A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 2.—Printers, Bookbinders, and Photographers

529.—Printing Machine Setters and Minders

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cropper hand
see machine minder, platen.
see printer, lithographic.
machine manager, printing machine manager, lithographic machine manager
a machine minder q.v. in a large printing works.
machine minder, printing machine minder ; printing machine setter
adjusts packing of cylinder, so that all parts of work receive correct pressure; adds overlays" to increase pressure, and to obtain depth of tone when work includes illustration; attends to defects in running of machine as they occur, and is responsible generally for way in which printed sheet is turned out; sometimes specifically designated according to kind of machine, e.g., letterpress machine minder, cylinder machine minder, rotary machine minder.
machine minder, lithographic
in charge of lithographic machine, either flat-bed or rotary; makes ready for printing, sees that stone is retaining design and examines prints as they are taken off.
machine minder, platen ; cropper hand
has charge of platen machine; makes ready for printing by so adjusting packing of platen that all parts of work receive correct pressure; often does laying on and taking off.
machine minder, process ; process printer
a machine minder q.v. who is specially skilled in setting up process blocks in printing machine and printing from process blocks.
machine minder, tin plate ; tin plate printer, tin plater, tin printer
in charge of special type of flat-bed or rotary lithographic machine, which prints from stone, aluminium, or zinc on to tin sheets; work similar to that of lithographic machine minder q.v.
machine minder, zincographic
see printer, zincographic.
map maker
a lithographic printer q.v. who prints maps.
printer, aluminium
as for printer, zincographic.
printer, aluminium rotary
a lithographic printer q.v. who prints from aluminium plates, on machine similar in principle to rotary printing machine.
printer, anastatic
prints from anastatic characters etched in relief on zinc plates, by hand press or machine.
printer, art; fine art printer
terms loosely applied to a machine minder q.v. skilled in any printing such as process block printing or photogravure.
printer, bank note
a machine minder q.v. printing bank notes usually from a steel plate.
printer, cheque
a plate printer, machine minder, or lithographic printer q.v. engaged in printing cheques.
printer, chromo-lithographic ; colour printer, printer in colours
a lithographic machine minder q.v. specialising in colour printing; ensures that each colour, as printed, is in exact register to remainder of print.
printer, collotype; collotype machine printer
a printing machine minder q.v. who produces illustrations from collotype plates in a collotype printing press.
printer, colour; printer in colours
see printer, chromo-lithographic.
printer, cycle transfer
a lithographic machine minder or printer q.v. who works on specially prepared transfer paper, i.e., paper coated and made transparent so that design can be again transferred to enamelled surface of cycle head.
printer, enamel goods
a lithographic printer q.v. who inks litho stone with hand roller, lays on sheet of celluloid, rubs celluloid into contact with stone by means of wooden tool, places inked celluloid sheet in correct position on enamel ware and transfers ink to ware by rubbing; enamel ware is then ready to be fired; cleans celluloid sheets and litho stone.
printer, envelope
a platen machine minder q.v. who feeds automatic printing machine which prints lettering or heading on envelope.
printer, heraldic
a machine minder q.v. setting up and supervising the running of one or more machines die-stamping heraldic devices.
printer, ink
uses sample inks in ink factory in printing press to test quality of ink manufacture.
printer, intaglio ; photogravure machine printer
places metal intaglio cylinder in position in machine, sets roll of paper and adjusts machine for even printing; fills and replenishes colour troughs; controls machine by means of levers; stops and adjusts machine, if necessary, during printing.
printer, letterpress
a printing machine minder q.v. who does ordinary printing as distinct from illustration work, such as lithography or process block printing.
printer, lithographic ; lithographer
general term for workers who print from stone, aluminium, or zinc prepared by lithographic process, including transferers (528), provers (548), and machine minders q.v.
printer, music
a letterpress, lithographic or zincographic machine minder q.v. printing music.
printer, numerical
a machine minder q.v. operating machine either of the platen or cylinder type, who has knowledge of chase which operates automatic numbering mechanism.
printer, oil colour
a lithographic machine minder or printer q.v. who prints in oil colours.
printer, oleographic
a chromo-lithographic printer q.v. who prints oleographs.
printer, paper bag
a platen machine minder q.v. printing paper bags.
printer, photogravure hand-plate
produces illustrations from a flat etched copper, i.e., photogravure plate, by rubbing ink into it, cleaning surface, and printing from it on to damp paper brought into contact with plate under hand-operated rollers.
printer, photogravure machine
see printer, intaglio.
printer, plate
prints from copper or steel plates, on which design or lettering is sunk below surface of plate, instead of being raised as in letterpress work; covers plate with ink which is rubbed into design; wipes off excess of ink, and passes plate protected by blankets, through hand press; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., copper plate printer, steel plate printer.
printer, playing card
a machine minder q.v. specially skilled in printing playing cards, which are usually produced by letterpress printing; has to exercise care in obtaining an even distribution of ink.
printer, post card
a machine minder q.v. printing post cards in large sheets, by letterpress or lithographic methods.
printer, process
see machine minder, process.
printer, ticket
sets up and supervises working of ticket printing and numbering machines by semi-skilled assistants.
printer, tin; tin box printer, tin plate printer
see machine minder, tin plate.
printer, zincographic; zinc printer ; zincographic machine minder
a lithographic printer q.v. using zinc plates instead of stones; aluminium printer q.v. may sometimes be called a zinc printer.
printing machine setter
see machine minder.
reeler, reel ticket maker
prints reels of revenue tickets for entertainment taxation or reels of airy; other kind of ticket on special machine.
three colour worker
makes colour impressions by superimposing three primary colours (blue, yellow, and red) on sheets in machines; operates letterpress printing machine, and prints from three-colour (or four-colour) process blocks; work sometimes done by lithographic process; cf. chromo-lithographic printer.
tin plater
see machine minder, tinplate.
transferer, transfer printer (tinplate
prints transfers from engraved plate pn to paper stock, on a flat-bed machine (see platen machine minder, 529); applies paper to sized surface of tinplate, by means of roller, and leaves to dry; washes paper off when dry, leaving transfer attached to surface of tin box, etc., which is to be decorated.
wharfedale machinist
a machine minder q.v. in charge of wharfedale machine.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.