A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 2.—Workers in Bone, Horn, Ivory, Celluloid, etc.

619.—Other Workers

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accumulator case bender, battery case bender
bends celluloid sheet into shape of case by warming sheet to soften it, and bending it round block.
accumulator case cementer, battery case cementer
a cementer q.v. who joins parts of celluloid case cut by accumulator case maker (618) q.v.
bleacher, bone bleacher ; stock bleacher
bleaches cut pieces of bone, ivory, etc., by immersing them in tubs of tepid water containing hydrogen peroxide or other bleaching solution; cf. ivory bleacher (618).
bone brush tub man
a bone bleacher I q.v. who boils and bleaches hone brush handles; smooths handles in revolving tub, "rumbler," of water and whitening; boils in copper containing bleaching agent and allows to cool overnight; sometimes stokes boiler fire.
bone sander
removes rough surfaces from bone article on power-driven pumice stone grindstone, or on glazers covered with emery.
bone stainer ; dyer
gives bone articles a colour finish by dipping them, by hand, in vats containing dye and fixing acid respectively.
(i) see polisher, or sand paperer;
(ii) (celluloid collars) passes collars and cuffs through rollers bound with many thicknesses of cotton and coated with gloss producing solution.
buffer, comb
see polisher, comb.
burrgrailer (machine) ; comb grailer, machine grailer (celluloid)
a machine grinder q.v. who rounds off teeth of combs and their bases on a machine, removing "burrs" and irregularities; for hand worker, see burrgrailer (618).
buttonholer (celluloid)
(i) metal buttonholer; places celluloid collars in a buttonhole machine, and pulls lever to stamp in and fix metal rims to buttonholes;
(ii) in button trade, pierces holes in celluloid buttons; cf. driller.
button mottler ; dyer
colours or stains sheet celluloid or erinoid used in button making; positions stencils, and, working trigger of compressed air spray, directs liquid colour upon sheets; changes stencils and replenishes spray container as necessary.
button worker
general term applied to workers employed interchangeably in button making, e.g., as turner (button) (013), driller (619), polisher (619) q.v. or, in inlaying mother of pearl on erinoid buttons.
celluloid collar maker
general term covering workers in manufacture of celluloid collars and cuffs, including cutter (618), maker-up (618), buffer, shaper, buttonholer q.v.
cementer (celluloid) ; jointer
joins, using hand brush, component parts -of celluloid articles with liquid celluloid, i.e., solution of celluloid in amyl-acetate, acetone, and methylated spirits.
clatter (celluloid)
rounds off and smooths teeth of combs on a calico mop charged with emery powder and water, or with powdered pumice.
cleaner (celluloid), sheet cleaner
rubs over surface sheets with cloth dipped in naptha to remove dusty film, etc.; cf. washer.
cleaner (whalebone)
washes whalebone with hand brush or under mechanically driven revolving brush; removes hair from fins with hand knife.
comb dollier
holds comb, after grinding process, against revolving cloth dolly, fed with sand and water to smooth away burrs, etc.
comb fluter (horn, ivory, tortoiseshell) ; comb quiller
a machine grinder q.v. who grinds a longtitudinal groove along roots of teeth of comb, thus forming a fluting at back of comb.
comb grailer
see burrgrailer.
comb grinder (bone, horn, etc.)
a machine grinder q.v. who grinds sides and edges of comb.
comb quiller
see comb fluter.
comb setter-in
heats and presses into place outside teeth of comb, by placing in mould of small hand press.
cropper (celluloid comb)
see twinner.
cutter, comb
may be either cutter, comb circle or twinner q.v.
cutter, comb circle ; comb cutter
cuts out teeth of more expensive combs, on a circular saw; sometimes also sets saw.
cutter, comb twin
see twinner.
drills holes in smooth erinoid, galolith, etc., button shapes, in semiautomatic drilling machine; fixes shapes in machine, sets machine and stops it to change drills, to re-set, to feed, etc., cf. buttonholer.
drying room hand (erinoid)
assists in room where casein is dried and cooled, carrying, stacking and attending to presses.
drying room worker (celluloid) ; layer-out
lays out sheets of celluloid, after they have been sliced, to remove volatile solvents, in heated drying rooms.
dull finisher
see scourer.
see bone stainer or button mottler.
see stamper.
flattener (celluloid)
see scourer.
see layer.
flyer-out (celluloid)
see stamper.
cuts slits in backs of toothbrush stocks, along lines of bristle holes by pressing stocks against circular saw, or number of parallel saws; sometimes also cuts slits with hand saw.
handle glazer
glazes, polishes, etc., cutlery handles of bone, ivory, etc., on wooden wheels, or glazers, having leather rims coated with glue and fine emery powder.
see cementer.
layer (celluloid collars) ; floater
lays sheets of celluloid alternately with cotton fabric; pastes them together; places them in steam press which welds material.
layer-out (celluloid)
see drying-room worker.
machine grinder (celluloid), machine grailer
grinds sheets of xylonite or other similar material by holding against a pumice grindstone or by feeding into special grinding machine; also grinds articles made of xylonite, etc., such as points of knitting and crochet needle, grooves in nail files, and any bevel edge, point, or hollow in any article; cf. burrgrailer (machine).
metal buttonholer
see buttonholer (celluloid).
see shaper (celluloid).
mudguard maker (celluloid)
(i) blanks and stamps out mudguard parts on a press;
(ii) assembles and fits together component parts of mudguards.
pearl buffer, pearl dollier
see polisher, mother of pearl.
pearl glazer
removes marks, left by grinding on carborundum wheels, from mother of pearl articles by pressing them against a leather faced glazer, dressed with fine emery and glue, and used without water or grease; operates lever to start or stop wheel; cf. pearl polisher.
pearl rumbler, mother of pearl rumbler
places mother of pearl articles with wet or dry pumice in a revolving barrel or rumbler; controls motion of machine by levers and removes articles when polished.
pluton worker ; telendron press operator, telendron worker
moulds hot telendron (pluton), a cellulose compound, in a press; cleans off burred surfaces and polishes finished article.
polishes articles of bone, erinoid, tortoiseshell, etc., by holding them against a power-driven linen or calico mop smeared with Tripoli grease composition; sometimes specially named according to article polished, or material worked in, e.g. bone brush polisher, bone polisher, billiard ball polisher, button polisher, horn polisher, tortoiseshell polisher.
polisher, celluloid
(i) (sheet celluloid) imparts a high polish to celluloid sheets by pressing them between heated polished plates, placed in a hydraulic press;
(ii) (celluloid goods) polishes finished celluloid articles by smearing them with a polishing paste of pumice, etc., and by holding them against a calico mop power-driven at high speed.
polisher, comb ; comb buffer
a polisher q.v. who polishes combs of celluloid, erinoid, etc., on a power-driven calico mop, either dry, or dressed with applications of rotten stone and oil.
polisher, handle
a polisher q.v. who polishes cutlery handles (bone, xylonite, ivory or metal) on a leather or felt dolly wheel.
polisher, mother of pearl; pearl polisher ; pearl buffer, pearl dottier
a polisher q.v. who polishes mother of pearl articles with a polishing paste, containing rotten stone putty powder, or vitriol, by hand, or on a power-driven revolving calico mop; . sometimes does work of pearl glazer q.v.
press hand (celluloid, etc.)
see stamper.
pressman, hydraulic pressman (celluloid)
(i) (sheet celluloid) takes sheets of xylonite, etc., after they have been rolled, places them together, and presses them, by hydraulic pressure, into a thick homogeneous block or mass;
(ii) (celluloid goods) see stamper.
profiler (bone brush making)
shapes sides of bone handles for tooth brushes by means of profiling machine, operating handle and lever of machine to bring bone stock in contact with cutting tool; for hand worker, see bone brush profiler (618).
profiler (celluloid)
shapes strips of celluloid (xylonite etc.) to correct curves and grooves to form shaped top of comb, tooth brush, etc., on a profiling machine.
removes rough edges from articles of xylonite, etc., with a knife, before it is scoured and polished.
a scourer q.v. using a sand rambler or revolving barrel containing sand.
sandpaperer (celluloid, etc.) ; buffer
a scourer q.v. using a sandpaper covered disc, drum or band.
saws up bone, horn, celluloid, etc., to convenient sizes and shapes on a power-driven band saw, in preparation for more skilled operations.
scourer (celluloid etc.) ; dull finisher, flattener
removes rough surfaces on finished articles of celluloid, erinoid, etc. before final polishing, using a sand-covered disc, a drum covered with sandpaper, a power-driven pumice-stone wheel, an endless band of sandpaper, or in a rambler, or revolving barrel, containing sand; cf. sandpaperer and sander.
shaper (celluloid) ; moulder
(i) places celluloid articles on a plate warmed by steam to soften them, and shapes them by pressing into moulds by hand or in press;
(ii) (celluloid collars) holds collar for a few seconds round steam heated block to soften and bend it to desired shape.
sorter (erinoid)
examines and grades erinoid sheets, blocks, rods or other forms as received from manufacturer.
sorter, scrap sorter (celluloid)
sorts and grades scrap celluloid for re-working by pot shop man (148) q.v.
sprayer (celluloid)
sprays celluloid in liquid form on to articles which are required to have a coating of celluloid, by means of a compressed air spray.
stainer (celluloid)
stains celluloid articles by dipping in baths of aniline dyes dissolved in acetone, alcohol, or similar solvents.
stamper (celluloid) ; fancier, flyer-out (celluloid), press hand (celluloid), pressman (celluloid goods)
inserts sheets of celluloid in power-driven press fitted with cutters; pulls lever; controls valves by which dies are alternately steam heated and water cooled before and after pressing.
stitcher (celluloid)
(i) sews together by machine component parts of celluloid articles to make various kinds of receptacles;
(ii) stitches in power sewing machine sheets of celluloid to fabric or leather for hoods, side-screens of motor cars, etc.; finishes by hand sewing.
stock bleacher
see bleacher.
straightener (erinoid)
passes sheets, rods or tubes, made of erinoid, through a set of rolls to straighten them.
straightener (whalebone)
feeds whalebone to rollers of straightening machine; operates machine by levers and bundles straightened whalebone.
stripper (celluloid)
takes or strips off thin celluloid articles from mould on which they are pressed by shaper or moulder.
swifter (celluloid combs)
cleans and smooths surfaces between teeth of celluloid combs, cut by comb twinner, by pressing comb by hand against small cutting edges rotating on a power machine.
telendron press operator, telendron worker
see pluton worker.
trimmer (whalebone brushes)
trims ends of whalebone lengths, for use in whalebone brushmaking, in hand operated guillotine.
twinner, comb twinner (celluloid) ; comb twin cutter, cropper (celluloid comb)
attends a machine in which two combs are cut out of each blank, with teeth interlocked; places blank in position in machine and operates machine by means of lever.
washer (celluloid sheet)
places cut sheets in slotted frames and immerses them in successive baths; cf. washer (149).
whalebone finisher
scrapes, with hand knife, polishes and sandpapers, by hand, cut lengths of whalebone to round off and finish for use.
xylonite collar maker
as for celluloid collar maker.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.