A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 2.—Other Workers

504.—Upholsterers & Coach Trimmers

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braider (carriages, etc.)
fixes braid, covering edges of upholstery in coach building; usually done by coach trimmer q.v.
carpet sewer
(i) makes up carpets by sewing borders on to central square with strong thread and a special needle; may also make up squares by sewing carpet strips together; sometimes sews up carpet to fit special dimensions of room;
(ii) an upholsterer q.v. who sews together pieces of carpet to form covers for furniture.
chair binder
tacks hessian or other stuffing cover over padding of back and seat of chair and over webbing under seat.
couch stuff over man
an upholsterer q.v. who specialises in making couches of which framework is entirely upholstered.
coverer (aeroplanes)
stretches on and nails, glues or stitches fabric covers of aeroplane (wings, bodies and fuselages) to wooden or aluminium framework.
cushion filler (vehicles)
fills cushions with flock, etc.; secures padding in position, using string, fabric or leather discs, rosettes and buttons; in perambulator malting, work is sometimes done by upholsterer q.v.
finisher (aeroplanes) ; trimmer
trims and cuts off tags, ends, threads, etc., from sewn material of aeroplanes, airships, etc.
leather stitcher (furniture)
stitches edges and other parts of leather covering of furniture, and assists upholsterer q.v. generally.
leather worker
general term for workers in leather on furniture, rolling stock, etc., including budget trimmer, saddler (railway rolling stock) (348), leather stitcher q.v.
liner, cabinet liner
covers, with linen, silk or other fabric, inside of cabinet case work.
mender (vehicles, etc.)
repairs torn and worn upholstery; usually done by upholstress q.v.
ottoman maker
an upholsterer q.v. who specialises in the covering of ottomans, a light type of couch.
sofa binder
binds, with hessian or other fabric, springs and stuffing of sofa, before cover is put on; sometimes done by upholsterer's assistant (509) q.v.
stuffer (chair, cushion, sofa, etc.)
inserts, arranges and fixes padding of articles of furniture, carriages, etc.; sometimes done by upholsterer's assistant (509) q.v.
(i) upholsterer's trimmer; trims edges of applied covering material; covers tacked edges with braid, and attaches rosettes and other embellishments and assists upholsterer q.v. generally;
(ii) see upholsterer; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. aeroplane trimmer, bassinette trimmer, coach trimmer, perambulator trimmer.
trimmer (aeroplanes, airships, etc.)
see finisher (aeroplanes).
trimmer, budget (coaches and carriages)
cuts out, with hand knife, according to pattern, leather fittings used in coach building, for hood, splashboard, aprons, etc.; finishes edges of leather with hand tools, applies dye or stain to them, by hand, if required, and tacks or fixes leather fittings in position.
trimmer, carriage, coach ; upholsterer (carriage)
cuts out, by hand, with shears or knife, material (other than leather) to be used in upholstering carriages, coaches and motor cars; stuffs and lines seats, by hand; tacks in position, flat pieces of leather required on outside of vehicle.
trimmer, leather (railway coaches)
trims padded leather work in railway coaches; cuts and trims leather straps, etc., by hand, with hand tools; sometimes also cuts out leather for use in making railway cushions, and assists saddler (344) or upholsterer q.v.
trimmer, upholsterer's
see trimmer.
trimmer, white
a specially skilled coach trimmer q.v. or upholstress q.v. who undertakes work involving use of light coloured and delicate materials.
(i) applies springs, padding, cushions, covers of cloth, silk, leather, or other material, decorative braid, hangings, etc., to frames of articles of furniture; tacks webbing to frame; sews springs to webbing with string; inserts padding and covers with hessian or other fabric; cuts out, fits, and tacks in place, exterior cover; conceals edges of material by tacking on braids, rosettes, etc.;
(ii) see trimmer; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. aeroplane upholsterer, carriage upholsterer, perambulator upholsterer.
general term for women engaged in coach upholstering, usually sewing covers for seats, etc.; sews together pieces of carpet; stuffs and makes throughout hassocks, etc.; sews together, and edges with cord, if necessary, loose covers for furniture.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.