A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 1.—Workers in Rubber, Vulcanite, Ebonite

609.—Other Workers

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air bed inflator, air cushion inflator, air cushion tester
fills air beds or cushions with air by machine pump, smears nozzle of bed or cushion with soap solution and leaves bed, etc., inflated for several hours; inspects periodically and detects leaks by observing soap bubbles; in small firms, often done by airproof goods maker (608) q.v.
assembler (rubber shoes)
assembles parts of rubber shoes into sets, and takes them to making room.
balloon printer
stencils or paints toy balloons, by hand, using paint, stencils and brush, after they have been made and before being inflated by other workers.
balloon tester
inflates toy balloons with a hand-operated air compressor to test their tensile strength and air tightness; often done by balloon maker (608) q.v.
band buffer
removes rough edges from rubber bands as cut, by holding against revolving buffs.
batch carrier ; carrier (rubber)
carries chemical compounds in powder form, from drug room to rubber mixing mills.
block cutter
(i) cuts up thick calendered rubber sheets into blocks with a power-driven circular saw or guillotine;
(ii) feeds rubber-covered canvas sheets into machine which cuts them into strips for making engine packing.
block roller
rolls up thick calendered rubber ready for cutting by block maker (608) q.v.; work usually done by block maker.
bogey man ; carrier (rubber)
carries rolls of rubber on trolley or bogie truck from one department to another.
operates a machine which braids cotton or asbestos yam round hose or tubing.
see stamper.
cable packer
coils rubber-insulated electric cables on drums, ready for vulcaniser .
card clothing rubber cutter ; rubber block cutter
cuts thin sheets of rubber from large cylindrical blocks, by machine, for use in making card clothing; sets block in grips; adjusts knife to cut to required thickness and controls machine by levers.
carrier (rubber)
(i) see batch carrier;
(ii) see bogey man.
cellar man
see dryer.
chalk siever ; drug siever
riddles chalk in dry-room prior to its being mixed with other chemicals ("drugs").
cleaner (tyres, etc.)
removes, by hand adherent particles of chalk and by-products of vulcanisation as rubber goods (tyres, etc.) come from vulcanising chambers .
cleaner, india rubber or gutta percha (electric cable) ; india rubber washer
prepares and cleans (in mastic state) rubber used in covering electric cable, by heating, kneading by hand, and removing scum, cleaner, rubber, see washer.
clicking machinist
operates clicking machine which punches or cuts sheet rubber into shapes for making various rubber appliances; fits dies, or, knives into machine, positions rubber and pulls lever actuating dies or knives; or, positions rubber, places a die thereon and pulls lever causing a buffer to descend on die.
cloth cutter (card clothing)
cuts card clothing of rubberised cloth, etc., set with wire teeth for textile combing, into narrow strips (fillets) by machine; adjusts machine to cut to required width; guides cloth into machine; starts and stops machine by levers.
cloth labourer (card clothing)
assists operatives making card clothing, e.g. cloth cutter, cloth doubler (608), card clothing rubber spreader (602) q.v.
coils cored tube, as it emerges from forcing machine or squirter, in tray of French chalk.
see foxer.
passes waste rubber through a fluted mill, to cut it into small pieces, preparatory to their being powdered in grinding mill by reclaimer (608) q.v.
cutter (boots and shoes)
(i) cuts out rubber soles from calendered sheet by hand, using knife or scissors, and following pattern cut from tin;
(ii) cuts out soles from sheet by power-driven circular knives (operated by treadle) which travel round pattern.
cutter (pneumatic tubes)
cuts uncured rubber sheets to required length and width for cycle, etc., inner tubes, on a table using hand knife.
cutter (tyres, etc.), india rubber cutter, rubber cutter
(i) see mixer's cutter;
(ii) cuts up waste rubber (tyres, etc.) by machine before cracking (see cracker) or grinding for reclaiming (see reclaimer).
cutter, band
as for cutter, washer.
cutter, hose
cuts rubber sheet and coated canvas into strips for hose makers (608) q.v., using knife and straight edge; or, feeds rubber sheet to rollers of bias machine fitted with guillotine; adjusts screws regulating width of material cut, and operates levers to start and stop machine.
cutter, insulation ; insulation maker, insulator maker
a clicking machinist q.v. .who cuts or stamps, into suitable sizes, rubber or composition for use as insulating material in electrical industry.
cutter, mixer's ; cutter (tyres, etc.), india rubber cutter, rubber cutter
cuts lumps of raw rubber to convenient sizes, by hand, with a large knife, at same time removing stones and other impurities.
cutter, rubber (textile machinery)
cuts, by hand, "biscuits" (lumps) of raw rubber into small pieces for washer q.v.
cutter, rubber block (card clothing)
see card clothing rubber cutter.
cutter, washer
makes washers by cutting from rubber cylinder revolving on a lathe mandrel; adjusts, by hand, lathe knife to cut washers to required thickness; starts and stops lathe by means of hand lever; sometimes also cuts rubber bands.
cutter-out, ebonite; hard rubber cutter-out
cuts up ebonite dough, using scissors or hand knife, into small pieces or strips ready for ebonite moulder (602) q.v. or ebonite maker-up (602) q.v.
cutting machinist (tyres)
operates bias machine for cutting prepared tyred canvas; feeds material to machine rollers passing it to guillotine; operates levers actuating machine and removes cut canvas; adjusts regulator governing width of canvas cut.
dental rubber packer
packs finished sheets of dental rubber between glazed linen, presses, cuts up to regulation size, boxes them, and labels the boxes.
dips mould several times in strong solution of rubber to obtain coating on mould, thereby forming small thin articles of pure rubber, e.g. teats.
drug siever
see chalk siever.
drug weigher ; india rubber powder man, india rubber weigher, powder man, rubber powder 'man, rubber weigher, weigher
weighs out chemicals used in rubber mill for strengthening and conditioning raw rubber.
dryer ; cellarman
(i) dries sheets of washed rubber by steam heating or air current, in preparation for manufacture of rubber dough;
(ii) spreads washed rubber in drying chamber or on drying screens in reclaiming process.
eraser maker
feeds and operates machine which cuts thick sheet rubber to required shape and size for erasers, pressing sheet against circular knife, operated by hand lever.
see sorter (boots and shoes).
examiner (inner tubes)
inflates cycle, etc., inner tubes on mechanically-driven air pump and leaves inflated for 24 hours to test for leakages, etc.; makes visual examination of tubes for defects.
examiner, tyre
examines cycle, etc., tyres visually for defects, e.g., damaged beading, parts pinched in moulding press, and passes or rejects accordingly.
eyelet holer
attends power-driven machine which punches holes and inserts eyelets down fronts of rubber boots or shoes.
feeder (extruding)
under direction of tube hand (602) q.v., feeds rollers of extruding machine with un cured rubber passed-on by warmer (extruding) q.v.
feeder-up (rubber calendering)
under direction of ca tenderer (608) q.v., passes warm mixed rubber between calender rollers by hand.
foxer (rubber boots and shoes) ; connecter
puts rubber solution round edges of canvas tops with a brush, by hand; sometimes also fixes thin layer of calendered sheet to canvas top, to render shoes watertight; cf. cementer (608).
glove maker (chemical and electrical)
cuts prepared uncured sheet lubber to shape, solutions edges, and joins them up.
glove maker (surgical), india rubber glove maker
(i) a dipper q.v. who places wooden or metal moulds, having shape of a hand, on a rack or tray, and dips rack, by hand, continuously into troughs of rubber solution, until coating of rubber moulds is of required thickness; strips rubber from mould, and varnishes it, or, dips in "cold cure" vulcanising solution before stripping;
(ii) controls rotary machine which performs dipping operation, as in (i) above; fixes and removes gloved moulds, operates machine by means of hand levers and maintains supply of solution in trough.
golosh fitter ; layer (boot and shoes)
presses, in hydraulic press, strips of rubber previously sewn to sides of shoes; often done by boot and shoe maker (rubber) (608) q.v. ground sheet maker; solutions edges of vulcanised rubber-covered cloth, either by hand, or, with brush, and pleats it to form a stronger hem, hand-rolling hem to make secure fastening.
heel pad sorter
examines rubber heels and soles for flaws, and sorts into different shapes and sizes.
heel pad trimmer
trims raw edges of moulded soles and heels, by hand with scissors.
hose hand, rubber
see hose maker's assistant.
hose maker's assistant ; rubber hose hand
(i) assists hose maker (608) q.v. by covering hose (made by "forcing" or extruding process) with chalk to prevent it from sticking;
(ii) assists armourer (608) q.v. in wiring process.
hose stitcher
stitches, by hand, strong canvas covering over large flexible hose after it has been vulcanised.
inner bag fitter
removes, from cord tyres, wheel shaped core used by tyre maker or by tyre finisher q.v., inserts air bag and inflates with compressed air pump for use of moulder, tyre (602) q.v.
insulation maker, insulator maker
see cutter, insulation.
joins together open ends of cycle, etc., inner tubes, using rubber solution; vulcanises solution at joint by brushing over with sulphur chloride and carbon bisulphide solution; sometimes also does work of valve fitter q.v.
see wrapper.
layer (boots and shoes)
see golosh fitter.
mat puncher, india rubber mat puncher, rubber mat puncher
punches holes and patterns in rubber mats, by hand, using a mallet and punch, or, places mat in lever operated press machine; sometimes done by mat maker (603) q.v.
medical rubber maker
makes such articles as teats, bulbs for syringes, etc., by dipping moulds repeatedly, by hand, in a rubber solution.
mould cleaner, golf ball
removes surplus gutta percha squeezed out of mould in press.
inserts eyelets, etc., in hot rubber in process of making rubber heels, etc.
polishes proofed cloth, by hand or machine, after it has been spread by spreader (602) q.v.
powder man, india rubber powder man, rubber powder man
see drug weigher.
ring maker
(i) cuts packing rings and washers from calendered sheet by placing a number of sheets under circular cutters in a press;
(ii) makes umbrella rings and gauge-glass rings from sheet rubber by wrapping it round a mandrel, by joining solutioned edges of sheet and rolling up with the fingers.
rubber crusher
see washer.
rubber mincer
feeds waste rubber to roller machine which breaks it up into small pieces prior to regeneration; controls machine by levers.
rubber mixer
attends masticating (mixing) machine and feeds it with rubber that has been washed (see washer); adds naphtha and sulphur after mixing.
see washer.
second hand (rubber calendering)
under direction of calenderer (608) q.v., guides calendered rubber between sheets of fabric on another roller in calendering machine, in rubber tyre making.
sorter (boots and shoes) ; examiner
examines rubber boots and shoes visually for defects; rejects defective articles; sorts into pairs and sizes.
stamper ; brander
stamps sizes and brands by hand, with rubber stamp or with stencil, brush and paint, on rubber boots and shoes, rubber tyres and other articles.
stopper polisher (rubber works)
a trimmer q.v. engaged in trimming or polishing stoppers.
stoveman, stover
feeds with coke and stokes hot-stove, used in rubber drying process.
filters impurities out of rubber solution, by passing it through a sieve.
strips rubber boots and shoes from lasts after vulcanisation; arranges lasts in trays for re-use.
stud riveter
fixes steel studs in semi-cured treads of motor tyres; punches, on automatic punch, holes for studs; inserting studs by hand; secures by spinning, i.e. expanding, inside of studs on power-driven spinning machine.
fastens rubber shoes together in pairs by a power sewing machine.
teat roller
receives teats on moulds from dipper q.v. and rolls up thin edge of teats with fingers to form a head; usually done by dipper.
teat stripper
strips rubber teats from moulds received from teat roller or dipper q.v.
tile maker, rubber (stamping)
places cured rubber sheet in power press, pulls actuating lever, and removes stamped-out rubber tiles.
trimmer, block trimmer, india rubber trimmer, rubber trimmer
trims raw edges and ends from vulcanised articles, using hand knife, scissors, emery paper, or power-driven knife.
trimmer, solid tyre
cuts away extra weight from heavy solid tyres with a long hand-knife.
tube skiver
bevels, or skives, inside of one end. of cycle, etc.-, inner tube for joiner-up q.v. on skiving machine; places mandrel mounted with tube in machine and presses tube end against revolving circular knife; actuates machine by hand levers; sometimes punches hole for tube valve by hand with hammer and punch.
tyre wiring machinist ; wiring machinist (tyres)
sews wire by machine into edges of canvas strips used in making "wired-on" tyres.
valve fitter
inserts valve stem into hole in cycle, etc., inner tube and sticks on rubber valve cap, using rubber solution; vulcanises solution by brushing over with sulphur chloride and carbon bisulphide solution; tightens valve washers and nuts; sometimes done by joiner-up q.v.
varnisher (boots and shoes)
varnishes over rubber parts of shoe while it is still on last, either by dipping, or by applying varnish with brush.
warmer (extruding)
feeds, under direction of tube hand (602) q.v. steam heated rollers of rubber extruding machine with uncured rubber and passes on rubber to feeder (extruding) q.v.
warmer-up (rubber calendering)
under direction of calenderer (608) q.v. passes mixed rubber for calendering to steam heated rollers for preliminary warming; operates rollers by hand lever.
washer, rubber washer, rubber washer and cleaner ; cleaner, rubber cleaner, rubber crusher, screener
attends and feeds washing machine having heavy corrugated rollers through which raw rubber is passed under a powerful jet of water, which washes out grit and other impurities.
washer, balata
soaks raw balata in water, washes it in rotary machine, and passes it through washing rollers.
washer, india rubber (electric cables)
see cleaner, india rubber (electric cables).
weigher, india rubber weigher, rubber weigher
see drug weigher.
wire spinner
coils wire on lathe for armouring inside of suction hose.
wiring machinist (tyres)
see tyre wiring machinist.
wrapper, tube wrapper ; tapper
fixes in lathe, rubber, covered mandrel from tube maker, inner (602) q.v., starts up machine and wraps layers of wet cloth on revolving tube for vulcaniser, steam (603) q.v.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.