A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 1.—Builders, Bricklayers, Stone and Slate Workers; Contractors


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archer (colliery working)
builds of stone and repairs arches of permanent ways in collieries, as for mason.
banker hand, hewer or mason ; hardstone hanker mason
cuts, and if necessary saws, blocks of stone at "banker," bench of heavy timbers, using heavy hammer or mallet and chisels, or saw, and zinc template, which indicates required size of stone; gauges stone with calipers or other measuring tools; dresses, i.e., finishes, stone either on dressing machine or, more usually, by hand, using mallet or hammer and chisels.
builder mason
Scotch and Cornish term, see fixer.
cemetery mason
see monumental mason.
cheek and corner maker
a mason (q.v.) who shapes or gauges and dresses "cheeks" and corner stones.
chimney piece maker (stone)
see mantelpiece maker.
curb maker (stone)
a mason (q.v.) who makes stone or marble "curbs," or fenders, for fireplaces.
dry waller, dry fence waller, dry stone waller ; fence waller, stone hedger
a mason (q.v.) who builds "dry stone" walls, i.e., walls made of rough stones, without cement.
builds, by hand with hammer, trowel and straight edge, i.e., long rule, stone portion of dyke or ditch usually of roughly shaped stone and sometimes without cement or mortar.
fence waller
see dry waller.
fixer, fixer mason ; builder mason (Scotland and Cornwall)
a mason (q.v.) who receives stone blocks already cut, shaped, and usually dressed by banker mason (q.v.); lays and fixes them in building with cement or stone mortar; instructs labourers (573) (q.v.) as to rigging pulleys, or blocks and falls, for lifting material; if further dressing required, dresses stone with mallet, or hammer, and chisels; in fixing, uses mallet and trowel, spirit level, rules and straight edges; in some districts also lays bricks, cf. bricklayer (565).
granite setter
a mason (q.v.) who fixes granite blocks in buildings.
gravestone maker
see monumental mason.
hardstone banker mason
see banker hand.
term used in parts of Scotland for banker mason (q.v.).
prepares and squares corners and edges of blocks of Kentish rag, i.e., Kentish sandstone, with hammer and chisels for use on buildings.
machine mason
a mason (q.v.) who works in mason's yard operating "coulter" or other machines for planing or dressing stone; with assistance of labourers (573) (q.v.) or by operating derrick or other lifting apparatus, places stone to be machined on bed of machine; if stone needs raising drives wedge under it; operates clamping or other device to secure stone in place and to adjust cutting, planing, or dressing tools to required positions; moves lover to switch on or off power-drive of machine, as required; sometimes grinds tools of machine by hand on a grindstone.
mantelpiece maker ; chimney piece maker (stone)
a mason (q.v.) who cuts and makes mantelpieces of stone.
marble mason
(i) cuts and shapes marble with mallet or hammer, and saw, cf. banker mason; finishes marble by rubbing it with rubbing stone, stone or marble on which he sprinkles water and sand as abrasive; sometimes also lays blocks of marble in wall, pavement, etc.; cf. fixer;
(ii) a monumental mason (q.v.) working in marble.
mason, stone mason
(i) cuts, shapes and dresses stone for use in building or as tombstones, monuments, etc.; or. erects stones in buildings; usually either a banker mason or a fixer (q.v.); cf. machine mason, marble mason, etc.; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. mason on tin floors (tin mines);
(ii) in shipyards, lays and concretes foundations for machinery;
(iii) in foundries, engineering shops , etc., cuts, lays and fixes in cement foundations for furnaces, boilers, machinery, etc.
monumental mason, monumental marble mason ; cemetery mason, gravestone maker, tomb maker
cuts, with hammer, mallet and chisels, stone or marble for, and erects, monuments, tombstones, etc.; uses cutting lathe on occasion; may also carve simple designs and engrave inscriptions; cf. gravestone cutter (574).
rubble waller
a waller mason (q.v.) who constructs walls of undressed stone.
cuts stone or brick for mason's use with "scutch" or bricklayer's tool comprising flat blade set in handle at an angle; usually done by waller mason (q.v,).
stone ditcher, stone fencer, stone and fence waller
builds stone boundary walls or "fences" of rubble (small stone) or broken flints, slate, etc.
stone hedger
see dry waller.
stone manhole maker
a mason (q.v.) who lines manholes with stone, or artificial blocks, or with a layer of artificial stone while still plastic and before it has set.
tomb maker
see monumental mason.
waller, waller mason, walling mason ; wall miner
sets in position, stones of walls, bridges, docks, river hanks, etc., and sees to their being well jointed and bonded; often also "scutches" his own stone, especially when using flints; cf. scutcher.
wall miner
see waller.
whinstone dyker
a mason (q.v.) who builds dykes or ditches of whinstone; cf. dyker.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.