A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 8.—Other Workers


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comb noser (textile machinery)
see grinder, comb.
cutler, itinerant; travelling cutler
see grinder, travelling.
dresser, bow ; bow grinder
removes roughness from or grinds outside of bows (rings for thumb and fingers) of scissors by holding against a fine emery grindstone; grinds inside of bows on a fine emery band which is passed through bow.
dresser, comb; comber dresser
smooths and finishes off roughly cut combs for textile combing machinery by holding against emery wheel and also against glazing wheel.
dresser, plate dresser, plate mill dresser
removes blemishes from surface of iron or steel plates or sheets by holding plate to power-driven emery wheel, or portable wheel to plate.
emery bobber (foundry)
see grinder, castings.
emery steel polisher (cycles)
removes or grinds off rough edges of cycle l parts by holding against revolving emery wheel.
emery wheeler (foundry)
see grinder, castings.
emery wheel worker (cycles)
holds articles, usually castings and stampings, against emery or abrasive wheel, to grind it roughly to required shape.
glazer (foundry)
see grinder, castings ; cf. glazer (238).
trues up, shapes, or makes smooth metal work, e.g., castings, implements, tools, cutters, etc., by applying work to grind-stones variously compounded of emery, alumdum, corundum, carborundum and other aluminous or silicious carbide abrasives with a bond of shellac rubber or silicates or to grindstones wrought from natural sandstone or by applying motor-driven (portable pendulum or swinging grindstone to work; holds work, at appropriate angles, to sides or edge of wheel, which may be spherical, ring, cup, conical or other desired shape for special classes of work; grinds dry or wet as may be expedient; manipulates gears to control cutting speed and to avoid shattering; or operates grinding machine in which internal and external cylindrical surfaces and plain surfaces are trued or in which cams, cutters, taps, drills, etc., are ground; sometimes specifically designated by the article ground, e.g., anvil grinder, axle grinder, cutlery grinder, drill grinder, edge tool grinder, spindle grinder, tool grinder; by type of grinding performed, e.g., cross grinder, plane grinder, straight grinder; by kind of grinding machine used, e.g., cylindrical grinder; or by manner of grinding, e.g., face grinder.
grinder, B. & S.
a machine grinder q.v. who operates proprietary grinding machine, the initial of the makes of which are B. & S.
grinder, bow
see dresser, bow.
grinder, burr (needles)
smooths off roughness round eyes of a group of double needles prepared by spitter (279) q.v. by holding against emery wheel; breaks wires so as to form two needles and grinds away roughness round heads.
grinder, cam-bowl
a machine grinder q.v. who grinds and fits bowls to cam grooves.
grinder, card clothing grinder ; card needle pointer, needle pointer
adjusts and operates grinding machine fitted with a plough guide followed by rotating emery discs which grind a point on wire needles or teeth of card clothing.
grinder, castings grinder (foundry) ; emery bobber, emery wheeler, foundry grinder, glazer
cleans up castings after sand has been brushed off, see brusher (183), by grinding them smooth on emery wheel or composition grindstone; (small castings ) holds castings against revolving emery wheel, thus removing stumps of "gates," "runners," and risers left on by breaker-off (183) q.v. and grinds down "fins" of metal formed between two halves of mould; (large castings) grinds off irregularities o-f castings using small portable electrically-driven emery or composition grinding wheel; switches on current and holds wheel against part of castings to be ground smooth.
grinder, comb ; comb noser
grinds, on emery wheel, flat and cylindrical combs for textile combing machines.
grinder, cross (steel pens)
holds steel pen in grooved pliers at right angles to bob or emery wheel to grind across the points; sometimes done in automatic machine by machine grinder q.v.
grinder, disc
a grinder q.v. who grinds metal goods by holding against face of a revolving disc grinder.
grinder, dry
grinds edge tools, cutters, etc., on abrasive wheel, running dry, i.e., not moistened as it runs; grinds other articles on dry stone wherever it as expedient that the edge of wheel should be distinctly seen in order that particular spot may be reached or when grinding liquid cannot be easily controlled, as with work revolving in chuck or on faceplate.
grinder, edge tool jobbing
a wet grinder q.v. working on hie own account as an outworker for large cutlery works.
grinder, face
a machine grinder q.v. who operates special type of grinding machine in which grinding is performed by face of wheel and not by edge.
grinder, flat
a grinder q.v. who polishes, by grinding, flats (metal bars) on which card clothing (cloth, leather, etc., set with wire teeth) is to be fixed.
grinder, foundry
see grinder, castings.
grinder, hole
grinds holes by lapping with oil and emery powder; fixes work to be ground in lathe and fits lapping rod of lead cased steel; controls speed of lathe and feeds lapping rod with emery flour and oil.
grinder, itinerant; jobbing grinder
see grinder, travelling.
grinder, knife
(i) grinds, sharpens, and repairs old knives; is usually a travelling grinder q.v.;
(ii) a grinder q.v. usually an outworker, who grinds blades for any kind of knife.
grinder, machine
fixes, bolts or clamps work on bed or table of machine; selects and fits revolving abrasive cutter or cutters; manipulates levers to bring cutters to bear on work and to control power drive; applies oil and abrasive powder to work as required; tests work at intervals by gauges or micrometer measurement.
grinder, machine knife emery ; segmental grinder, Slack's machine grinder
a machine grinder q.v. who removes irregularities on rough machine knife forgings in wet grinding machine (usually Slack's segmental grinder) in which faces, bevels and cutting edges are ground to correct dimensions.
grinder, plane
a machine grinder q.v. who operates grinding machine which grinds flat surfaces; work previously done on planing machines.
grinder, precision
a machine grinder q.v. who attends precision grinding machine which grinds to fine degree of accuracy; makes adjustments of grinding cutters by use of micrometer.
grinder, razor blade (machine)
a machine grinder q.v. -who grinds razor blades between two small stones, mechanically driven, revolving inwards in opposite directions which hollow out blades; sometimes repeats process on a succession of smaller and smaller stones, till desired fineness of edge is attained.
grinder, rough
a grinder q.v. who grinds castings, forgings, etc., roughly to shape on abrasive wheel; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., tool rough grinder.
grinder (saws)
a grinder q.v. who grinds roughly shaped saws between two grindstones revolving in opposite directions and at different speeds to smooth faces of saw.
grinder, scissors blade
(i) a grinder q.v. who shanks and humps forged scissors' blades, i.e., removes irregularities left from forging, on dry sandstone;
(ii) hollows out blades, either forged or drop-stamped, on wet stone or on emery wheel.
grinder, segmental
see grinder, machine knife emery.
grinder, shaft ; shaft grinding machine attendant, shaft grinding man, shaft grinding worker
a precision grinder q.v. who grinds shafting to finished size on precision grinding machine.
grinder, Slack's machine
see grinder, machine knife emery.
grinder, straight (steel pens)
holds steel pen in grooved pliers against a power-driven emery wheel so that the pen is ground straight or along its length and sides.
grinder, travelling ; itinerant cutler, itinerant grinder, jobbing grinder, travelling cutler
calls at customers' houses with grindstone and repair outfit mounted on a wheeled truck and grinds and repairs knives, scissors, etc., may also collect knives, tools, cutters, etc., from ironmongers to grind at home.
grinder, universal
a machine grinder q.v. who operates universal grinding machine, used for external, internal and other grinding operations and so constructed that a variety of grinding tools can be used and the work clamped in the best working position.
grinder, wet
a grinder q.v. who directs a stream of water from a pipe ' between the ground and grinding surfaces; wet grinding permits of faster and heavier grinding than dry grinding.
grinder and glazer
a grinder q.v. who grinds articles on grindstone or abrasive wheel and then glazes them to produce smooth surface; cf. glazer (238).
pointer, drill
a grinder q.v. who sharpens ends of drills on emery wheel or grindstone, or in precision grinding machines.
pointer, needle; card needle pointer
see grinder, card clothing, pointer (needles); sets carborundum wheel accurately in relation to feeding wheel; feeds, by hand, needle wire between two wheels, so that points at each end are ground.
pointer (needles)
sets carborundum wheel accurately in relation to feeding wheel; feeds, by hand, needle wire between two wheels, so that points at each end are ground.
pointer, spindle
a grinder q.v. who grinds ends of textile spindles to points by means of emery or abrasive wheel.
scorcher, scortcher (cutlery) ; scourer
holds cutlery blade against revolving grindstone to scorch or smooth a place for application of firm's mark, after forging and before hardening; work usually done by elderly forge workers.
see scorcher.
setter (cutlery)
an edge tool setter q.v. who straightens and adjusts blades by filing and hammering, and sets cutting edge of scythes, sickles, and similar articles on whetstone or rubstone.
setter, edge tool
a grinder q.v. who sets or finishes cutting edges of tools, by holding tool on rest against revolving whetstone to grind edge at correct angle according to kind of tool.
setter (needles)
holds a number of needles between finger and thumb against revolving emery bob to give final set or point to them; cf. pointer (needles).
setter, razor ; razor whetter
puts keen edge on finished razors by drawing them on fine whetstone; also repairs worn razors by grinding them and whetting them on oil stone.
shaft grinding machine attendant, shaft grinding man, shaft grinding worker
see grinder, shaft.
sharpener, shears ; shears whetter
a grinder q.v. who sharpens cutting edge of large cutting shears or scissors, with emery or fine stone wheel and oil stone.
sharpener, tool ; tool whetter
(i) a grinder q.v. who sharpens tools forged by tool smith (190) q.v. by grinding them on a carborundum or emery wheel and then finishing off on an oil stone: generally done by tool stores man (941) q.v.;
(ii) a tool repairer (278) q.v. who sharpens tools which have been blunted by use.
see wheel turner.
wheel turner ; truer
a grinder q.v. who trues or turns up grindstones which have become worn and ribbed; rases stone, to reduce it. to its true shape, by applying to it, as it revolves, a steel or iron rasing tool, usually of chisel form.
whetter ; whittener
whets or sharpens by rubbing on hard close grained stone, edge tools, articles of cutlery, etc., after they have been ground; often specifically designated by article sharpened, e.g., blade whetter, cutlery whet-tor, scissors whetter, etc.
whetter, razor
see setter, razor.
whetter, shears
see sharpener, shears.
whetter, tool
see sharpener, tool.
see whettor.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.