A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 2.—Makers of Leather and Leather Substitute Goods (not Boots and Shoes)

344.—Saddlers and Harness Makers

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bridle machinist
a bridle stitcher (q.v.) stitching bridles by machine.
bridle maker
stitches together parts of bridles and reins, by hand, using awl for boring holes and waxed thread for stitching; cf. bridle cutter (342).
buckle coverer ; covered buckle maker
covers buckles with damp leather, stitching by hand or machine.
carriage strap maker
cuts and stitches carriage straps; usually done by harness stitcher (q.v.).
collar machinist, horse collar machinist
stitches together parts of collar, by machine.
collar maker, horse collar maker
cuts out and shapes roughly cut leather and other materials, with knife and template; stuffs with straw, hair, etc., stitches up—by hand, principally—and finishes collar by polishing with composition and cloth.
covered buckle maker
see buckle coverer.
curb maker
makes bridle curb of leather, by cutting and stitching or plaiting; term now nearly obsolete; work usually done by bridle maker (q v.) or harness maker (q.v.).
Devonshire slipper maker
a brown saddler (q.v.) who makes the fitting known as a slipper for one type of lady's side saddle; cuts out leather; sews pieces together and finishes, i.e., trims edges, and polishes, all by hand.
dumb jockey maker
a saddler (q.v.) who makes, i.e.. assembles and fits together, "dumb jockeys," dummies made of leather, wood and iron and placed on back of horse during training.
fetlock boot maker
see horse boot maker.
fore-wale fitter
a collar maker (q.v.) who makes wale of horse collar.
front maker, bridle front maker
cuts out leather piece on front of harness or bridle by hand with knife; executes fancy stitching and embossing by hand, with heated embossing tool; if working on painted leather may be called painted front maker; usually made by bridle cutter (342) (q.v.).
girth maker
general term for makers of girths; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., leather girth maker and web girth maker (q.v.).
halter eyeletter
see headstall eyeletter.
hame coverer
covers hame of horse collar with leather; occupation practically extinct; where necessary, work is done by harness maker (q.v.).
harness furniture coverer
a harness maker (q.v.) who cuts out and stitches covers for harness furniture (buckles, etc.).
harness maker
cuts leather, with knife, into pieces for making harness, except collars and saddles; pricks holes with a punch for stitches; bores holes with an awl in preparation for tacking; trims and polishes edges with spokeshave, glass paper, and glass; dyes edges black or brown with composition; lines or creases parts of harness with heated creasing irons; punches holes, where required, with punch and hammer or mallet; sometimes also stitches certain parts by hand; usually passes on to harness stitcher or to machinist (348) (q.v.) for sewing by machine.
harness ornament maker (leather)
inserts cutting die in power or hand press; lays leather on bed of press and moves lever causing die to stamp out pieces of leather to required shape; assembles pieces and stitches them together by hand to form rosettes and other leather ornaments for decorating harness.
harness preparer
where work of harness making is sectionalised, does by hand, some or all of operations of harness maker (q.v.), except cutting and hand stitching.
headstall eyeletter ; halter eyeletter
cuts or punches holes in headstalls or halters and inserts eyelets therein.
horse boot maker ; fetlock boot maker
inserts dies in power-driven or treadle press; lays material on bed of press and moves lever causing die to stamp out leather and felt parts of horse boots (fetlock boots) or of knee caps; tacks pieces together, by baud, and passes to machinist (348) (q.v.) for stitching; sometimes also polishes and dyes edges and polishes leather parts with composition.
knee-cap maker
a horse boot maker (q.v.) engaged in making knee caps.
leash maker (leather)
cuts long strips of leather; stitches or plaits them to make dogs' leashes or leads.
leather girth maker
a bridle cutter (342) (q.v.) making leather girths.
pad binder
receives pads, cut out and tacked up, from pad maker (q.v.); binds edges with thin leather strips or webbing, usually by hand but sometimes by machine; sews pads to saddle, by hand or machine.
pad maker
a leather worker in saddlery trade who makes saddle pads of leather and cloth by hand and stuffs with hair etc., sews by hand or machine; also does work of pad binder (q.v.) where work is not sectionalised.
painted front maker
a front maker (q.v) who makes bridles of painted leather; may paint leather.
pannel maker
cuts out and shapes pieces of leather; stitches them and blacks them with composition; brushes to polish and applies dye to edges; all done by hand.
rein maker
cuts out leather with knife, by hand, using measuring gauge; smooths and polishes edges with glass paper and glass; applies black composition or brown dye to edges with a brush and pad; does sewing, where required, by hand; lines or creases reins with heated creasing iron.
rosette maker
as for harness ornament maker.
saddle maker ; saddler, saddle worker
makes saddles throughout; stretches webbing and canvas across saddle tree, stuffs and covers with leather, which he cuts to proper shapes, see brown saddler.
saddle maker, riding
see saddler, brown.
(i) see paddle maker;
(ii) general term for any worker employed in saddlery and harness trade; usually a man having knowledge of several occupations in one or more branches of the industry.
saddler, black ; harness saddler
outs out leather by hand on cutting board with knife, for driving harness, using templates or patterns; applies black composition with brush; polishes by hand; applies dye to edges with brush and pad; also sews and stitches by hand or passes to machinist (348) (q.v.).
saddler, brown ; riding saddle maker
makes riding saddles; cuts out leather, by hand, and builds up on saddle tree, shaping, stuffing, padding and stitching, all by hand; c.f. saddler, black.
saddler, gig
a black saddler (q.v.) who makes small driving saddles for gigs, traps, etc.
saddler, harness
see saddler, black.
saddlery and harness repairer
a saddler (q.v.) who does repairs to saddlery and harness by hand or by machine.
saddle seamer
sews together, by hand or machine, pieces forming saddle.
saddle worker
see saddle maker.
scarfs or tapers two ends of rein, trace, etc., with a knife; pierces holes with an awl; sews ends together with waxed thread to make a splice.
spur leather maker
cuts, stitches and makes leathers for spur attachments by hand; usually done by bridle cutter (342) (q.v.).
stitcher, bridle
stitches bridles and reins, usually by hand but sometimes, for cheaper goods, by machine.
stitcher, collar
stitches together part of collar, by hand.
stitcher, harness
stitches harness, under direction of harness maker (q.v.).
stitcher, saddle
stitches saddle by hand, after it has been made up by brown saddler (q.v.); usually in training to become brown saddler.
web girth maker
stitches leather parts or attachments, by hand, to girths made of textile material; also cuts leather into pieces, by hand, for making parts or attachments.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.