A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 3.—In Other Mines and Quarries

071.—Subordinate Superintending Staff (including Inspectors, Contractors and Foremen)

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assistant agent
(i) see deputy;
(ii) see foreman.
boss, shift boss (slang)
see foreman.
captain (clay), clay captain
see foreman.
captain (stone quarries) ; in Devon and Cornwall
(i) cf. manager (070);
(ii) see foreman.
see foreman.
deputy ; assistant agent
assists manager (070) q.v. and acts in his absence; enforces observance of Acts of Parliament, and special rules issued thereunder.
examiner ; inspector
makes daily inspections of working places, overburdens, paths, roads, etc.; takes steps to ensure safe and efficient working; work often performed by manager or agent (070) q.v.
examiner (slate, stone, etc.)
see inspector (slate, stone, etc.).
fireman (blasting)
legal title of deputy q.v. holding certificate to fire shots; cf. blaster (072).
foreman, mine foreman, quarry foreman ; assistant agent, captain, charge- man, clay captain, ganger, overlooker, overseer; also slang names: "boss," "gaffer," "Johnny Gorman," shift boss
(i) superintends underground work of gang or set of workmen;
(ii) is responsible for statutory duties under Acts of Parliament, where there is no deputy.
foreman (blasting)
is in charge of drillers and firemen (072) q.v.; determines kind and quantity of explosive used and supervises its distribution.
foreman, rock; foreman of miners
directs work of quarriers (072) q.v. to obtain best possible output of stone, etc., from quarry face.
gaffer (slang)
see foreman.
(i) see foreman;
(ii) is in charge of a set of workmen.
see examiner.
inspector (slate, stone, etc.) ; slate or stone examiner
examines slate or stone after dressing for damage or defects; checks output of dressers.
inspector, wagon
usually a pit carpenter (474) q.v. who inspects wagons and keeps them in repair.
Johnny Gorman (slang)
see foreman.
overlooker, overseer
see foreman; cf. agent (070).
contracts with quarry owner or agent to get stone, etc., at fixed rate; employs and pays his own assistants; is usually himself a quarrier (072) q.v.
agent, mine agent ; manager, mine manager, quarry manager, master, quarry master, steward
in complete control of technical and commercial affaus of mine or quarry, pit, or working and is responsible to directors or owner alone for observance of Acts of Parliament and of regulations made thereunder, for safety and discipline of men and boys employed and for maintaining output.
agent, works
an agent q.v. who controls the operative or technical affairs only of a quarry, etc.
boss, mine boss
slang terms for captain or manager q.v.
captain, mine captain (owner's representative)
a foreman (071) q.v. endowed with fuller powers of control as owner's representative or agent q.v.; usually in small workings.
manager, mine manager, quarry manager
(i) see agent;
(ii) in some districts does work of cf. foreman (071);
(iii) in Devon and Cornwall is responsible official in charge of entire operations and superior to agent, owner;
(ii) see agent.
manager, traffic
in charge of all means of conveyance in or about mine or quarry.
master, quarry master
(i) see owner;
(ii) see agent.
owner, mine owner, quarry owner ; master, quarry master
a person who, or member of a body corporate which, is the immediate proprietor or lessee of a mine or quarry, or of any part thereof.
see agent.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.