rings, or with a special saw, adjusted to cut veneer of precise thickness required.
vertical spindle moulding machinist
see spindle hand.
wooden spill maker
receives long sheets of veneer, which have been cut from a log of pine wood, and passes them into a machine, in which an automatic knife cuts them into spills of required dimensions.
wooden spoon maker
a wooden ware maker q.v. who specialises in cutting, shaping and turning wooden spoons, partly by hand, with woodworking tools, and partly by machine, e.g. turning bowl of spoon on a lathe.
wooden ware maker
a wood turner q.v., who specialises' in turning wooden bowls, cups, etc., from rough blocks on a lathe, and finishes them with hand tools and rubbing with sandpaper.
wood facer
see planer.
wood heel shaper, wood heel spindle hand
see breaster.
wood turner, wood turning machinist
see turner.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.