A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 1.—Builders, Bricklayers, Stone and Slate Workers; Contractors


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boiler fixer, boiler seater, boiler setter
a bricklayer (q.v.) who builds brickwork foundations or setting for boilers and fixes boilers in position.
brick archer, brick arch builder, brick arch man
a bricklayer (q.v.) who specialises in building arches of fire chambers or kilns, furnaces or ovens; lays bricks, usually fire bricks, or spreads fire clay, on wooden centring, i.e., framework in shape of arch erected by carpenter (474) (q.v.), and removed when arch is set.
brick cutter
a bricklayer (q.v.) who specialises in setting out and cutting of bricks for fine arch or pier work, i.e., gauged work; makes working drawings from plan, on setting-out board, exact shape of each separate brick being indicated; cuts bricks, i.e., a special soft kind known as cutting bricks, to required shape with wire saw, using box moulds, boxes, and/or wooden templates; rubs bricks smooth, after cutting, on flat stone; sometimes done by gauged arch fixer (q.v.).
brick kiln builder
a bricklayer (q.v.) who builds kilns for burning bricks.
brick kiln repairer
a bricklayer (q.v.) who repairs kilns for burning bricks.
bricklayer ; bricky (slang)
lays bricks in lime or cement mortar so that wall, etc., is tied well together, and in such a way as to avoid continuous vertical joints; lays foundations, damp courses, etc.; sometimes specifically designated according to purpose for which bricks are laid, e.g., furnace bricklayer, sanitary bricklayer.
bricklayer, firework; furnace bricklayer, muffle bricklayer ; furnace builder, muffle builder
(i) a bricklayer (q.v.) who builds brickwork of furnaces for factories, etc.;
(ii) see furnace liner.
bricklayer (pottery)
a bricklayer q.v. who bricks up oven doorways i.e. clammings, when oven is ready for firing; does other similar work requiring skilled bricklaying, specially adopted to potter's ovens.
bricklayer, sanitary ; house drain layer, house drain repairer
a bricklayer (q.v.) competent to lay and test house drainage, and to build in brick manholes, inspection chambers, etc.
brick setter
a bricklayer (q.v.) who builds foundations for boilers, or builds and repairs furnaces.
bricky (slang)
see bricklayer.
chimney builder, chimney repairer ; flue builder
a bricklayer (q.v.) who specialises in the building or repair of chimneys, flues, etc.
cupola builder, cupola fettler, cupola repairer
a specialised bricklayer (q.v.) who builds or repairs cupolas, lining with fire brick; patching with clay is done by cupola rammer, cupola tenter (182) or foreman; cf. bricklayer, firework.
cupola rammer
rams refractory material between firebrick lining and iron shell of cupola, with long handled iron tool; usually done by cupola builder, fettler or repairer (q.v.).
fettler (steel works)
repairs lining of convertors, cupolas or furnaces with refractory material, between heats; fills up cavities formed by action of corrosive slag, and parts which have crumbled away owing to high temperature; also repairs top holes and tuyere parts; sometimes done by furnacemen (171) (q.v.) and his helpers; cf. fettler (183).
fireplace fitter
a bricklayer (q.v.) who builds fireplaces and fixes in iron grates, marble surrounds, etc.; cf. range builder.
flue builder
see chimney builder.
furnace builder
see bricklayer, firework.
furnace liner ; firework bricklayer, furnace bricklayer, muffle bricklayer
a bricklayer (q.v.) who lines., furnace with firebricks or blocks set in fireclay or a fire resisting cement.
furnace repairer
a bricklayer (q.v.) who is engaged in repairing brickwork of furnace.
gauged arch fixer
a bricklayer (q.v.) engaged in building gauged arches, i.e., arches made of bricks specially shaped by cutting, generally cuts as well as fixes bricks; cf. brick cutter.
grave builder
a bricklayer (q.v.) employed at a cemetery in building brickwork of graves, vaults, etc.
house drain layer, house drain repairer
see bricklayer, sanitary.
muffle builder
see bricklayer, firework.
oven builder, oven maker, oven repairer
a bricklayer (q.v.) who specialises in building or repairing bakers' ovens, or other ovens for heating or drying.
oven liner
a bricklayer (q.v.) who lines the insides of ovens with firebricks; often done by oven builder (q.v.).
pointer, brick pointer, house pointer, tuck pointer
picks out old mortar from joints of brickwork and replaces with finely prepared mixture of cement and sand, using a special small trowel, called a pointing trowel; in tuck pointing, points with mixture of cement and sand coloured to tone with brickwork; finishes pointing with a fine joint of white or black mortar, applied with a tuck pointing tool; generally done by a bricklayer (q.v.), but some men specialise in pointing, and cannot lay bricks.
range or stove builder, range fixer ; fixture setter, stove setter
a bricklayer (q.v.) who erects brickwork of stoves or ranges, e.g., sides or jambs and flues; receives ironwork of stove or range in sections, bolts or screws them together and builds them in with brickwork setting piece by piece, with fire-resisting cement.
retort builder ; retort setter
a bricklayer (q.v.) engaged in building gas retorts of firebricks and fireclay, i.e., series of arched furnaces used in production of coal gas at gas works; also builds brickwork flues connected therewith.
retort mender, retort patcher
a bricklayer (q.v.) who repairs retorts by relining with fireclay bricks; or by mixing fireclay, placing quantity on end of long rod or slice, inserting slice into retort, depositing fireclay in hole or crack to be mended, and working it well into position.
rockwork builder
sets in cement old broken bricks, rock stone and rubble to form walls or rock gardens and borders.
setter, fixture; stove setter
see range or stove builder.
setter, retort
see retort builder.
sewer builder
a bricklayer (q.v.) who builds such sewers as are of brick construction; also lays pipes to which household drains are connected.
terra cotta fixer
a bricklayer or a mason (572) (q.v.) who fixes terra cotta tiles, other than roofing tiles, or terra cotta facing blocks; sometimes also fixes ornaments, e.g., statuettes, vases, etc., to fronts of buildings in similar manner to ordinary brickwork or stonework.
trumpet maker (blast furnace)
a fettler (steel works) (q.v.) who lines vessel, through which molten steel passes in Siemen's process, with either composition or firebrick.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.