A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 8.—Other Workers

222.—Boiler Makers, Platers and Iron Shipwrights

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beamer (shipyard), beam hoister
see erector, beam.
beam maker
a plater q.v. who constructs beams or girders of plates, angle iron, etc., riveted together.
bender, plate bender
a plater q.v. bending plates into circular and other shapes for boilers, etc.; sets plate in hydraulic machine and applies power; supervises heating of plate in furnace when plate is bent not; cf. plate bender (223).
bender, frame; ship frame bender ; frame turner, ship frame setter, ship frame turner
bends, or "turns," to shape, angle iron framework forming skeleton of ship to which ship plates are subsequently riveted; receives heated angle iron (girders) from forge or furnace, places them on perforated iron floor in which pegs can be inserted to indicate required curvature of angle iron; causes assistants to hammer girder to make it bend round to curvature of pegs; prevents buckling of angle iron by hammering on top of angle iron at intervals during bending process; cf. angle iron bender (190).
boiler maker
(i) general term for any man engaged in the manufacture of boilers, including platers, riveters (255), frame turners, angle iron smiths (190), etc., q.v.;
(ii) sometimes loosely applied to platers and other sheet iron workers engaged in other industries (principally shipbuilding), who belong to same trade union as boilermakers proper and may be engaged on iron plate work, e.g., cement kilns.
boiler pipe expander, boiler tube expander
drives into end of pipe or tube with hammer, a special tool or tube expander, to expand end of pipe or tube so that it fits closely into flange; causes rollers in tool to revolve by turning spanner as tool is hammered in; may insert end of tube into hydraulic tube expanding machine for same purpose; usually done by boilermaker q.v.
boiler tube fitter ; boiler tuber, tuber
cuts length of tube required, in tube cutting machine, fits in position and expands end (see boiler tube expander); may also braze or weld tubes in positions; cf. brazer (262), tube welder (266).
caser (boilers)
a plater q.v. who makes casings of boilers from light steel plates and angle iron.
see marker.
chimney maker (boiler)
an iron plate worker q.v. making boiler chimneys of riveted steel plates.
cistern maker (plate)
an iron plate worker q.v. making cisterns, tanks, condensers, etc., from plates.
collarman (shipyard)
a plater q.v. fixing water-tight collars on openings in bulkheads, etc.; sometimes done by iron caulker (278) q.v.
erector, beam ; beamer (shipyard), beam hoister
fixes steel beams of ship in position on skeleton framework; directs hoisting and lowering operations by signalling to crane driver; guides beam to place and secures with bolts ready for riveting fast; is usually also a frame erector q.v.; works under direction of shipwright (662) q.v.
erector, frame ; framer
as for beam erector; erects steel frame bars or ribs of ship, building them up from double bottom; usually also does work of beam erector q.v.; works under direction of shipwright (662) q.v.
see erector, frame.
frame turner, ship frame turner
see bender, frame.
frame turner (boilers and tanks)
cuts and bends (or turns) angle iron for frame work of boilers and tanks, using forge and hand tools; cf. angle iron smith (190).
funnel maker (ship), ship's funnel maker
a plater q.v. who makes large funnels for ships.
iron plate worker ; iron plater
cuts iron plates on table of power shears; bends, in bending machine or with hammer on block shape; rivets and fits up iron plates generally in connection with constructional iron work; cf. plater.
iron spar maker
see mast maker (plater).
marker, marker-off, maker-out (boilermaking and shipbuilding) ; chalker, templater
a plater q.v. who chalks or marks steel plates or sheets for shearer and puncher (279) or driller (200) q.v. by use of template or by measurements taken from blue prints.
mast maker (plater) ; iron spar maker
a plater q.v. specialising in construction of masts, derricks, pillars, etc., from steel plates and angle iron.
patcher (boiler making), boiler patcher
a plater q.v. who carries out repairs by fixing patches on boilers and similar articles; cuts away cracked or broken plating with chisel or oxy-acetylene flame; marks out for drilling; may drill or punch rivet holes; rivets on patch and caulks up.
plate fitter
fits in position, by bolting in one or two places, plates for boilers, ships, etc., prior to drilling, punching or bolting up.
plate leveller
see straightener, ship plate.
(i) marks out, from drawings or templates, shape of plates to be used in making boilers, tanks, hulls, etc.; carries out machine processes by which they are cut, sawn, straightened, bent, roughly shaped and punched or drilled with rivet holes; fits up in readiness for riveter (255) q.v.; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. beam plater, boiler plater, bridge plater, plant furnace plater;
(ii) general term including puncher (279), shearer (279), puncher and shearer (279), templater furnaceman (171), plate bender, hanger-up (223), frame setter (190), roller man (223) q.v.
plater (domestic engineering)
makes ventilators, parts of ventilating or heating apparatus and other similar articles, of heavier gauges than those made by air pipe maker (264) q.v. , i.e. of thicker metal, plate instead of sheet.
plater (gun mountings)
a plater q.v. working on shields of gun mount, which protects gun's crew in action, or on "spray shields," which shelter crew in heavy seas; supervises cutting of plates, rolling or bending to shape and riveting in position.
plater, heavy
a plater q.v. using heavy plates for boiler shells, furnace and combustion chambers, etc.
plater, inside; jobbing plater
a plater q.v. working on any plating job in interior structure of ship.
plater, iron
see iron plate worker.
plater, light
a plater q.v. working on smaller and lighter boilers, tanks, etc.
plater, outside; shell plater
a plater q.v. working on outside, or shell, of ship.
plater, stern
a plater q.v. who prepares and works stern plates, which usually require heating in furnace and bending to fit stern of ship.
closes up nuts on bolts in structural steel work on ship in preparation for riveting; usually done by plater or by riveter (255) q.v.
ship frame setter
see bender, frame.
shipwright (Govt. dockyard)
as for plater q.v. marking, shearing, punching and rolling plates generally used in war contracts.
straightener, ship plate ; plate leveller
takes dents out ot or straightens ships plates by hammering with heavy mallet on metal slab or by passing through power-driven rollers, if plates are thick; in latter case, raises plate in chains of overhead trolley gear.
strapper (shipyard)
a plater q.v. who fits butt straps in position over joints in ship's plates.
stretcher, hydraulic plate machine; hydro plate stretcher
a plater q.v. stretching sheets, plates, etc., in hydraulic machine; fits gauge in machine and adjusts plate to gauge on bed of machine; controls hydraulic power by valves and levers.
tank maker
a plater q.v. specialising in making iron and steel tanks.
see marker.
tuber, boiler tuber
see boiler tube fitter.
tuber, engine
as for boiler tube fitter.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.