A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 1.—Makers of Bricks, Pottery and Earthenware

108.—Painters, Printers, Decorators

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acid worker
see etcher.
aerographer ; aerograph decorator, colour blower, enamel blower
blows liquid colour on to ware, by means of compressed air, using aerograph machine; sometimes uses a stencil to form pattern; cf. glaze blower.
does highest class of decoration, by hand painting, on fine domestic ware, on vases, or on other ornamental ware.
applies, with a brush, bands of colour to ware as it revolves on a table.
bander and liner
combines duties of bander (q.v.) and liner (q.v.).
blower, colour; enamel blower
see aerographer.
blower, glaze
blows liquid glaze on to ware using glaze kettle or an aerograph, which ejects glaze, by compressed air, as spray; cf. aerographer.
polishes up best gold decoration on ware with an agate stone, after decoration has been burnt on; unlike liquid gold decoration, best gold comes out of kiln dull, and requires burnishing.
copyist (art ware), colour copyist
an artist (q.v.) who copies a special design or picture on to piece of earthenware.
general term covering any worker engaged in decorating ware by any method, including aerographer, painter, printer, etc. (q.v.).
decorator, aerograph
see aerographer.
decorator, tile
a painter (q.v.) who applies decoration to tiles, either in colour (under-glaze or enamel) or in gold.
designer, colour designer
works in decorating department of a pottery, where he designs new patterns, and suggests colour schemes in which they shall be carried out; prepares drawings from which printers work or engravers cut copper plates; generally controls all workers in decorating department.
duster, colour duster
(i) dusts, with a wad of cotton wool, finely ground colours on to ware, on to which a printed pattern has been transferred in an oily or adhesive substance; colours adhere to oil, and are removed from rest of surface, leaving pattern on colour;
(ii) often used colloquially in sense of ground layer (q.v.).
enameller ; enamel painter, paintress
a painter or paintress (q.v.) who applies enamel, i.e. , on glaze colours, to glost ware; work may range from filling in patterns, already in outline, to hand painting.
enamel maker
grinds up metallic oxides, e.g. , of iron, chromium, cobalt, tin, received as cakes and mixes in prescribed proportions with a flux of red lead, borax and flint; may also frit ingredients together (cf. fritter (109) ); may also grind frit to dust in mechanical grinder; cf. enamel maker (152).
etcher (glazed ware) ; acid worker
cuts patterns, e.g. , acid borders, on glost ware, i.e. , after glazing, by means of printed transfer and acid bath; applies transfer to ware, e.g., to edge , and peels it off again; paints with a brush part of ware not covered by transfer with pitch or tar for purposes of protection; dips ware in bath of hydrofluoric acid by hand, using rubber gloves, and allows it to remain in acid for a certain time; removes ware from acid and rinses in bath of water; removes pitch or tar by washing with turpentine.
an enameller (q.v.) who fills in colours in pattern already outlined on ware.
a bander, copyist or liner (q.v.) who applies, with a camel hair brush, specially prepared gold paint to ware.
gold grinder
feeds and attends to mill which grinds metallic gold to powder to be made into gold paint for decoration of ware.
gold worker
applies, with fine camel hair brush, a decoration in "liquid gold" to china, earthenware, or tiles.
ground layer
paints pattern on ware in an oily or adhesive medium, and then applies powdered colour, with a wad of cotton wool, which adheres to ware only where pattern has been painted.
liner ; penciller, potter's penciller
applies, with a brush, lines of colour to ware as it revolves on a table; lines of gold are generally applied to ware by gilder or tracer (q.v.).
liner, biscuit
a liner (q.v.) who applies lines of colour to ware in biscuit state, i.e. after first firing.
liner, tube
a liner or tile decorator (q.v.) applying colour by squeezing it out of tube or container.
(colloquial) see transferer, lithograph; cf. lithographic printer (529).
machine minder, printing; printing machinist
a printer (q.v.) who attends printing machine in which pattern is engraved on cylinder instead of on flat copper plates.
a printer or transferer (q.v.) who applies design in imitation marble to ware, generally by printing and transferring.
mixer, printer's; printing mixer
mixes colours for printer (q.v.).
painter, paintress, colour painter, paintress
paints with a brush designs on ware either before glazing ("under-glaze" decoration) or after glazing ("on glaze" decoration), or applies coloured glazes (as in majolica ware); sometimes specifically designated, e.g. , flower painter, majolica painter.
painter, paintress, biscuit ; underglaze painter, paintress
applies under-glaze decoration, to ware by painting, with a brush or sponge, designs on "biscuit" ware, i.e., ware which has been once fired, and before glazing.
painter, paintress, enamel
see enameller.
painter, paintress, glaze
applies liquid glaze to part or whole of surface of ware with brush or sponge.
painter, paintress, tile
a painter or majolica painter (q.v.) who decorates tiles.
painter, paintress, underglaze
see painter, biscuit.
penciller, potter's penciller
see liner ; obsolescent.
preparer, lithograph
assists transferer (q.v.) by painting face of litho with a size of Canada balsam.
places prepared copper plate on stove to warm; covers plate with colour, excess of which he scrapes off with palette knife before rubbing plate with a cloth dabber; places sheet of soaped tissue paper on plate, and passes them both through rollers, thus transferring pattern to paper to be used in decorating ware.
printer, block
prints off transfer patterns from a block on to tissue paper, or sometimes direct to ware.
repairer, restorer
touches up, with a brush, glaze in places where article has been imperfectly glazed; cf. china repairer (989).
stamps patterns on ware with an india-rubber stamp, damped with gold paint or with liquid colour; sometimes specifically designated,e.g. , gold stamper.
an aerographer (q.v.) who applies a decorative pattern to ware with stencil.
a gilder (q.v.) who applies fine gold lines to ware.
transferer, printer's transferer, printing transferer
arranges pieces of transfers, cut by cutter (q.v.), on ware, so that joins in pattern cannot be seen; rubs pattern on ware until pattern is transferred to ware; cuts own lithographic transfers when such are used.
transferer, lithograph ; lithographer
applies lithograph or coloured transfers bearing pattern to ware, and, when pattern is transferred, washes off tissue paper of transfer.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.