A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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943.—Hookers, Lappers, Makers-Up, and Plaiters

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alcher (hosiery, wool)
ties up hanks of wool or hosiery garments in form convenient for bundling.
bolter (in Cheshire dyeworks)
see maker-up.
bolt finder (flannelette)
a maker-up q.v. or an assistant to maker-up, who turns in raw end of flannelette after it has been rolled.
buncher, hank buncher, yarn buncher ; hanker
makes up hanks of yarn into bunches, for despatch, tying them with yarn or with cord.
see maker-up, bundle (yarn), and maker-up, cloth; often further distinguished according to class of article bundled, e.g. piece bundler, yarn bundler; cf. handler, press.
bundler (flax and hemp) ; skeiner
puts together necessary number of hanks of yarn to form a bundle, a standard measurement in the trade; cf. maker-up, bundle (yarn).
bundler, press; delivery room press bundler ; bundle presser, cloth presser, presser, pressman
minds a power bundling press, of any type; places cloth in press, and switches on power to compress it; secures compressed cloth with twine.
carder (tapes, smallwares, etc.) ; reeler (tapes, smallwares, etc.), twister
winds braid, tape, or other smallwares on to cards or reels, by hand machine, from bobbins; places into sockets on machine card or reel, makes initial turn of tape, etc., thereon by hand, and turns handle to wind on remaining tape; cuts off tape, etc.; when sufficient wound, usually guided by automatic measuring recorder; cf. carder (353) and (363).
chopper (carpets)
as for measurer.
see plaiter.
cleaner, piece
removes stains, spots, etc., from piece goods, before they are lapped, by sponging them with soap and water, or by chemical means.
creaser and lapper
minds a creasing and lapping machine, as for plaiter.
see plaiter 'hand).
cuber (cotton)
winds cotton yarn from bobbins into skeins or knots, for despatch to dyers, etc.; places bobbin on spindle and draws off yarn, by hand, winding it with an S motion over two vertical rods fixed on a bench.
see plaiter.
dresser, pattern (making-up)
prepares by folding, stitching, etc., patterns, principally silk, ready for pattern maker q.v.
folder, cloth folder, piece folder, folder-up
see plaiter; often further distinguished according to article folded, e.g. sheet folder.
folding machine minder
see plaiter (machine).
foreman maker-up
superintends all processes connected with folding, stamping, ticketing, parcelling, and final despatch of goods in making-up department.
foreman packer
is in charge of packers q.v. and responsible for packing, pressing, and despatching of yarn, cloth, etc.
gimp winder
minds a machine which winds gimp on to reels, for convenience in transport; as for carder (tapes, smallwares, etc.).
a yarn bundler q.v. who counts out hanks or skeins of yarn into bundles of a gross, and presses them together in hand or hydraulic press having slots permitting tying of yarn under pressure; lays paper wrapper, and twine on bed of press, operates press and ties yarn, cf. handler, press.
see buncher.
hooker, cloth hooker, piece hooker, hooker-and-lapper ; pinner
folds cloth, and simultaneously measures it, by passing it backwards and forwards between two hooks placed at a prescribed distance apart, and fastening it thereto by a slight hold on selvedge.
see maker-up, bundle (yarn).
knotter (thrown silk), hard silk knotter, reel knotter
knots together both ends of a reel or skein of silk to enable ends to be identified when skein is unwound.
lap layer
unrolls from roll three or four yards of cloth and forms this into series of small laps (pleat folds), so facilitating display or examination of cloth on roll; secures lapped roll by binding with tape, ready for despatch; often done by maker-up q.v.
lapper, lapper-up, lap map, cloth lapper
see plaiter.
lapper, apprentice
see under-lapper.
lapper (flax and hemp)
examines, measures, cuts, and folds finished flax or hemp cloth; sometimes combines this with work of packer (949) q.v.
lapper, gimp
winds gimp, by hand, on cards, ready for sale.
lapper, line
makes up certain types of cord, or lines, by hanks, and winds end round hank; as for reeler (not silk) (367); cf. reeler (finishing).
lapper, machine
as for lapper.
lapper (tapes), tape lapper
minds and feeds a lapping machine, which winds tape from bobbins into knots or skeins; guides tape from bobbins to two pegs, starts up machine causing pegs to rotate; stops machine and cuts tape with scissors when sufficient wound.
maker-up ; bolter (Cheshire), trimmer (silk trade)
makes up piece goods or yarns in bundles or packages for despatch or for storage; often further distinguished according to class of goods made up, e.g. smallware maker-up, twist maker-up.
maker-up, bundle (yarn) ; bundler, knotter, knot tier, yarn bundler, yarn maker-up
makes up into bundles hanks of yarn and secures them by knotting one hank round rest; is responsible for selecting yarn, for quality of yarn sent out, for rejection of had yarn, and for parcelling and stamping.
maker-up, cloth; piece maker-up, bundle maker-up (cloth, piece goods) ; bundler, piece bundler
(i) general terms for any worker engaged in any operation in making-up department, from rolling or plaiting to final wrapping up of cloth ready for despatch;
(ii) selects cloth according to distinguishing marks thereon; folds it as directed by customer, according to particular market for which it is required; stitches, papers and tickets package ready for despatch.
maker-up, spool
as for piler.
maker-up, yarn
see maker-up, bundle (yarn).
see measurer and cutter.
measurer, cloth measurer, piece measurer
guides end of roll of cloth over tension bars of machine, and guides it to rollers on which it is wound, length being at same time recorded by automatic indicator; adjusts rollers as required; records measurement on a slip of paper and pins to cloth; may attend a machine which also plaits, cf. plaiter (machine).
measurer (tapes, small ware, etc.)
as for carder (tapes, smallwares, etc.).
measurer, case
measures cubic capacity of goods for export, using a yard stick; records in book, etc., and hands to office staff for computing ship charges, etc.; usually done by press packer q.v.
measurer and cutter ; marker-off
measures (sometimes by machine) and cuts, by hand shears, long pieces of textile material into specified lengths, according to requirements of a particular customer or of a particular market; usually done by measurer q.v. incidentally.
needler (making up)
packs goods in cloth bale or wrapper and sews up with twine.
noddler (making up)
twists skeins of yarn into a particular form convenient for maker-up q.v. to form into bundles.
packer, textile packer
packs yarn, cloth, or other textile materials in bales, bundles, hampers, crates, or cases; or secures them with rope between boards or slats; or makes them up into parcels for despatch; sometimes also reduces size of bale or other package in hand or power press; covers packages with canvas or other protective covering; cords and labels package; seals up cases; despatches packages; shifts bales or cases in warehouse, etc.; often further distinguished according to article packed, e.g. bag, cloth, felt, mat or matting, sack, silk, bop, yarn packer.
packer, hydraulic
a press packer q.v. using a hydraulic press.
packer, press
compresses cloth or other textile goods in wooden cases, canvas and paper wrappers, etc., by means of hydraulic press, or (in small mills) by hand press, method of casing varying with distance goods are to travel; in general, stitches canvas bales while under pressure, nails up wooden cases after pressing goods, solders-on tin lids of cases for export.
pattern maker (making-up)
receives patterns from pattern dresser q.v. and bundles, as for bundler, press, ready for export.
piler, yarn piler
piles bobbins, cops, and spools of finished yarn into cases for despatch or for storage.
piler, cop, tube
as for piler, yarn.
see hooker ; cf. pinner (croft) (399).
plaiter, plaiter-down ; cincher, cloth folder, cloth tapper, cuttler, folder, folder-up, lap layer, lap man, tapper, lapper-up, piece folder, rigger, stent watcher
folds cloth by machine, or (more rarely) by hand;
(i) (machine); folding machine minder, plaiting machine minder; minds plaiting machine which folds cloth first lengthwise in the piece and finally across the piece in pleated folds of a given length; passes cloth into machine and applies power-drive; adjusts oscillating blade of machine to give required length of fold; sometimes also stitches ends of folds, to keep cloth in position; sometimes attends type of machine which automatically measures, cf. measurer, cloth;
(ii) (hand); crisper, plaiter-up (fustian), ratcher (dialect); folds cloth, by hand, alternately backwards and forwards, into folds of a specified length; sometimes first folds cloth lengthwise.
plaiter-up (fustian)
see plaiter (hand).
plaiting machine minder
see plaiter (machine).
presser, bundle presser, cloth presser
see bundler, press ; cf. hot presser (384).
presser, hydraulic
a presser or press bundler q.v. in charge of a hydraulic press.
is specially employed to manipulate hydraulic press in press packing; work usually done by press packer q.v.
see bundler, press.
ratcher (local or dialect term)
see plaiter (hand).
reeler (finishing)
reels yarn, by machine, after finishing, into hanks, ready for twisting and packing; as for reeler (not silk) (367); cf. lapper, line.
reeler (tapes, smallwares, etc.)
see carder (tapes, smallwares, etc.).
ribboner ; taper
ties, by hand, tapes and advertisement slips round rolls of cloth, taking care not to crease cloth.
see plaiter.
roller, piece roller, roller machine man, rolling man, rolling frame man
winds cloth on to "pigs" or "boxes," i.e. flanged rollers, for despatch; guides cloth over tension bars to pig, and winds by turning handle actuating pig; or winds cloth round flat boards, either by handle as above, or by controlling a power-driven machine.
skeiner (flax and hemp)
see bundler (flax and hemp).
staff man (silk)
twists reeled yarn, cf. reeler (finishing); places skein of yarn on a hook, inserts short rod in loop of skein, twists rod, removes skein from hook and knots to prevent untwisting; sometimes also does work of buncher or grosser q.v.
applies trade marks to goods, using a hand stamp, or hot iron, cf. marker, bale (949).
stent watcher
see plaiter.
see ribboner.
tier, knot
see maker-up, bundle (yarn).
trimmer (silk)
see maker-up.
twister, hank
twists, by hand, hanks of yarn for convenience in packing, as for staff man (silk).
twister (tapes, smallwares, etc.)
see carder (tapes, smallwares, etc.).
under-lapper ; apprentice lapper
assists machine plaiter q.v. by passing cloth through tension rollers, seeing that cloth is falling into correct folds and laps as it emerges from machine; is in training to become plaiter.
white room man
general term for workers, e.g. maker-up, press packer, ribboner q.v. , etc., employed in "white room," in making up and despatching white goods after they have been bleached.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.