A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 2.—Makers of Vehicles (see also under Metal Workers and Wood Workers)

658.—Other Skilled Workers

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aeroplane builder, aeroplane constructor (operative), aeroplane erector, aircraft mechanic, aviation mechanic
assembles parts of aeroplane or airship, made in various specialists' shops, and fits them together making necessary adjustments, with hand and machine tools, e.g. plane, file, drill, lathe, hammer, screwdriver, etc.
cutter (perambulators, etc.)
cuts cloth, leather cloth, or leather to shape, with knife, shears, or machine, for hoods, aprons, cushions, etc., of perambulators, etc., working usually from card or sheet metal patterns; cf. cutter (408).
fitter-up, perambulator fitter-up ; perambulator assembler, perambulator fitter
builds up chassis and frame of perambulator by bolting and riveting together previously prepared parts (sometimes done by specialised maker, see perambulator mounter); fits wheels to hubs, screwing on bushes and fitting ball bearings in some cases; slings body to frame with leather straps or springs; fits hood and handles with bolts and screws; screws down into place other fittings on body for safety belt, apron, etc.
frame assembler, hood frame assembler, perambulator hood frame assembler
assembles parts of frames for hoods of perambulators, etc., to make complete frame; threads frame through seams in hood, cf. hood coverer; rivets hinges by cold hand or machine riveting.
hood coverer (perambulators)
(i) stitches hood cover to hood frame by hand;
(ii) often also makes hoods, with sewing machine, for folding perambulators, in which hood is slipped on to hood frame rods.
hood maker, baby car
see perambulator hood and apron maker.
hood maker, bassinette
as for perambulator hood and apron maker.
hood maker, Cape cart
a hood maker (carriages) q.v. who specialises in making large hoods known as Cape cart hoods.
hood maker (carriages, etc.)
(i) a coach smith (190) q.v. who makes and fits together wooden and metal frames and fittings that support hood or canopy;
(ii) a coach trimmer (504) q.v. who cuts and finishes material (canvas, cloth, or leather) of which hood or canopy is made.
hood maker, mail cart
see peramlator [sic] hood and apron maker.
hood maker, motor car
as for hood maker (carriages).
hydraulic pressman (solid tyres)
see tyre pressman.
paneller (carriage, motor bodies, etc.)
cuts and fits panels into framework of coach or motor body, using saw, shears, file, screwdriver, etc.
perambulator assembler, perambulator fitter
see fitter-up.
perambulator hood and apron maker, perambulator hood maker ; baby car hood maker, mailcart hood maker
cuts out leather cloth, and lining material, pins together and sews up seams by power machine to make hood covers and aprons for perambulators, mailcarts, etc.; sews covers on to frames by hand; work sometimes sectionalised, cf. cutter, hood coverer, machinist (419).
perambulator maker
general term for any workers engaged in making perambulators, etc., e.g. body maker (475/476), joiner (474), fitter (210), perambulator assembler q.v.
perambulator mounter
a fitter-up or assembler q.v. who screws fittings to underside of body and slings body to chassis, as received from body maker and perambulator smith respectively, with leather straps or metal springs; when handle is not part of chassis, screws handles to body and fits wooden, china or xylonite cross-piece with bolts and nuts.
running repairer (tramway cars)
carries out minor mechanical repairs to tramway cars, such as can be done without prolonged withdrawal from service; executes such repairs generally by replacement of worn or damaged parts; is usually a skilled fitter (210) q.v.
seaplane float builder
as for aeroplane builder.
tyre pressman ; hydraulic pressman (solid rubber tyres)
fixes solid tyres on to wheel rim of lorries, motor buses, etc., by placing tyre (on its steel foundation) and wheel in a hydraulic press, where the steel foundation is forced on to the wheel rim; may secure by means of bolts.
wagon builder, wagon erector, wagon wright, railway wagon builder
builds, with strong hard wood and necessary ironwork, body of railway wagon which is mounted on steel undercarriage; cuts and shapes wood to size with various hand and machine tools; fits and assembles part and erects with metal bars etc., bolting together where necessary; sometimes also makes wooden underframe where wagon is entirely of wood; cf. wood wagon builder (475).
wagon examiner, wagon inspector (railway wagons)
examines and checks finished work on railway wagons; inspects old stock and indicates by marks thereupon what repairs they require; renders written report in scheduled form.
wing coverer (aeroplane)
stretches strips of prepared linen over the wing frame and secures by cementing with dope, a waterproof adhesive, and by hand stitching with needle and thread.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.