A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 1.—Clerks and Draughtsmen (not Civil Service or Local Authority), Typists


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cartographer (not Admiralty)
a surveyor's draughtsman q.v. in a surveyor's office who draws maps and plans from measurements, heights, angles and distances supplied by surveyor; works out contour lines and draws them in; cf. geographical draughtsman (523).
designer, carriage body; coach body designer, motor body designer
a draughtsman q.v. who prepares designs for new styles of carriage, coach or motor bodies; may prepare special designs for individual customers.
designer, chief
in charge of designs section engaged on research work, principally in connection with new designs or development work.
designer (engineering)
a senior draughtsman q.v. who prepares original sketches of machinery and works of construction from calculations of dimensions, according to stresses and strains to be sustained by each part, strength of materials, principles of engineering design, cost of construction, etc.
designer, lace
see draughtsman, lace.
draughtsman, architect's; architectural draughtsman
as for draughtsman (engineering and building) elaborating plans, elevations and sections of buildings and their details, under supervision of architect.
draughtsman, assistant chief
acts as understudy to chief draughtsman q.v. and is responsible in his absence for the general management of drawing office.
draughtsman (bricks and tiles)
a draughtsman q.v. who designs bricks and tiles, drawing the designs in plan, elevation and section for use of modellers (118) and mould maker (118), working under the direction of head setter-out (118) q.v.
draughtsman, chief
a draughtsman q.v. who is responsible for the management of drawing office and work performed therein; may deal with correspondence relating to department and sometimes engages or discharges his assistants; is generally able to design mechanism and structures, and in small firms, may act as designer q.v.
draughtsman (coal mine)
a surveyor's draughtsman q.v. who prepares plans of mine workings from measurements supplied by mine surveyor (040) q.v.
draughtsman (engineering and building), engineer's draughtsman
draws orthographic projections and sections in plan and elevation, to scale, of a piece of mechanism or structure from a rough sketch and details as to dimensions, material, etc., supplied by senior draughtsman or designer q.v.; elaborates smaller details to actual size or scale on detailed drawings which illustrate portions isolated from their connections and relationship for the use of pattern shop, smithy, machine shop, joinery shop, etc.; generally is able to design minor details under instruction of senior draughtsman or head of drawing office; sometimes specifically designated according to kind of mechanism or structure in which he or she specialises, e.g. aeronautical draughtsman, railway draughtsman, textile (machine) draughtsman.
draughtsman (glass)
a draughtsman q.v. who enlarges design, prepared by artist, to full size for use of other stained glass window workers.
draughtsman (ironfoundry)
a draughtsman (engineering and building) q.v. who prepares full size drawings of patterns, from which metal parts are to be cast, in drawing office of ironfoundry for use of patternmaker (480) q.v.; takes into account in making drawing, the expansion factor of metal to be used, the properties of sand of which mould is to be made, etc.
draughtsman, lace ; lace designer
elaborates new designs for lace and transfers design on to a chart containing numbered lines to represent all threads of weaving machine, from which card puncher (396) q.v. punches card.
draughtsman, leading
see section leader.
draughtsman, naval; nautical draughtsman
see draughtsman, ship.
draughtsman, plan
a draughtsman q.v. who draws, in plan, location of buildings, etc., for attachment to legal documents, etc.; work usually done by junior draughtsman.
draughtsman (pottery)
designs new patterns for decoration of earthenware, china, etc., and draws and colours in plan, elevation and perspective, designs supplied by himself; work usually performed by designer (108) q.v.
draughtsman, ship ; nautical draughtsman, naval draughtsman
as for draughtsman (engineering and building) working on detailed drawings for shipbuilding; generally has considerable responsibility in design of details under general direction of ship designer.
draughtsman, surveyor's
draws a plan of an estate, drainage system, housing scheme, etc., showing roads, boundaries, contours, etc., from levels, angles and distances furnished by surveyor and set down in level book; generally assists surveyor in taking levels; otherwise as for draughtsman (engineering and building).
draughtsman, tile
a draughtsman (pottery) q.v. who specialises in designing new patterns for tiles, and for tiled floors or walls; draws out and colours pattern for each tile to full size.
putter-on (block roller cutting)
receives design for wall paper from designer; enlarges it to full size for printing; transfers it by tracing on to sheet which he attaches to block or roller, ready for print cutter (257) q.v.; prepares separate roller and tracings for each colour in the design.
section leader ; leading draughtsman
a draughtsman q.v. in charge of a section, i.e. a squad or group of squads [sic] of draughtsmen.
sketcher (fuses, sewing machines, etc.)
a tracer q.v. making tracings of component parts of fuse, machine, etc.
prepares tracings on transparent paper or cloth from pencil drawings originated in the drawing office by draughtsman, designer, etc. q.v.; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. design tracer.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.