A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 1.—Railway Workers

700.—Railway—Officials, Station Masters, Yard Masters, Passenger and Goods Agents

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agent, assistant goods
assists goods agent q.v. and takes his place when he is absent; sometimes also acts as goods traffic canvasser q.v.
agent, coal depot
a goods agent or a mineral agent q.v. who deals with coal traffic only.
agent, depot
see agent, goods.
agent, district canvassing
a district inspector q.v. who supervises and directs canvassers q.v. in a district, and who is responsible to goods agent q.v. for efficiency of canvassing arrangements therein.
agent, district goods
as for agent, goods, but is in charge of all goods stations or depots in a district.
agent, district mineral
as for agent, mineral, but is in charge of all stations or depots, where main traffic is mineral traffic, within a district.
agent, district passenger
under control of passenger manager or of district passenger manager q.v., circularises a definite railway district by means of advertising bills, etc., approaches churches etc., offering special rates for outings and otherwise increases passenger traffic in his district.
agent, goods ; depot agent, goods superintendent, traffic agent
has j entire charge of a railway goods station or depot, controlling staff, directing district canvassing agents q.v. and supervising generally work of canvassers, goods foremen (766), checkers (706), officemen (706), loaders (706), etc. q.v.
agent, mineral; mineral traffic agent ; mineral trains superintendent
as for agent, goods, but duties confined to mineral traffic.
agent, passenger
has charge of clerical staff in booking office, parcels office, left luggage office, lost property office, etc., at a large passenger station.
agent, receiving office
is in charge of a railway company's town receiving office; is responsible for seeing that parcels, etc., received at office, are labelled and prepared for despatch, and sent promptly to station, also for collection of charges thereon.
agent, station
a passenger agent q.v. who represents and guards interests of a railway company at a station of another company to which his own company has only running powers.
agent, traffic
see agent, goods.
canvasser, traffic canvasser ; outdoor representative, townsman, traffic solicitor
calls on commercial firms and others offering and explaining traffic facilities and trying to secure their custom; reports to goods agent q.v., if canvassing for goods traffic, or to passenger agent q.v., if canvassing for passenger traffic; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. goods traffic canvasser.
chief foreman ; head foreman, superior foreman
is employed in large goods shed or depot; acts under instruction of yard master, goods agent or of goods inspector q.v. according to size of depot; supervises number of working foremen, cf. goods foreman (706), and is responsible for co-ordination and efficiency of cartage arrangements; precise duties vary according to goods handled in depot.
chief of police ; police superintendent
is responsible for efficient surveillance of railway company's stations, yards and depots, to prevent pilfering, etc.; directs and supervises police inspectors q.v. and railway police generally; consults with chief legal adviser as to prosecution of offenders.
collector of dues
calls on customers and collects freightage, demurrage and other dues owing to a railway company.
controller, chief ; control master
is in supreme charge of control office, controlling drivers (701), guards (702), shunters (704), porters (706) q.v., etc., engaged in working traffic over a specified area; issues instructions, etc., to train controllers q.v.
controller, rolling stock
is in charge of rolling stock of a railway; arranges its distribution, and keeps records of its whereabouts; is responsible for its upkeep and repair.
controller, train controller ; train despatcher
is one of a number of controlling officers who, under, direction of chief controller q.v., take charge, in turn, of desk in traffic control office and who control engine men (701), guards (702), goods porters (706) q.v. etc., working over a specified area; or is wholly employed in regulating trains or guards over an area from a point other than a control office.
control master
see controller, chief.
depot master
see yard master.
keeps watch on railway company's property for pilfering, thefts of luggage, etc.; follows movements of suspected persons; works in plain clothes under direction of police inspector q.v.
engine arranger
a running foreman q.v. who allots engines to their respective services, generally for a week in advance; has schedules of duties posted in engine shed.
examiner, chief special; chief ticket examiner, chief travelling examiner
see inspector, chief ticket (travelling).
examiner, load
see inspector, load.
excess luggage weigher, district
a travelling excess inspector, cf. inspector, travelling, who supervises work of excess luggage collectors (706) q.v. at stations in a specified district.
foreman, capstan
directs and supervises capstan men (706) q.v. at large goods depot; is responsible to goods agent q.v. for prompt moving of goods wagons to and from loading platforms in depot.
foreman, cattle
directs and supervises cattlemen (706) or goods porters (706) q.v. at a cattle depot, in loading and unloading of cattle (chiefly) or goods into and out of trucks.
foreman checker
supervises and directs work of checkers (706) q.v. in goods station or depot.
foreman, grain
has charge of railway grain warehouse; controls and directs work of loaders, checkers (706) q.v. etc.
foreman, loco; locomotive foreman, locomotive yard foreman ; running shed foreman, shed foreman
controls staff of locomotive engine shed or yard; arranges and supervises work, e.g. cleaning and preparation of engines for drivers, despatch of engines at times scheduled, arranging staff rosters, etc.; personally supervises engine shed work.
foreman, meat
is in charge of gang of meat pitchers (706) q.v. at railway meat depot; directs loading and unloading of wagons.
foreman roper
directs ropers (706) q.v. at a goods depot and is responsible for their work.
foreman running
employed in large engine sheds with other running foremen, under control of locomotive or running shed foreman q.v. to carry out latter's instructions; employed on shifts in common with lower grade engine shed workers but as distinct from running shed foreman.
foreman, running shed
see foreman, loco.
foreman searcher
supervises and directs a number of searchers and tracers (706) q.v.
foreman, shed
see foreman, loco.
foreman, sheeter's
directs sheeters (706) q.v. and is responsible for their work.
foreman, stock
a foreman in warehouse wherein railway company stores goods for customers; supervises goods porters (706) q.v. and ensures that arrangements for storing; are carried out; checks goods received and is responsible for despatch of goods or delivery into vans in correct quantities, etc., to firms direct or to their clients.
foreman, traffic
general term covering such supervisory officials as yard inspector, station inspector,, cattle foreman q.v.; obsolescent.
head foreman
see chief foreman.
inspector, advertising
a head office inspector q.v., or, if stationed in one town, a station inspector q.v. who examines advertising spaces on rolling stock and premises of a railway company for purpose of checking duplication and overdues (time expired posters); takes note of vacant spaces; arranges replacement of defaced or soiled advertisements, etc.; deals with all kinds of advertisements, cf. billposting inspector.
inspector, assistant
general term for any official who assists an inspector and replaces him in case of absence; for duties, see inspectors defined under this code number.
inspector, baggage
a station inspector q.v. who supervises transfer of passenger's baggage from train to boat, or vice versa, at sea-port station.
inspector, ballast
makes periodical examinations of ballast on permanent way in a district; orders repairs where necessary; inspects ballasting operations.
inspector, bill posting
travels a district to see that bills, etc., announcing traffic arrangements, are properly posted, and kept in good condition; generally supervises work of bill-posting porters (706) q.v.
inspector, brake
is responsible for periodical inspection of brakes of railway rolling stock in a particular district, reporting for repair where necessary.
inspector, bridge
examines bridges periodically; reports damage or strain; supervises repair operations; inspects and passes work of bridge contractors.
inspector, cab
supervises cab ranks of large passenger stations; sees that regulations are observed, and that drivers have permits to stand on railway premises.
inspector, canvassing
a head office inspector or a district inspector q.v. who examines work of canvassing staff in a defined district; receives returns of orders and general reports from goods agent q.v.
inspector, carriage and wagon ; train wagon inspector
is responsible for mechanical efficiency of rolling stock within his district; sees that wagons, etc., are properly constructed and maintained in repair; orders repairs where necessary; on some lines, also does work of carriage cleaning inspector q.v.; graded as district inspector q.v.
inspector, carriage cleaning
a head office inspector or a district inspector q.v. who examines passenger rolling stock after cleaning, and is responsible for efficiency of cleaning arrangements in one or more railway districts; work sometimes done by carriage and wagon inspector q.v.
inspector, cattle
a district inspector q.v. who inspects cattle consigned by rail, and makes reports on their condition, with a view to examining claims which may be made; generally supervises cattle traffic, cf. cattle foreman.
inspector, chain
examines periodically chains used in a definite district; sees that they receive proper care; arranges replacement of worn or defective chains.
inspector, chief goods
a head office inspector q.v. who supervises work of goods inspectors, reporting to goods manager q.v.
inspector, chief ironwork
supervises and is in charge of iron and steel work inspectors q.v.
inspector, chief ticket (travelling) ; chief special examiner, chief ticket examiner, chief travelling examiner
directs and supervises travelling ticket inspectors q.v.; arranges their turns of duty and is responsible for efficient performance of duties.
inspector, coal
a head office inspector or a district inspector q.v. who examines and reports on arrangements for getting, storing, etc., coal supplies, etc., for a railway- system, or district thereof.
inspector, crane
makes periodical examinations of cranes, arranges for repair where necessary; is generally attached to a district.
inspector, demurrage
makes records of delays in clearance of goods stored, or of private rolling stock, for purpose of charging demurrage.
inspector, district ; general inspector
an inspector in any department whose duties cover a district, i.e. a defined area less than that of an entire railway or railway division, but covering more than one station, yard, depot, siding, etc.; normally combines work of two or more specifically designated inspectors, e.g., train, inspector, carriage and wagon inspector q.v., according to type of district controlled.
inspector, district goods
a district inspector q.v. who examines work of all goods stations and depots in a defined area working under district goods manager q.v.
inspector, district travelling
a travelling inspector q.v. in any department whose duties are confined to one district of a railway.
inspector, dynamometer car
takes records, e.g. power of draw-bar pull from engine, effect of faulty track, by reading and adjusting necessary instruments in dynamometer car, attached to engine for purpose of measuring speed, acceleration, power developed, etc.
inspector, fish
a parcels inspector q.v. wholly or mainly engaged in connection with fish traffic; examines fish consigned by rail and again on arrival and records condition so as to be able to report in case of claims for damages against company; generally supervises working of fish traffic.
inspector, front area
a station inspector q.v. who is responsible for regulation of staff working in area in station yard.
inspector, general
(i) see inspector, head office;
(ii) see inspector, district.
inspector, gas
inspects gas producing plants, filling arrangements, tanks, and everything connected with railway company's gas supply; reports defects necessitating repair.
inspector, goods depot; goods station inspector
a yard master q.v. responsible to goods agent for supervision of general working of a goods depot in shed or yard, or both.
inspector, goods train
a head office inspector or a district inspector q.v. who examines goods trains before departure, to see that all is in readiness for journey, when this is not done by load inspector q.v.
inspector, goods yard
a yard inspector q.v. who exercises general supervision over staff and working of a large goods yard.
inspector, guards
a head office inspector q.v. who supervises work of guards (702) q.v. in a particular district, e.g. by means of surprise visits; examines guards' journals, inspects equipment, etc.
inspector, head office ; general inspector
an inspector at any department located at head office and exercising his functions over an entire railway or division of railway, as distinguished from district inspector, station inspector q.v.
inspector, hydraulic
examines periodically all hydraulic cranes, lifts, etc., in a particular district, arranging for repairs where necessary.
inspector, iron and steel work
examines and reports on condition of iron and steel structures belonging to railway.
inspector, lighting
a head office inspector q.v. who examines and reports on lighting arrangements of railway rolling stock or railway premises.
inspector, load ; load examiner
a district inspector or yard inspector q.v.. according to how stationed, who inspects loaded trucks or wagons at a railway depot or goods yard, to see that loading has been properly performed, and that vehicles are fit for journey; uses loading gauge where necessary; sees that sheeting and hoping are securely fastened.
inspector, locking
makes periodical examinations of interlocking signalling and points gear.
inspector, locomotive
examines locomotive engines in one or more locomotive sheds; notes defects and reports to locomotive superintendent q.v.
inspector, machine; machinery inspector ; mechanical inspector, outside machinery inspector
examines mechanical equipment, other than locomotives, such as hoists, cranes, oil buffers, weighing machines, luggage lifts, etc., and arranges for necessary repairs.
inspector, market
directs goods porters (706), carmen (719) q.v. or other railway workers, working at a public market, loading and unloading market produce from or into railway wagons or drays.
inspector, meat
makes periodical inspections of meat depots; examines meat on arrival, so as to be able to report in case of claims for damages against company.
inspector, mechanical
see inspector, machine.
inspector, meter
examines, periodically, meters (gas, electricity or water) and arranges for repairs or replacement when necessary.
inspector, mineral
a district inspector or a yard inspector q.v. who is responsible for efficient carrying on of mineral traffic in a district or at a particular yard; directs shunters (704) q.v. etc., engaged in handling such traffic.
inspector, new works
inspects and reports on progress of new works under construction by railway company.
inspector, night
a yard inspector q.v. employed on night shift.
inspector of enginemen
a head office inspector or a district inspector q.v. who makes periodical examinations of enginemen, firemen and drivers (701) q.v.; tests eyesight, etc.
inspector, office and booking
periodically visits booking and other offices at railway stations; inspects books and returns and checks tickets and cash in hand.
inspector of materials
is responsible for inspection of materials supplied to a railway company, and for periodical examination of stocks held, checking quantities, conditions, etc.
inspector of materials, chief
supervises work of inspectors of materials q.v.; receives their reports; makes departmental reports to general superintendent q.v.
inspector, outside machinery
see inspector, machine.
inspector, painting
arranges for painting of buildings, bridges, signals, etc., when necessary, and is responsible for painting work being done efficiently and at proper time.
inspector, parcels
supervises staff and working of parcels offices throughout a railway or in district of railway or at a large station.
inspector, passenger train
examines passenger trains, when made up in yard or sidings, to see that all is in order for proceeding on journey.
inspector, permanent way
periodically examines and reports, to superintendent of works q.v., on a section of permanent way as to condition and need for repair; inspects work being done on section.
inspector, platform
a station inspector q.v. who controls platform staff (foremen, porters (706) q.v. etc.) of large passenger station; is responsible for smooth working, direction of passengers, clearance of luggage, etc.
inspector, police
supervises work of a body of railway police.
inspector, race traffic
a head office inspector q.v. specially dealing with traffic to and from race meetings.
inspector, rail
examines and tests contractors' supplies of rails, passing or rejecting them according to condition.
inspector, rail motor
makes periodical inspections of rail motor trains, i.e. small trains propelled by self-contained motors, and arranges for repairs or overhaul where necessary..
inspector, receiving office
makes periodical inspections of railway receiving offices in his district; examines books, accounts, equipment and discusses work generally with clerk in charge.
inspector, rolling stock; stock inspector
has general control of rolling stock, sees that requests are promptly met, e.g. allocates engines to station yards; answers complaints and is responsible for effective use and supply of rolling stock; reports to superintendent, if at head office, otherwise to district superintendent q.v.
inspector, running department
makes periodical inspections of running sheds and yards of a district; examines general organisation of shed, staffing, etc.; inspects records and discusses work generally with running shed or locomotive foreman q.v.
inspector, sanitary
a head office inspector q.v. in civil engineer's department who inspects sanitary arrangements on railway property, i.e. lavatories, urinals, drains, etc., reporting for repairs where necessary.
inspector, shunting
a yard inspector q.v. who supervises all shunting arrangements in large yard or sidings.
inspector, sidings
walks round, in marshalling yard or sidings, inspecting goods wagons to ensure that they are properly loaded before departure, where this is not done by goods train inspector or load inspector q.v. reports to yard inspector q.v.
inspector, signal
makes periodical inspection of signalling system of a defined district, arranging for repairs where necessary.
inspector, signal and telegraph
combines duties of signal inspector and of telegraph inspector q.v.
inspector, station
is responsible to stationmaster q.v. for general working of traffic on station platforms; directs porters, parcel porters, horse and carriage porters (706), ticket collectors (705) q.v.
inspector, stores
makes periodical inspections of stores at stations or depots of a district; checks stocks and examines as to condition.
inspector, telegraph
makes periodical inspections of telegraph offices and signal boxes; sees that instruments, etc., are in working order.
inspector, timber
inspects all timber supplied for use on railway works in a particular district; examines it as to fitness, correctness of measurements, etc.
inspector, timber loading
a head office inspector or a district inspector q.v. who inspects loading of timber on railway rolling stock, and ensures that loads are properly secured.
inspector, time bill
a head office inspector q.v. who carefully checks new time bills before issue, to ensure that times of trains are correctly given.
inspector, toll
is responsible to traffic inspector or to district traffic manager q.v. for efficient working of company's toll bridges; pays surprise visits to toll houses, receives reports from toll collectors (705) q.v., instructs them, where necessary, regarding working of bridges and usually receives monies collected.
inspector, tracing
supervises work of searchers and tracers (706) q.v. of a district.
inspector, traffic
is responsible to district traffic manager q.v. for inspection and supervision of traffic working in district; enquires into and reports on delays, etc., in order to ensure smooth working, inspector, train; investigates train delays and is generally responsible for running trains to scheduled time in his district; graded as district inspector q.v.
inspector, train wagon
see inspector, carriage and wagon.
inspector, travelling
a head office or a district inspector q.v. in any department who travels on goods or passenger trains, as distinguished from one who is normally stationed at head office of railway or district or at a particular station; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. goods train travelling inspector, travelling excess inspector, travelling horse inspector, travelling luggage inspector, travelling mineral train inspector, travelling parcels inspector.
Inspector, travelling ticket
a travelling inspector q.v. who boards corridor trains and examines passengers' tickets, as a check on work of travelling ticket collectors and examiners (705) q.v.
inspector, tunnel
makes periodical examination of all tunnels and reports on their condition to superintendent of works q.v.
inspector, wagon
as for inspector, carriage and wagon.
inspector, weighing machine
periodically examines weighing machines of a district as to correctness and condition, arranging for repairs where necessary.
inspector, yard ; chief yardsman
an inspector, usually in goods yard, who directs and supervises staff employed in goods yard or passenger yard of large station.
inspectress (waiting room)
is responsible for regular inspection of women's waiting rooms in a defined district as to cleanliness, efficiency of attendance, etc.
luggage searcher
an inspector q.v., attached to a district office, who visits stations within his district to trace lost luggage; inspects station records, etc.
manager, cartage
is responsible to goods manager q.v. for efficiency of cartage arrangements of a railway; directs inspectors and other grades engaged in connection with cartage.
manager, district goods ; district goods superintendent
directs goods agents and canvassers q.v.; is responsible to goods manager for efficient carrying-on of goods traffic in his district; duties as for manager, goods; cf. manager, divisional goods.
manager, district passenger
is responsible to passenger manager q.v. for efficient working of passenger traffic in a specified district; directs and controls passenger agents, canvassers q.v., etc.; also supervises, or corresponds with, ticket agencies in his district.
manager, district traffic
combines functions of district superintendent, district passenger and district goods manager q.v.
manager, divisional goods
a goods manager q.v. in charge of goods throughout a division of a railway, i.e. area larger than a district; cf. manager, district goods.
manager, general
is supreme managing officer of railway, to whom secretary, chief accountant, chief mechanical engineer, superintendent, passenger, goods and mineral managers and all other officials and employees of railway are directly or ultimately responsible; is himself responsible to board of directors, advises and consults with them, and carries out policy decided upon by them.
manager, general traffic ; traffic manager, traffic superintendent
combines functions of superintendent, passenger manager, and goods manager q.v.
manager, goods; chief goods manager
is responsible for relations of railway company with trading community; for solicitation of business; for classification of goods traffic, determination of goods rates and charges and quotation of exceptional rates; for storage and cartage arrangements and for investigation and settlement of claims arising in connection with goods traffic; directs and controls district goods managers q.v.; sometimes is assisted by cartage manager q.v.
manager, mineral
as for manager, goods, but is concerned only with mineral traffic; sometimes is responsible also for distribution of locomotive coal.
manager, passenger
is responsible for relations of railway company with public, so far as concerns passenger traffic, which includes parcels, milk, fish, horse and carriage traffic; for solicitation of business, passenger, parcels etc. traffic; for classification of traffic and quotation of rates; for development of excursion and pleasure party traffic and arranging therefor; for parcels cartage arrangements; for investigation and settlement of claims arising out of passenger and parcels, etc., traffic; directs district passenger managers q.v.
manager, sack and sheet
is in charge of sack and waterproof sheet department, where these duties are not separately assumed by sack superintendent and sheet superintendent q.v.; supervises issue and return; sees that sacks and sheets are carefully stored, and kept in a state of repair.
manager, traffic
see manager, general traffic.
outdoor assistant, outside assistant
general terms covering officials of certain rank, e.g. running foreman, assistant goods agent q.v., who are on outdoor as distinct from indoor staff.
outdoor representative
see canvasser.
plan keeper
has charge of plans in civil engineer's or draughtsman's room, in railway office; indexes them and produces them when called on to do so.
relief supervisor
a district inspector q.v., in any department, responsible for efficiency of arrangements for supplying relief employees of various grades in that department; keeps roster of employees available for relief and issues instructions by which posts, vacant by reason of illness, holidays, pressure of work, etc., are immediately filled.
shed master
in charge of smaller locomotive shed than that supervised by shed superintendent q.v., i.e. in which there are only a few, if any, locomotive foremen q.v.; duties vary between those of shed superintendent and of locomotive foreman, according to size of shed.
station master ; station superintendent
is in charge of passenger railway station; controls and directs work of staff of all grades; is responsible for all monies received, for correctness of stock of tickets, for regular rendering of all reports and returns, and for punctual despatch of trains; often, especially at small stations, also does work of goods agent q.v.
station master, assistant
assists station master q.v. and replaces him in case of absence.
station master, night
relieves station master q.v. during night; is responsible for general supervision while on duty, but does not exercise general management and control of station; usually done by station inspector q.v.
station master, relief
a station master q.v. who controls no definite station, but is held in readiness to relieve a regular station master where necessary.
storekeeper, chief
see superintendent, stores.
(i) an inspector of inferior grade or a foreman of superior grade in any department;
(ii) an assistant inspector in civil engineer's department or in signal, telegraph and electrical department; assists inspector, deputises on particular jobs and replaces him when he is absent.
sub-inspector, signal and telegraph
as for sub-inspector.
superintendent, general superintendent, superintendent of the line
is responsible to general manager, or to divisional general manager q.v., for handling of all descriptions of traffic at stations and in yards, and its movement on running lines, for distribution of passenger vehicles, and for traffic statistics; directs district superintendents q.v.; on some lines also performs some or all of duties of passenger manager q.v.; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. day superintendent, night superintendent.
superintendent, cattle
has administrative control of whole of cattle traffic department of a railway system.
superintendent, chief stores
see superintendent, stores.
superintendent, district
is responsible to superintendent q.v. for efficient performance, within a specified district, of duties delegated to him; controls station masters, yard masters, and other operating staff, controllers, guards (702), signalmen (703), shunters (704), porters (706) q.v., etc., within his district; cf. superintendent, divisional.
superintendent, district goods
see manager, district goods.
superintendent, district locomotive
is responsible to locomotive running superintendent q.v. for running of locomotives to scheduled time, including coaling, cleaning and shed routine generally, within a specified district; controls shed superintendents, shed masters q.v.
superintendent, divisional
is responsible to superintendent q.v. for efficient performance, within a particular division, an area larger than a district, of duties delegated to him by superintendent; as for superintendent; cf. superintendent, district.
superintendent, divisional locomotive
is responsible to locomotive running superintendent q.v. for efficient performance, within a particular division, an area larger than a district, of duties delegated to him; as for locomotive running superintendent; cf. superintendent, district locomotive.
superintendent, electrical and telegraph
responsible for effective working of electrical and telegraphic systems throughout line, including electric lighting and maintenance of equipment, e.g. telegraph wires, instruments.
superintendent, fish market
has charge of premises and staff of rail way fish market.
superintendent, goods
see agent, goods.
superintendent, goods shed; goods yard superintendent, (obsolescent)
see yard master.
superintendent, locomotive running ; loco. running superintendent, locomotive superintendent, loco. superintendent
is head, at general or divisional headquarters, of department responsible for engine working, for running repairs of locomotives at sheds, and sometimes also for washing, cleaning, lighting and gassing of carriages, but not for construction; issues directions to district locomotive superintendent or to divisional locomotive superintendent q.v.
superintendent, mineral trains
see agent, mineral.
superintendent of works, superintendent of way and works
is responsible for maintenance, in good condition, of permanent way; directs permanent way inspectors q.v. accordingly.
superintendent, outside machinery
controls and directs staff responsible for care of and repairs to all outside machinery on a railway system, e.g. cranes, hauling apparatus, etc.
superintendent, passenger
combines functions of superintendent, so far as passenger traffic is concerned, and of passenger manager q.v.
superintendent, police
see chief of police.
superintendent, running shed ; shed superintendent
is responsible to locomotive running superintendent, to divisional locomotive superintendent or to district locomotive superintendent q.v. for oversight of locomotive running shed; directs train staff, drivers, firemen (701) q.v., etc., and repair staff, boiler smiths (190), fitters (210) q.v., etc.
superintendent, sack
supervises work of sack department of a railway system, or a district thereof, sees that proper count is kept, and obtains reports from stations and depots as to state of stock; cf. sack and sheet manager.
superintendent, shed
(i) see superintendent, running shed;
(ii) (obsolescent) see yard master.
superintendent, sheet
controls and supervises all work in connection with tarpaulin sheets in a district; pays periodical visits to depots; obtains returns showing stocks and disposal of sheets, etc.; cf. sack and sheet manager.
superintendent, signal; signalling superintendent
responsible to civil engineer for effective staffing, equipment and maintenance of signal system throughout railway; cf. superintendent, signal and telegraph.
superintendent, signal and telegraph
combines functions of signal superintendent and of telegraph superintendent q.v.
superintendent, station
(i) see station master;
(ii) a goods agent q.v. in charge of a goods station.
superintendent, stores ; chief storekeeper, chief stores superintendent
is administrative head of stores department of a railway system; controls purchases and issues of stores, including locomotive coal.
superintendent, telegraph
is responsible to civil engineer or to superintendent q.v. for effective staffing, equipment and maintenance of telegraphic system throughout railway; cf. superintendent, signal and telegraph; superintendent, electrical and telegraph.
superintendent, traffic
see manager, general traffic.
superior foreman
see chief foreman.
townsman, traffic solicitor
see canvasser.
train despatcher
see controller.
train timekeeper
a district inspector q.v. who keeps records of times of all trains arriving at, or departing from, a large station, and renders returns to authorities concerned.
yardsman, chief
see inspector, yard.
yard master ; depot master, goods shed superintendent, shed superintendent, goods yard superintendent (obsolescent)
(i) is responsible for effective working of goods yard; personally or through assistant yard master q.v., directs general foremen (goods), goods porters, checkers, callers-off, loaders (706) and, in particular, directs shunters (704) q.v. in breaking up incoming goods trains, marshalling wagons to form trains;
(ii) sometimes has similar responsibilities in passenger yard, marshalling and breaking up passenger trains.
yard master, assistant
assists yard master q.v. in directing marshalling operations in yard.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.