A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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953.—Gas Producer Men

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acetylene gas maker
(i) empties receptacle containing carbide of calcium when it has been used; cleans carbide receptacle and generator, and recharges them; regulates supply of water to generator and of gas to holders;
(ii) see generator man.
assistant teazer (glass)
a gas producer man q.v. producing gas for use by teazer (122) q.v. in melting glass; cf. assistant teazer (139).
block man
see gas plant attendant.
bye-turn gas man (steel works)
a gas producer q.v. employed at a steel works, either to take place of any regular man who may be absent, or to take long week-end shift, to enable day and night shifts to change over.
charging rack attendant (acetylene gas)
charges cylinders with acetylene gas by attaching them to nozzles (arranged in series on racks through which the acetylene gas is passed); seals and weighs cylinders when full; regulates, by means of cocks, supply of gas to various racks.
fireman, gas fireman (producer gas)
see gas plant attendant.
fireman, water gas fireman ; water gas maker's assistant, water gas man
opens doors of water-gas generating furnace at frequent intervals, inserts long iron bars through grid below furnace to raise bottom of furnace; rakes clinker collected about grid.
gas maker, gas man (producer gas)
(i) see gas plant attendant;
(ii) see water gas driver.
gas plant attendant, gas plant fireman, gas producer, gas producer man, gas producer attendant, gas producer hand, gas stoker (producer gas) ; block man, fireman (producer gas), gas fireman (producer gas), gas maker (producer gas), gas man (producer gas), producer hand, producer man
feeds with fuel, furnaces or retorts of gas producer, which generates gas used for beating furnaces, kilns, drying chambers, etc.; cleans out gas producer; controls supply of air (and of water, where water gas is made) to gas producer, and is responsible for quality of producer gas supplied.
generator man (acetylene gas) ; acetylene gas maker
fills hoppers on generators with calcium carbide, using a long-handled scoop; regulates supply of water in generators, so as to keep an even flow of gas to gas holders; opens traps at intervals, allowing "sludge" (pure lime and water) to flow into sludge pit.
pitman (acetylene gas)
pumps "sludge," i.e. pure lime and water from sludge pit, see generator man (acetylene gas), with a hand pump, into filtering drums or into presses; these have corrugated plates, covered with linen, weight of which presses water out of lime, and form lime into hard corrugated slabs; runs off water, removes and stacks lime.
producer hand, producer man
see gas plant attendant.
water gas driver, water gas maker, water gas operator ; gas maker, gas man (producer gas), water gas man
operates valves regulating blast by which coke in water generating gas plant, i.e. a small cylindrical furnace, is heated to required temperature; when coke is at required temperature, operates another valve, turning on steam,, which is forced through coke, generating "water gas," used either as "producer" gas or for admixture with commercial gas at gas works; turns on blast to re-heat coke, and steam to generate fresh supply of water gas; watches state of generator through observation hole, tips coke into generator, with assistance of coke man (699) q.v.; regulates down valve which governs reversal of flow of steam or gas; does other incidental work to plant.
water gas maker's assistant
see fireman, water gas.
water gas man
(i) see water gas driver;
(ii) see fireman, water gas.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.