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735A.B.Transport and Communication
735able seamanTransport and Communication
735able-bodied seamanTransport and Communication
092abrasive wheel firemanTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
092abrasive wheel kiln manTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
098abrasive wheel makerTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
099abrasive wheel maker's helperTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
098abrasive wheel turnerTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
143absorber manChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
309accessories assemblerElectrical Apparatus
309accessories mounterElectrical Apparatus
279accessories worker (sewing machines)Metal Work
714accident inspectorTransport and Communication
886accompanistEntertainments and Sport
648accordion makerMixed or Undefined Materials
428accordion pleaterTextile Goods, Clothing
532account book binderPaper, Printers etc.
533account book rulerPaper, Printers etc.
791accountantCommercial, Finance, Insurance
931accountantClerks and Draughtsmen
939accountantClerks and Draughtsmen
939accountant-clerkClerks and Draughtsmen
939accountant's clerkClerks and Draughtsmen
939accounts clerk (railway)Clerks and Draughtsmen
939accounts clerkClerks and Draughtsmen
342accoutrement clickerSkins and Leather
302accumulator assemblerElectrical Apparatus
954accumulator attendant accumulator chargerStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
954accumulator attendantStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
474accumulator box and stand makerWood and Furniture
619accumulator case benderOther Materials
619accumulator case cementerOther Materials
618accumulator case makerOther Materials
954accumulator chargerStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
302accumulator erectorElectrical Apparatus
302accumulator installerElectrical Apparatus
302accumulator makerElectrical Apparatus
188accumulator plate makerMetal Work
302accumulator repairerElectrical Apparatus
319accumulator sawyerElectrical Apparatus
142acetate of lime makerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143acetate of sodium maker (artificial silk)Chemical Processes, Paints, Oils
142acetic acid makerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
142acetone makerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
142acetone purifierChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
142acetone recovererChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
142acetone recovery manChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
142acetone rectifierChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
142acetone rectifying manChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
249acetylene burner and welderMetal Work
953acetylene gas makerStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
249acetylene welder and cutterMetal Work
249acetylene welderMetal Work
249acetyleneMetal Work
143acetyliserChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
138achromatic handBricks, Pottery, Glass
138achromatic manBricks, Pottery, Glass
138achromatic workerBricks, Pottery, Glass
158acid refiner (oil)Chemical Processes, Paints, Oils
361acid bath tenterTextiles
126acid bath workerBricks, Pottery, Glass
951acid boiler manStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
143acid burner manChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143acid burnerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143acid chamber manChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143acid column manChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143acid concentratorChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143acid de-arsenicatorChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
250acid dipperMetal Work
143acid furnacemanChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143acid kiln manChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
149acid labourer (explosives)Chemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143acid makerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
149acid man (dyes, galvanised sheet, etc.)Chemical Processes, Paints, Oils
158acid man (oil)Chemical Processes, Paints, Oils
449acid manFoods, Drinks, Tobacco
143acid mixerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143acid oil attendant (margarine)Chemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143acid pan manChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
126acid polisherBricks, Pottery, Glass
449acid pot man (sugar refining)Foods, Drinks, Tobacco
143acid refinerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
148acid shop worker (celluloid)Chemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143acid towermanChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
148acid worker (xylonite factory)Chemical Processes, Paints, Oils
108acid workerBricks, Pottery, Glass
118acid workerBricks, Pottery, Glass
143acid workerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
158acidifier (candles)Chemical Processes, Paints, Oils
158acidifier (oil)Chemical Processes, Paints, Oils
158acidifierChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
683acoustic instrument makerMixed or Undefined Materials
899acrobatEntertainments and Sport
702acting guardTransport and Communication
880acting manager (obsolescent)Entertainments and Sport
880acting managerEntertainments and Sport
239action assemblerMetal Work
642action assemblerMixed or Undefined Materials
649action busherMixed or Undefined Materials
649action filer (pianos)Mixed or Undefined Materials
642action finisher (concertinas)Mixed or Undefined Materials
642action finisher (pianos)Mixed or Undefined Materials
642action fitter (pipe organ building)Mixed or Undefined Materials
239action fitterMetal Work
239action fitter-upMetal Work
239action freerMetal Work
239action jointerMetal Work
200action machinerMetal Work
642action maker (concertinas)Mixed or Undefined Materials
239action makerMetal Work
642action makerMixed or Undefined Materials
642action maker, bottom (player pianos)Mixed or Undefined Materials
642action maker, top (player pianos)Mixed or Undefined Materials
642action part maker (pianos)Mixed or Undefined Materials
498action rail finisherWood and Furniture
486action rail makerWood and Furniture
642action regulator (pianos)Mixed or Undefined Materials
649action screwer-down (pianos)Mixed or Undefined Materials
885actor managerEntertainments and Sport
885actor vocalistEntertainments and Sport
885actorEntertainments and Sport
885actressEntertainments and Sport
939actuarial clerkClerks and Draughtsmen
684adapter (artificial teeth)Mixed or Undefined Materials
267adding machine inspectorMetal Work
267adding machine mechanicMetal Work
939adding machine operatorClerks and Draughtsmen
789addresser, circularCommercial, Finance, Insurance
789addresser, envelopeCommercial, Finance, Insurance
939addressograph operatorClerks and Draughtsmen
559adhesive seal makerPaper, Printers etc.
648adjuster (gramophones)Mixed or Undefined Materials
260adjuster (Weights and Measures Department)Metal Work
210adjusterMetal Work
323adjusterWatches, Clocks, Scientific Instruments
260adjuster, balanceMetal Work
260adjuster, spring balanceMetal Work
260adjuster, travellingMetal Work
210adjuster, unitMetal Work
260adjuster, weighing machineMetal Work
210adjustment operator (sewing machine)Metal Work
880advance agentEntertainments and Sport
779advertisement agentCommercial, Finance, Insurance
774advertisement canvasserCommercial, Finance, Insurance
779advertisement contractorCommercial, Finance, Insurance
594advertisement drop curtain painterPainters and Decorators
989advertisement fixerOther and Undefined Workers
779advertisement inspectorCommercial, Finance, Insurance
594advertisement painterPainters and Decorators
774advertisement representativeCommercial, Finance, Insurance
779advertisementCommercial, Finance, Insurance
779advertising (newspaper)Commercial, Finance, Insurance
779advertising agentCommercial, Finance, Insurance
774advertising canvasserCommercial, Finance, Insurance
939advertising clerkClerks and Draughtsmen
779advertising contractorCommercial, Finance, Insurance
779advertising expertCommercial, Finance, Insurance
700advertising inspectorTransport and Communication
970advertising labourerOther and Undefined Workers
779advertising representativeCommercial, Finance, Insurance
779advertising superintendentCommercial, Finance, Insurance
774advertising travellerCommercial, Finance, Insurance
779advertisingCommercial, Finance, Insurance
473adzerWood and Furniture
049aerial flight attendantMining and Quarrying
752aerial pilotTransport and Communication
581aerial rope signalmanBricklayers, Stone, Slate
049aerial ropeway attendantMining and Quarrying
950aerial ropeway controllerStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
041aerial ropeway foremanMining and Quarrying
899aerialistEntertainments and Sport
548aerograph artistPaper, Printers etc.
108aerograph decoratorBricks, Pottery, Glass
548aerograph workerPaper, Printers etc.
382aerographer (textile)Textiles
108aerographerBricks, Pottery, Glass
241aerographerMetal Work
548aerographerPaper, Printers etc.
592aerographerPainters and Decorators
752aeronautTransport and Communication
658aeroplane builderMixed or Undefined Materials
658aeroplane constructor (operative)Mixed or Undefined Materials
658aeroplane erectorMixed or Undefined Materials
210aeroplane fitterMetal Work
752aeroplane pilotTransport and Communication
481aeroplane ribWood and Furniture
486aeroplane woodworkerWood and Furniture
241aeroqrapherMetal Work
260agate beam makerMetal Work
638agate slitterOther Materials
398age minderTextiles
398ageing machine minderTextiles
040agentMining and Quarrying
050agentMining and Quarrying
070agentMining and Quarrying
071agentMining and Quarrying
770agentCommercial, Finance, Insurance
771agentCommercial, Finance, Insurance
881agentEntertainments and Sport
779agent, advertisingCommercial, Finance, Insurance
700agent, assistant goodsTransport and Communication
794agent, assuranceCommercial, Finance, Insurance
795agent, assuranceCommercial, Finance, Insurance
791agent, bankCommercial, Finance, Insurance
770agent, Bible Society'sCommercial, Finance, Insurance
779agent, billpostingCommercial, Finance, Insurance
796agent, brewer'sCommercial, Finance, Insurance
796agent, businessCommercial, Finance, Insurance
730agent, canalTransport and Communication
779agent, circular distributingCommercial, Finance, Insurance
795agent, club (e.g. burial club, sick club, benefit society)Commercial, Finance, Insurance
700agent, coal depotTransport and Communication
794agent, commission (insurance)Commercial, Finance, Insurance
771agent, confidentialCommercial, Finance, Insurance
700agent, depotTransport and Communication
700agent, district canvassingTransport and Communication
700agent, district goodsTransport and Communication
700agent, district mineralTransport and Communication
700agent, district passengerTransport and Communication
770agent, draper'sCommercial, Finance, Insurance
770agent, dressCommercial, Finance, Insurance
771agent, educationalCommercial, Finance, Insurance
771agent, emigrationCommercial, Finance, Insurance
771agent, employmentCommercial, Finance, Insurance
799agent, enquiryCommercial, Finance, Insurance
796agent, estateCommercial, Finance, Insurance
796agent, estate, and surveyorCommercial, Finance, Insurance
797agent, financialCommercial, Finance, Insurance
700agent, goodsTransport and Communication
799agent, income tax recoveryCommercial, Finance, Insurance
794agent, insuranceCommercial, Finance, Insurance
795agent, insuranceCommercial, Finance, Insurance
771agent, literaryCommercial, Finance, Insurance
793agent, Lloyd'sCommercial, Finance, Insurance
771agent, ManchesterCommercial, Finance, Insurance
796agent, medicalCommercial, Finance, Insurance
700agent, mineralTransport and Communication
771agent, mineralCommercial, Finance, Insurance
797agent, moneyCommercial, Finance, Insurance
799agent, mortgageCommercial, Finance, Insurance
771agent, naturalisationCommercial, Finance, Insurance
771agent, nursingCommercial, Finance, Insurance
730agent, packetTransport and Communication
796agent, partnershipCommercial, Finance, Insurance
700agent, passengerTransport and Communication
771agent, passengerCommercial, Finance, Insurance
771agent, patentCommercial, Finance, Insurance
789agent, press cuttingCommercial, Finance, Insurance
772agent, purchasingCommercial, Finance, Insurance
700agent, receiving officeTransport and Communication
796agent, rentCommercial, Finance, Insurance
730agent, river and canalTransport and Communication
791agent, savings bankCommercial, Finance, Insurance
771agent, scholasticCommercial, Finance, Insurance
730agent, shipTransport and Communication
700agent, stationTransport and Communication
700agent, trafficTransport and Communication
730agent, tug company'sTransport and Communication
051agent, undergroundMining and Quarrying
793agent, underwriter'sCommercial, Finance, Insurance
793agent, VeritasCommercial, Finance, Insurance
732agent, wharfTransport and Communication
070agent, worksMining and Quarrying
071agent, worksMining and Quarrying
881agent's managerEntertainments and Sport
398ager manTextiles
398ager minderTextiles
308agerElectrical Apparatus
010agricultural agentAgricultural Occupations
210agricultural fitterMetal Work
210agricultural machine erectorMetal Work
210agricultural machine fitterMetal Work
190agricultural machine knife platerMetal Work
190agricultural machine knife swagerMetal Work
024agricultural servantAgricultural Occupations
021agricultural steam engine attendantAgricultural Occupations
021agricultural traction engine attendantAgricultural Occupations
011agriculturistAgricultural Occupations
736agwallaTransport and Communication
474aileron assemblerWood and Furniture
608air ball makerOther Materials
608air bed covererOther Materials
609air bed inflatorOther Materials
608air bed makerOther Materials
608air bed painterOther Materials
950air compressor or compression attendantStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
950air compressor or compression manStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
609air cushion inflatorOther Materials
608air cushion makerOther Materials
608air cushion painterOther Materials
609air cushion testerOther Materials
171air furnacemanMetal Work
245air mechanicMetal Work
752air navigatorTransport and Communication
752air pilotTransport and Communication
264air pipe makerMetal Work
950air pump attendant (sugar refining)Stationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
041air road inspectorMining and Quarrying
322air speed indicator makerWatches, Clocks, Scientific Instruments
241air sprayerMetal Work
750air superintendentTransport and Communication
658aircraft mechanicMixed or Undefined Materials
752aircraft pilotTransport and Communication
970airgrate cleaner (drainage)Other and Undefined Workers
044airmanMining and Quarrying
608airproof goods makerOther Materials
486air-tight stopper makerWood and Furniture
044airway repairerMining and Quarrying
054airway repairerMining and Quarrying
044airwaymanMining and Quarrying
054airwaymanMining and Quarrying
370alabar loom workerTextiles
298albata refinerPrecious Metals, Electro Plate
287albata workerPrecious Metals, Electro Plate
532album makerPaper, Printers etc.
158albumen makerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
688albumeniser (photographic plates, films and paper)Mixed or Undefined Materials
943alcher (hosiery, wool)Warehousemen, Storekeepers, Packers
142alcohol recovery workerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
914ale agentPersonal Service
914ale dealerPersonal Service
458ale tasterFoods, Drinks, Tobacco
267aligner (typewriters)Metal Work
143alizarine colour makerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143alizarine makerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
149alkali dryerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143alkali furnacemanChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143alkali mixerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
149alkali packerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
149alkali workerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
449all sorts stripperFoods, Drinks, Tobacco
159alley girl (soap)Chemical Processes, Paints, Oils
939allocation clerkClerks and Draughtsmen
013allotment holderAgricultural Occupations
753allowance delivererTransport and Communication
459allowance man (brewery)Foods, Drinks, Tobacco
171alloy furnacemanMetal Work
278alloy man (copper smelting)Metal Work
532all-round handPaper, Printers etc.
414all-rounderTextile Goods, Clothing
548almanac makerPaper, Printers etc.
449almond blancherFoods, Drinks, Tobacco
449almond grinderFoods, Drinks, Tobacco
435almond paste makerFoods, Drinks, Tobacco
435almond paste workerFoods, Drinks, Tobacco
449almond pickerFoods, Drinks, Tobacco
404alteration handTextile Goods, Clothing
405alteration handTextile Goods, Clothing
398alterer, carpetTextiles
398alterer, loom (elastic web)Textiles
950alternator attendantStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
076alum clay workerMining and Quarrying
143alum furnacemanChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
149alum kieve ladChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
148alum kieve manChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
148alum makerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
149alum mould manChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
949alum weighmanWarehousemen, Storekeepers, Packers
188aluminium casterMetal Work
178aluminium foil rollerMetal Work
188aluminium founderMetal Work
188aluminium foundry furnace manMetal Work
189aluminium foundry labourerMetal Work
278aluminium granulatorMetal Work
188aluminium ingot casterMetal Work
180aluminium moulderMetal Work
529aluminium printerPaper, Printers etc.
529aluminium rotary printerPaper, Printers etc.
178aluminium sheet rollerMetal Work
143aluminous cake makerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
056amalgamator (gold)Mining and Quarrying
939amanuensisClerks and Draughtsmen
638amber turnerOther Materials
638amber workerOther Materials
718ambulance driver (horse ambulance)Transport and Communication
720ambulance driver (motor)Transport and Communication
475ambulance builderWood and Furniture
929ambulance corps workerPersonal Service
475ambulance makerWood and Furniture
929ambulance manPersonal Service
041ambulance superintendentMining and Quarrying
309ammeter assemblerElectrical Apparatus
698ammoniacal liquor extractorGas, Water, Electricity
143ammonium chloride makerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
149ammonium nitrate dryerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143ammonium sulphate plant manChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143ammonium sulphate plantmanChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
148ammunition makerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
883amusement catererEntertainments and Sport
529anastatic printerPaper, Printers etc.
683anatomical machinistMixed or Undefined Materials
279anchorer (rolling mill)Metal Work
322aneroid barometerWatches, Clocks, Scientific Instruments
322aneroidWatches, Clocks, Scientific Instruments
224angle brass fitterMetal Work
279angle chopperMetal Work
279angle cropperMetal Work
518angle cuttermanPaper, Printers etc.
190angle iron benderMetal Work
183angle iron casterMetal Work
190angle iron smithMetal Work
279angle iron smith's backhanderMetal Work
190angle iron smith's hammermanMetal Work
279angle iron smith's helperMetal Work
190angle iron smith's strikerMetal Work
190angle iron straightenerMetal Work
278angle iron studderMetal Work
102angle makerBricks, Pottery, Glass
279angle mill workerMetal Work
190anglesmithMetal Work
279angle-smith's backhanderMetal Work
190anglesmith's hammermanMetal Work
190anglesmith's strikerMetal Work
159anglo pressmanChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
159anglo rollermanChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
381aniline black dyerTextiles
143aniline dye makerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
485animal carverWood and Furniture
143animal charcoal burnerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143animal charcoal makerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143animal charcoal retort handChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
989animal keeperOther and Undefined Workers
989animal preserverOther and Undefined Workers
989animal stafferOther and Undefined Workers
989animal stufferOther and Undefined Workers
899animal trainerEntertainments and Sport
148annatto makerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
220annealer (files)Metal Work
220annealer (finished wire)Metal Work
220annealer (nails, tacks, screws)Metal Work
220annealer (tinplate)Metal Work
138annealerBricks, Pottery, Glass
220annealerMetal Work
298annealerPrecious Metals, Electro Plate
220annealer, lead (galvanised sheet)Metal Work
109annealer, pot annealer (retorts)Bricks, Pottery, Glass
220annealer, rough (wire)Metal Work
279annealer's helperMetal Work
220annealing furnace manMetal Work
171annealing furnacemanMetal Work
220annealing manMetal Work
171anode furnaceman (copper)Metal Work
148anode man (copper refining)Chemical Processes, Paints, Oils
148anode man (gold extracting)Chemical Processes, Paints, Oils
148anode removerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
149anode washerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
142anthracene maker (distiller)Chemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143anthracene makerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143anthracene manChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
149anthracene manChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143anthracene plant manChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
171antimony furnacemanMetal Work
171antimony refinerMetal Work
770antique dealerCommercial, Finance, Insurance
770antique furnisherCommercial, Finance, Insurance
473antique furniture makerWood and Furniture
039apiarianAgricultural Occupations
039apiatorAgricultural Occupations
950apparatus enginemanStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
049apparatus ladMining and Quarrying
950apparatus manStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
429applique cutter (embroidery)Textile Goods, Clothing
407applique embroidererTextile Goods, Clothing
796appraiser and valuerCommercial, Finance, Insurance
796appraiserCommercial, Finance, Insurance
888apprentice (racing stable)Entertainments and Sport
738apprentice (River Thames)Transport and Communication
900apprentice cookPersonal Service
943apprentice lapperWarehousemen, Storekeepers, Packers
575apprentice setterBricklayers, Stone, Slate
042apprenticeMining and Quarrying
735apprenticeTransport and Communication
989aquarium attendantOther and Undefined Workers
970aquarium labourerOther and Undefined Workers
799arbitrage brokerCommercial, Finance, Insurance
799arbitragistCommercial, Finance, Insurance
796arbitrator (valuing)Commercial, Finance, Insurance
278arbor driverMetal Work
324arbor makerWatches, Clocks, Scientific Instruments
698arc lamp assistantGas, Water, Electricity
698arc lamp cleanerGas, Water, Electricity
309arc lamp fitterElectrical Apparatus
309arc lamp makerElectrical Apparatus
698arc lamp trimmerGas, Water, Electricity
548arc light printerPaper, Printers etc.
929arcade attendantPersonal Service
929arcade beadlePersonal Service
929arcade policemanPersonal Service
929arcade porterPersonal Service
572archer (colliery working)Bricklayers, Stone, Slate
899archerEntertainments and Sport
932architect's draughtsmanClerks and Draughtsmen
688architect's photographic paper makerMixed or Undefined Materials
932architectural draughtsmanClerks and Draughtsmen
567architectural modellerBricklayers, Stone, Slate
574architectural sculptorBricklayers, Stone, Slate
104ark manBricks, Pottery, Glass
210arm shaft freerMetal Work
318armature assemblerElectrical Apparatus
303armature banderElectrical Apparatus
303armature binderElectrical Apparatus
318armature builderElectrical Apparatus
303armature coil winderElectrical Apparatus
254armature disc notcher and stamperMetal Work
303armature disc winderElectrical Apparatus
303armature winderElectrical Apparatus
239armourerMetal Work
318armourerElectrical Apparatus
608armourerOther Materials
318armouring machine worker (cables)Electrical Apparatus
921armoury keeperPersonal Service
348army accoutrement makerSkins and Leather
688arrow feathererMixed or Undefined Materials
498arrow makerWood and Furniture
171arsenic burnerMetal Work
171arsenic calcinerMetal Work
171arsenic calcinermanMetal Work
171arsenic furnacemanMetal Work
149arsenic labourerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
149arsenic packerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
171arsenic refinerMetal Work
171arsenic roasterMetal Work
171arsenic smelterMetal Work
171arsenic smeltmanMetal Work
221art iron workerMetal Work
221art metal fitterMetal Work
221art metal fitter's mateMetal Work
221art metal smithMetal Work
221art metal workerMetal Work
407art needle workerTextile Goods, Clothing
529art printerPaper, Printers etc.
929art school attendantPersonal Service
580artesian borerBricklayers, Stone, Slate
580artesian drillerBricklayers, Stone, Slate
580artesian well sinkerBricklayers, Stone, Slate
989articulator of bones and skeletonsOther and Undefined Workers
688artificial bait makerMixed or Undefined Materials
098artificial flag finisherTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
098artificial flag makerTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
099artificial flag stackerTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
403artificial flower cutterTextile Goods, Clothing
688artificial flower makerMixed or Undefined Materials
688artificial flower mounterMixed or Undefined Materials
403artificial flower stamperTextile Goods, Clothing
688artificial fly dresserMixed or Undefined Materials
688artificial fly makerMixed or Undefined Materials
683artificial limb makerMixed or Undefined Materials
143artificial madder makerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143artificial silk workerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
398artificial silk workerTextiles
098artificial stone finisherTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
098artificial stone makerTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
099artificial stone presserTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
688artificial wreath makerMixed or Undefined Materials
688artist (fans)Mixed or Undefined Materials
920artist in hairPersonal Service
108artistBricks, Pottery, Glass
528artist, autographPaper, Printers etc.
528artist, chromoPaper, Printers etc.
527artist, ferrotypePaper, Printers etc.
528artist, lithographicPaper, Printers etc.
528artist, monochromePaper, Printers etc.
527artist, photographicPaper, Printers etc.
885artisteEntertainments and Sport
886artisteEntertainments and Sport
989artistic restorerOther and Undefined Workers
633artist's brush makerOther Materials
989artists' canvas primerOther and Undefined Workers
770artists' colourmanCommercial, Finance, Insurance
485artist's frame strainerWood and Furniture
105art-ware makerBricks, Pottery, Glass
384asbestos calendererTextiles
363asbestos carderTextiles
399asbestos coilerTextiles
362asbestos crusherTextiles
099asbestos fuel makerTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
362asbestos grinderTextiles
398asbestos joint makerTextiles
362asbestos openerTextiles
278asbestos packerMetal Work
398asbestos packing makerTextiles
398asbestos plaiterTextiles
608asbestos ring makerOther Materials
363asbestos roverTextiles
098asbestos sheet cutterTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
399asbestos sifterTextiles
570asbestos slaterBricklayers, Stone, Slate
399asbestos wadding handTextiles
699ascension pipe man (gas works)Gas, Water, Electricity
699ash trimmer (electricity supply)Gas, Water, Electricity
699ash (gas, electricity and water works)Gas, Water, Electricity
099ash and muck man (patent fuel)Treatment of Mine and Quarry Products
970ash bank fairyOther and Undefined Workers
709ash boyTransport and Communication
089ash fillerTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
709ash fillerTransport and Communication
143ash finisherChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
143ash furnacemanChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
699ash hopper manGas, Water, Electricity
699ash hopperGas, Water, Electricity
970ash labourerOther and Undefined Workers
709ash ladTransport and Communication
709ash loaderTransport and Communication
709ash manTransport and Communication
970ash manOther and Undefined Workers
709ash pan manTransport and Communication
709ash pan rakerTransport and Communication
970ash pit cleanerOther and Undefined Workers
970ash pit collectorOther and Undefined Workers
709ash pit labourerTransport and Communication
709ash pit manTransport and Communication
699ash plant attendantGas, Water, Electricity
143ash recovery manChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
970ash trimmerOther and Undefined Workers
049ash wheelerMining and Quarrying
089ash wheelerTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
970ash wheelerOther and Undefined Workers
279ashes manMetal Work
279ashes wheelerMetal Work
970ashes wheelerOther and Undefined Workers
049ashmanMining and Quarrying
056ashmanMining and Quarrying
279ashmanMetal Work
709ashpan manTransport and Communication
709ashpan rakerTransport and Communication
013asparagus growerAgricultural Occupations
099asphalt block makerTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
579asphalt layerBricklayers, Stone, Slate
099asphalt makerTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
099asphalt mixerTreatment of Mine and Quarry Products
579asphalt paviorBricklayers, Stone, Slate
581asphalt potmanBricklayers, Stone, Slate
579asphalterBricklayers, Stone, Slate
581asphalter's labourerBricklayers, Stone, Slate
432aspirator manFoods, Drinks, Tobacco
298assay assistantPrecious Metals, Electro Plate
298assayer's assistant (not assay offices)Precious Metals, Electro Plate
278assembler (bedstead)Metal Work
278assembler (cutlery)Metal Work
228assembler (pen knife, pocket knife, spring knife)Metal Work
228assembler (pen, pocket spring knife)Metal Work
609assembler (rubber shoes)Other Materials
278assembler (stoves)Metal Work
689assembler (trouser presses)Mixed or Undefined Materials
278assemblerMetal Work
279assemblerMetal Work
287assemblerPrecious Metals, Electro Plate
309assemblerElectrical Apparatus
323assemblerWatches, Clocks, Scientific Instruments
406assemblerTextile Goods, Clothing
559assemblerPaper, Printers etc.
648assemblerMixed or Undefined Materials
239assembler, actionMetal Work
279assembler, axleMetal Work
279assembler, ball bearingsMetal Work
279assembler, bellMetal Work
279assembler, bottle capMetal Work
239assembler, gunMetal Work
648assembler, motor (gramophones)Mixed or Undefined Materials
239assembler, rifleMetal Work
793assessor of fire lossesCommercial, Finance, Insurance
793assessor of risksCommercial, Finance, Insurance
737assistant clerk (ship's)Transport and Communication
690assistant resident engineer (electricity supply)Gas, Water, Electricity
433assistant (cake decorating, etc.)Foods, Drinks, Tobacco
449assistant (char house-sugar refining)Foods, Drinks, Tobacco
929assistant (railway catering)Personal Service
939assistant accountantClerks and Draughtsmen
071assistant agentMining and Quarrying
279assistant at mandrels (iron and steel tubes)Metal Work
549assistant back tenter (paper staining)Paper, Printers etc.
049assistant banksmanMining and Quarrying
950assistant blast enginemanStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
939assistant book-keeperClerks and Draughtsmen
043assistant bottomerMining and Quarrying
453assistant brewerFoods, Drinks, Tobacco
939assistant cashierClerks and Draughtsmen
939assistant chief clerkClerks and Draughtsmen
932assistant chief draughtsmanClerks and Draughtsmen
042assistant collierMining and Quarrying
041assistant deputyMining and Quarrying
049assistant diallerMining and Quarrying
714assistant district inspectorTransport and Communication
714assistant district permanent way inspectorTransport and Communication
704assistant district traffic foremanTransport and Communication
714assistant district traffic inspectorTransport and Communication
714assistant divisional inspectorTransport and Communication
714assistant divisional permanent way inspectorTransport and Communication
714assistant divisional traffic inspectorTransport and Communication
399assistant draw frame tenterTextiles
043assistant drawerMining and Quarrying
369assistant dresserTextiles
950assistant driver (iron and steel)Stationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
365assistant driverTextiles
305assistant electrician (theatres, music halls)Electrical Apparatus
301assistant engineer (G.P.O.)Electrical Apparatus
690assistant engineer (waterworks)Gas, Water, Electricity
750assistant engineer superintendent (aviation)Transport and Communication
041assistant examinerMining and Quarrying
041assistant firemanMining and Quarrying
171assistant furnace keeperMetal Work
279assistant gas manMetal Work
279assistant glazerMetal Work
700assistant goods agentTransport and Communication
279assistant grinderMetal Work
899assistant groundsman (cricket)Entertainments and Sport
702assistant guardTransport and Communication
758assistant head messenger (Post Office)Transport and Communication
753assistant head postmanTransport and Communication
256assistant holder-upMetal Work
751assistant inspector of messengers (Post Office)Transport and Communication
751assistant inspector of postmen (Post Office)Transport and Communication
700assistant inspectorTransport and Communication
041assistant keekerMining and Quarrying
171assistant keeperMetal Work
668assistant loftsmanMixed or Undefined Materials
929assistant manageress (railway catering)Personal Service
740assistant master stevedoreTransport and Communication
433assistant mixerFoods, Drinks, Tobacco
043assistant onsetterMining and Quarrying
449assistant ovenmanFoods, Drinks, Tobacco
398assistant overlookerTextiles
398assistant overseer (flax and hemp)Textiles
521assistant overseerPaper, Printers etc.
047assistant pitmanMining and Quarrying
714assistant regulatorTransport and Communication
044assistant repairerMining and Quarrying
373assistant rope makerTextiles
939assistant secretaryClerks and Draughtsmen
047assistant shaftmanMining and Quarrying
047assistant shaftsmanMining and Quarrying
365assistant shifting mistressTextiles
703assistant signalmanTransport and Communication
703assistant signalman, reliefTransport and Communication
300assistant staff engineer (G.P.O.)Electrical Apparatus
880assistant stage managerEntertainments and Sport
690assistant station engineerGas, Water, Electricity
700assistant station masterTransport and Communication
951assistant stokerStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
941assistant storekeeper (Post Office)Warehousemen, Storekeepers, Packers
279assistant stove minderMetal Work
954assistant sub-station attendantStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
300assistant superintending engineer (G.P.O.)Electrical Apparatus
751assistant supervisor (Post Office telegraphs)Transport and Communication
751assistant supervisor (Post Office telephones)Transport and Communication
049assistant surveyorMining and Quarrying
954assistant switchboard attendantStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
953assistant teazer (glass)Stationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
139assistant teazerBricks, Pottery, Glass
398assistant tenter (jute)Textiles
044assistant timber- manMining and Quarrying
044assistant timbermanMining and Quarrying
962assistant timekeeperOther and Undefined Workers
041assistant traffic managerMining and Quarrying
714assistant traffic regulator (tramways, etc.)Transport and Communication
750assistant traffic superintendent (aviation)Transport and Communication
043assistant trammerMining and Quarrying
950assistant turbine driverStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
698assistant turncock (waterworks)Gas, Water, Electricity
041assistant under-managerMining and Quarrying
041assistant under-viewerMining and Quarrying
559assistant vulcanised fibre machine minderPaper, Printers etc.
940assistant warehouse keeper (docks)Warehousemen, Storekeepers, Packers
940assistant warehousemanWarehousemen, Storekeepers, Packers
737assistant writerTransport and Communication
700assistant yard masterTransport and Communication
775assistantCommercial, Finance, Insurance
527assistant, camera man'sPaper, Printers etc.
527assistant, photographer'sPaper, Printers etc.
278assorter (galvanised sheets)Metal Work
278assorter (tin boxes)Metal Work
278assorter (tinplate)Metal Work
138assorterBricks, Pottery, Glass
279assorter's helperMetal Work
794assurance agentCommercial, Finance, Insurance
795assurance agentCommercial, Finance, Insurance
939assurance company's clerkClerks and Draughtsmen
899athletic artistEntertainments and Sport
899athletic groundEntertainments and Sport
143Atlas mixerChemical Processes, Paints, Oils
345attache case makerSkins and Leather
279attacher (sewing machines)Metal Work
929attendant (buffet, cafe, saloon, etc.)Personal Service
929attendant (cab, cab rank or cabman's shelter)Personal Service
758attendant (Govt. Dept.)Transport and Communication
929attendant (lavatory, latrine)Personal Service
775attendantCommercial, Finance, Insurance
919attendantPersonal Service
929attendant, arcadePersonal Service
929attendant, art schoolPersonal Service
900attendant, babies' (poor law)Personal Service
702attendant, ballast trainTransport and Communication
919attendant, bath (hydro)Personal Service
929attendant, bothyPersonal Service
702attendant, carriageTransport and Communication
929attendant, chairPersonal Service
900attendant, children's (poor law)Personal Service
889attendant, cinemaEntertainments and Sport
929attendant, cloak room (hotels, dance halls, etc.)Personal Service
929attendant, coffee stallPersonal Service
929attendant, dining carPersonal Service
929attendant, dining hallPersonal Service
929attendant, dining roomPersonal Service
929attendant, dispensary (dentist's or doctor's surgery)Personal Service
929attendant, dormitoryPersonal Service
929attendant, female (P.O. Medical Department)Personal Service
900attendant, infants' (poor law)Personal Service
929attendant, invalid'sPersonal Service
929attendant, ladies' waiting roomPersonal Service
900attendant, larderPersonal Service
929attendant, mess roomPersonal Service
929attendant, mid-day (special school)Personal Service
929attendant, mineral springPersonal Service
889attendant, ringEntertainments and Sport
929attendant, school playgroundPersonal Service
929attendant, seatPersonal Service
889attendant, theatreEntertainments and Sport
702attendant, trainTransport and Communication
929attendant, waiting roomPersonal Service
929attendant, workhouse (female inmates)Personal Service
796auctioneer and surveyorCommercial, Finance, Insurance
796auctioneerCommercial, Finance, Insurance
989auctioneer's bailiffOther and Undefined Workers
970auctioneer's labourerOther and Undefined Workers
939audit clerkClerks and Draughtsmen
939auditorClerks and Draughtsmen
793auditor, insuranceCommercial, Finance, Insurance
699augererGas, Water, Electricity
939authorised clerk (Stock Exchange)Clerks and Draughtsmen
279auto attendantMetal Work
702auto car guardTransport and Communication
200auto operatorMetal Work
279auto screw attendantMetal Work
279auto screw machine operatorMetal Work
701auto-car driverTransport and Communication
706auto-carrier driverTransport and Communication
158autoclave man (candles)Chemical Processes, Paints, Oils
528autograph artistPaper, Printers etc.
933automatic arranger and estimator (gas company)Clerks and Draughtsmen
279automatic attendantMetal Work
323automatic clock makerWatches, Clocks, Scientific Instruments
370automatic loom weaverTextiles
279automatic machine attendantMetal Work
279automatic machine feederMetal Work
211automatic machine fitterMetal Work
279automatic machine handMetal Work
279automatic machine minderMetal Work
279automatic machine operatorMetal Work
244automatic machine repairerMetal Work
211automatic machine setterMetal Work
279automatic machinistMetal Work
789automatic meterCommercial, Finance, Insurance
279automatic screw machine handMetal Work
374automatic seamless machine handTextiles
371automatic spoolerTextiles
268automatic wire drawerMetal Work
954auxiliary plant attendant (electricity supply)Stationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
950auxiliary plant attendantStationary Engine Drivers, Etc.
759auxiliary porter (Post Office)Transport and Communication
753auxiliary postmanTransport and Communication
753auxiliary postwomanTransport and Communication
753auxiliary sorterTransport and Communication
799average adjusterCommercial, Finance, Insurance
799average staterCommercial, Finance, Insurance
658aviation mechanicMixed or Undefined Materials
752aviatorTransport and Communication
190axe spreaderMetal Work
016axemanAgricultural Occupations
279axle assemblerMetal Work
190axle benderMetal Work
709axle box attendantTransport and Communication
180axle box casterMetal Work
709axle box cleanerTransport and Communication
278axle box finisherMetal Work
238axle box lapperMetal Work
200axle box screwerMetal Work
200axle box turnerMetal Work
279axle box vice handMetal Work
224axle bush brass turnerMetal Work
180axle bush casterMetal Work
278axle bush finisherMetal Work
238axle bush lapperMetal Work
200axle bush screwerMetal Work
279axle cranerMetal Work
278axle dresserMetal Work
200axle enderMetal Work
190axle forgerMetal Work
171axle furnacemanMetal Work
279axle laggerMetal Work
709axle oilerTransport and Communication
499axle packerWood and Furniture
279axle pinnerMetal Work
238axle polisherMetal Work
200axle rougherMetal Work
200axle rougher-outMetal Work
190axle setterMetal Work
200axle slotterMetal Work
190axle straightenerMetal Work
190axle tree makerMetal Work
190axle worker (perambulators)Metal Work

From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.