A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 6.—Machine Tool Workers

200.—Slotters, Millers, Turners, and Other Machine Tool Workers

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auto operator, bar auto operator
works semi-automatic capstan lathe, for turning, from bar iron or steel, small turned fittings used for rolling stock; places bar metal in mandrel, fits lathe tools in chucks, and operates hand wheel and levers adjusting working parts of lathe during turning.
axle ender
a turner q.v. who operates a special axle-ending and centring lathe, which faces and centres ends of axles for wagons, locomotives, etc., which are afterwards again turned on lathe by axle turner.
axle rougher, axle rougher-out
a turner q.v. who turns railway axles roughly to size.
barrel rifler
sets rifle barrel, in its finished bored stage, in automatic lathe fitted with special cutters which enter barrel and cut rifling grooves when power is switched on; watches proper working of lathe.
barrel stripper
see turner, barrel.
barrel chamferer
operates a chamfering lathe, ta chamfer or bevel bottom edge or shield of metal bobbins, or metal flange or ferrule generally inserted in or on bottom of wooden cone or bottle-shaped bobbins; fixes shield or ferrule in lathe, sets chamfering tool; starts, stops and adjusts lathe for turning.
borer ; boring machine worker, boring machinist
(i) sets up, controls and operates boring machine, e.g., horizontal, vertical, etc., used for making or enlarging holes in metal, of a size greater than holes made by driller; work varies with type of boring machine; generally fixes work on machine table, adjusts it to a desired angle, other than horizontal or vertical position, if necessary, and sets boring bar, or spindle, and cutters;
(ii) sets-up and operates machine such as lathe, or drilling and boring machine, used for drilling and/or boring smaller work; sometimes specifically designated according to article or material bored, e.g., hub , borer, iron borer, scissors borer, scythe borer, tyre borer, wheel borer, wheel hub borer, or kind of machine used, e.g., horizontal borer.
borer, barrel fine
(i) takes barrel after drilling, see barrel driller, and enlarges bore with a square bit on reamering or horizontal drilling machine; cf. borer, driller, reamer;
(ii) sets up and controls levers of type of lathe or drilling and boring machine which cuts and forms from bar steel, barrels of rifles, pistols, and machine guns; widens out bore either on same machine or on boring or reamering machine, see borer, reamer, to form chamber; sometimes also finishes by machining and grinding.
borer, bell (tubes)
see borer, tong.
borer, commutator
see turner, commutator.
borer, counter
(i) counter sinker; a driller q.v. who operates a drilling machine to bore, drill or counter sink, in metal articles, enlarged holes to form seating to receive a screw;
(ii) see borer, cylinder.
borer, cylinder ; counter borer
accurately finishes internal surfaces of metal cylinders for engines, pumps, automobiles, etc., (usually castings), on boring or drilling and boring machine, by enlarging the already cored-out holes of castings; as for driller or borer; sometimes bolts cylinders, etc., for boring, to sliding carriage of special machine used, instead of to table of ordinary boring machine.
borer, tong (tubes) ; bell borer
a borer q.v. who bores or drills holes in tongs or bells used in drawing butt-welded tubes; measures accurately with micrometer and files, if necessary. i boring machine worker, boring machinist, see borer.
boring mill operator
a borer q.v. engaged on boring mill, a machine adapted for wide variety of work and capable of boring, or enlarging, up to several feet diameter; bolts down or otherwise disposes work, adjusts gears, shafts, and other driving and boring mechanism, and controls mill during boring.
broacher ; broaching machinist
a driller q.v. who enlarges or smooths out core hole, a hole previously drilled, using a broach or reamer in a drilling machine.
Bullard operator
a turret lathe turner q.v. working at Bullard vertical turret lathe.
capstan lathe hand, capstan lathe operator, capstan lathe worker
attends capstan lathe, used in repetition work; sets-up work in jig, fixes tool in capstan and controls tool and power levers of lathe, where necessary, during turning, facing, reamering, parting or other lathe work; usually is not so fully skilled as e.g. turret lathe turner q.v.; cf. capstan turner.
centerer, centering machine worker, centrer
lays or fixes work to be marked, e.g., railway axles, in V-shaped channel of lathe or centering machine; manipulates two levers and so marks exact centre and at same time punches or drills mark simultaneously at each end; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., axle centerer.
chamberer (gun barrels), barrel chamberer (gun), gun barrel chamberer
widens-out bore of breech end of gun, rifle, etc., with reamering bits on a capstan lathe to form chamber; sometimes done by barrel fine borer q.v.
chamferer, champherer
a bolt facer or nut facer q.v. who feeds and operates specially converted lathe on which bevel of nuts and round end of bolts are formed.
a chamferer q.v. who also cleans up and sharpens thread of screw, by hand.
copying machine worker
see profiler.
counter sinker
see borer, counter.
cutter, gear ; gear cutting machinist
mounts and sets-up work in gear cutting machine; makes necessary fine measurements and adjustments of cutting tools; controls power levers and watches correct working of machine; sees that flow of lubricant is maintained; cf. miller; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., bevel gear cutter (teeth inclined to axis).
cutter, manhole
see machinist, manhole.
cutter, screw
cuts screw-thread in fittings, machine parts, etc., on a screw-cutting machine; sets work and steel die in lathe clutch and holder; controls power-drive by levers.
cutter, shell
a lathe hand q.v. who cuts off ends of shell cases, after drawing, with parting tool on lathe.
cutter, spiral
a turner q.v. who cuts large screw-threads, or worms, in a lathe.
cutter, steel letter ; steel letter carver
a vertical miller q.v. who makes large steel letters, figures, etc., from steel plate on a vertical milling machine; cf. profiler.
cutter, vice box
cuts in a lathe, usually semi-automatic, spiral slot on inside of vice box, into which, pin of vice box fits and moves.
cutter, vice pin
cuts in a lathe, usually semi-automatic, spiral slot on pin of vice, for fitting into vice box.
cutter, wheel
a. gear cutter q.v. who cuts teeth in chain wheels for cycles.
cutter, worm
cuts, in lathe, worm threads for balance screws, or for relieving gear, on weighing machines.
die maker
machines and finishes draw plates and triblets (dies), which have previously been forged, and which are used in tube drawing; cf. die sinker (230).
see facer, nut and bolt.
driller, machine driller ; drilling machine attendant, drilling machine worker, drilling machinist
(i) operates drilling machine for drilling holes in metal; sets-up work, with or without jig, adjusts drills, controls power drive by levers; duties vary with type of drilling machine; where machines are built to allow small boring work, may be also known as borer q.v.;
(ii) operates machine, such as lathe, adapted for drilling and set up by machine tool setter or fitter (211) q.v.; in small shops may set up his own. machine; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. axle box driller, barrel driller body driller (motor car), brass driller, card cylinder driller, card roller driller, casement driller (metal), circle driller (textile machinery), cycle driller, faller driller, flyer driller (textile machinery), flyer pin driller, flyer presser driller, frame driller (piano), gas burner driller, gas ring driller, hackle driller (textile machinery), heel tip driller, hub driller, iron driller, jill driller (textile machinery), key driller, machine knife driller, metal casement driller, plate driller, rail driller, rim driller, toe tip driller, vice pin driller, wheel driller, wheel hub driller, wheel rim driller, window frame driller (metal casements), window pin driller.
driller, radial
a driller q.v. employed on a drilling machine having drill disposed on radial arm to allow drilling on large or awkwardly-shaped work.
driller, sample
a driller q.v. who drills holes in test steel castings, with vertical drill, to facilitate work of analyst.
driller, slot
operates special drilling machine with flat ended drill, which cuts straight parallel sided grooves in shafts, etc., to accommodate key.
driller, vertical; vertical machine driller ; vertical man
a driller q.v. operating a drilling machine having drill vertically disposed, as distinct from horizontal or radial drill; clamps work on table of machine, brings drill to bear on work and controls power by hand or foot levers; may use template or jig to fix position of holes.
drilling machine attendant, drilling machine worker
see driller.
drill maker, twist drill maker
(i) turns and machines steel twist drills in lathe or in automatic milling machine;
(ii) general term for persons employed in drill making, including drill fluter, drill grinder (237) and drill pointer (237) q.v.
edge tool machineman
see machiner.
facer ; facing machinist
faces, i.e., renders flat and true surfaces of pipes, axles, machines, engines and parts that need tight jointing, on face plate lathe; fixes work so that face may he traversed by tool; sets tool and operates lathe; cf. facer (233); sometimes specifically designated, e.g., pipe facer.
facer, nut and bolt; bolt facer, nut facer ; drifter, head shaver, trimmer
a facer q.v. who feeds and attends nut facing machine which gives bright finish to nuts and bolts.
ferrule maker ; ferrule turner
a turner q.v. employed in turning ferrules for protecting ends of boiler tubes from burning.
a turner q.v. who receives roughly turned work and turns it true to gauge on a finishing lathe; makes necessary fine adjustments and measurements; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., axle finisher, axle bush finisher, wheel disc finisher.
fluter ; groover
cuts grooves or flutes, in drills, taps, reamers, etc., on milling machine, or machine having special grinding or cutting tool, or on traversing lathe fitted with abrasive wheel; sets or fixes work in jig or template, clamped to table of machine; controls table, tools and power by levers; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., drill fluter.
fluter, roll (rolling mill)
(i) turns rolls of rolling mill (hot or cold) in situ; fits up special tool rest or guide in front of rolls and cuts away irregularities and trues up surface of flutes or grooves with hand tools as rods revolve;
(ii) a turner q.v. who fits up rolls in special lathe, when they become unserviceable through wearing of surface; as roll turns in lathe, trues up surface with cutting tool.
fluter, roller (textile machinery)
(i) operates a small planing machine fitted with cutting tools to cut grooves in metal rollers;
(ii) operates a milling machine which mills-out grooves in metal rollers, for use in drawing frames, and other textile machinery; in both cases, work is usually set up by machine tool setter (211) q.v.; sometimes specifically designated according to roller worked upon, e.g., bottom roller fluter, top roller fluter.
flyer cutter-out
cuts-out groove in hollow leg of flyer, i.e., yarn twisting mechanism.
flyer holer
a driller q.v. who drills holes in flyer leg for insertion of pins in fitting up flyer mechanism.
flyer rancer
a driller q.v. who enlarges socket hole in boss or flyer, used in yarn twisting.
Gisholt lathe operator
a lathe attendant q.v. who operates a Gisholt lathe for boring metal.
glazier's diamond ferrule hand
a lathe hand q.v. who makes metal portion of diamond tool handle.
see fluter.
head shaver
see facer, nut and bolt.
hub maker
see turner, wheel hub.
hub worker, wheel hub worker
general terms for worker engaged in hub making, including wheel hub borer, wheel hub driller, wheel hub tapper, wheel hub turner q.v.
joggler ; joggling machinist
sets-up and operates machine, shaping light steel sections used in constructional engineering to form joggle, or step of T-iron, which permits flattening of iron against another plane surface; sometimes shapes sections by hand.
key seater
machines key ways, in shafting and gear of locomotive engines and rolling stock, on a slotting or milling machine; cf. miller, slotter.
lathe attendant, lathe hand, latheman
general terms for operatives engaged on a lathe, automatic, semiautomatic, etc.; duties vary considerably with lathe and type of work concerned; may merely hold tool to material, and start and stop lathe for repetition work, see capstan hand, or, may be a skilled turner q.v.
machine man, machine operator
see machinist.
machiner ; edge tool machineman
general term for driller, grinder, miller, planer, etc., q.v. engaged in making machine knives and hand tools.
machiner, action
operates machine for planing, turning, etc., parts of actions of small arms, from hand or drop forgings or castings.
machiner, barrel
shapes barrels of rifles, pistols, or sporting guns, by bringing them into contact with milling cutters in milling or other machine; precise duties vary with type of machine upon which engaged.
machinist, metal machinist ; machine man, machine operator
general terms for any operative working on a machine which turns, planes, drills, bores, reams, slots, taps, or otherwise operates on metal, by means of machine tools; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., axle box machinist, carriage machinist (textile), cycle machinist, gun machinist, motor machinist, rifle machinist, shell machinist (ammunition).
machinist, ball bearings
attends and feeds a semi-automatic machine which grinds roughly pressed balls into spherical form between grinding cutters, and which highly polishes them; maintains supply of lubricant; watches for faulty work and reports to machine tool setter (211) q.v.
machinist, bayonet socket
operates a milling and drilling machine used in slotting and drilling bayonet sockets; sets and adjusts special jigs and fixings.
machinist, broaching
see broacher.
machinist, drilling
see driller.
machinist, facing
see facer.
machinist, fitter's
a machinist q.v. who perforins small machine operations, on engine parts, etc., e.g., planing, milling, under instructions of fitter (210) q.v.; usually skilled in setting up and operating various machine tools.
machinist, gear cutting
see cutter, gear.
machinist, joggling
see joggler.
machinist, manhole; manhole cutting machinist ; manhole cutter
sets-up and operates special machine for cutting circular or oval manhole openings in plates.
machinist, metal window
a driller or miller q.v. who machines various parts of metal casements to ensure accurate fitting; may also punch holes, see puncher (278).
machinist, milling
see miller.
machinist, nosing
sets barrel in smallhead lathe, and brings cutting tool to bear to round-off muzzle ends or noses of gun barrels; may finish them with a belly brace.
machinist, plate planer
see planer, plate edge.
machinist, reamering
see reamer.
machinist, screwer; screwing machinist
see screwer.
machinist, shaper
see shaper.
machinist, slotter
see slotter.
machinist, socket (swords, etc.)
a slotter q.v. who makes T-slot at grip end of bayonet, to fit into T-piece on rifle.
machinist, splining
a slotter q.v. who cuts slots for feathered keyways (splines), etc., in shafting, pulley hubs, etc.
machinist, tapping
see tapper.
machinist, waving
sets-up and operates a lathe adapted to produce curved raised portions, or "waves," near base of shells, to take and exactly to fit copper driving band of shell.
miller ; milling machine man, milling machine worker, milling machinist
(i) sets-up, attends to, and operates milling machine, which shapes metal by means of many toothed rotating saw-like cutters; duties vary with type of milling machine at which engaged but include setting gauges by hand and fixing various tools and devices in position, moving hand or foot levers to control power drive, position of work and of tool;
(ii) attends, sets-up, and operates machine, other than milling machine which shapes metal by means of cutting tools having action similar to those of milling machine; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., axle box miller, bayonet miller, cycle miller, machine knife miller, sword blade miller, tool miller.
miller, die
a miller q.v. who reduces dies to correct shape and dimensions by treating surfaces in milling machine, before dies are cut by die sinker (230) q.v.
miller, flat
a miller q.v. who mills "flats" of textile carding machine (upon which card clothing is nailed).
miller, profile
see profiler.
miller, saw
a miller q.v. who cuts teeth in a number of saw blades clamped together.
miller, space band (linotype machine)
a miller q.v. who operates special semi-automatic machine for milling small strips of steel to be used as space hands in linotype printing; does not usually set up machine.
miller, universal
a miller q.v. who sets-up and operates a universal milling machine, which is of complicated mechanism and suitable for milling numerous classes of work; makes accurate micrometer measurements and adjustments of cutting tools; controls machine by manipulation of numerous hand and foot levers.
miller, vertical
a miller q.v. who sets-up and operates a milling machine having spindles vertically disposed; this permits of end and face cutting, and also of profiling, see profiler.
milling machine man, milling machine worker
see miller.
parer, scythe parer
sets-up and operates machine having specially designed tools for cutting, shaping, paring or planing scythes,' sickles and reaping hooks; work may be done by a lathe hand, or a planer q.v.
planer ; planing machine worker
sets-up work and operates reciprocating machine which cuts shavings from metal articles to bring them to desired shape; fixes gauges and tools in position making necessary adjustments; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., axle box planer, flat planer (carding engine), girder planer, machine knife planer, rail planer, switch and crossing planer.
planer, die
a planer q.v. who shaves surfaces of die to bring die to required dimensions before cutting by die sinker (230) q.v.
planer, plate edge; plate planer ; plate planer machinist, plate planing machine attendant
a planer q.v. engaged on a plate edge planing machine in which tool travels backward and forward along edge of plate clamped on- table of machine.
planer and slotter, wall ; wall slotter and planer
sets up and operates a planing and slotting machine, which is fitted to a wail, works vertically and is adapted for dealing with large and awkwardly shaped work.
planing machine worker
see planer.
plate planing machine attendant
see planer, plate edge.
profiler, profiling machine worker ; copying machine worker, profile miller
a vertical miller q.v. who pulls form arm of machine against outline of the form, or profile of object to be copied, and so guides milling cutters to reproduce profile of work, e.g., for curved channelling or slotting, ornamental metal work.
rancer (textile machinery)
see reamer.
reamer, reamerer ; rancer (textile machinery), reamering machinist, rhymerer, rimmerer
sets-up and operates machine, such as lathe (see lathe hand), which enlarges holes to required size, by means of a reamering tool; cf. borer, and driller; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., flyer reamer, flyer reamerer.
rhymerer, rimmerer
see reamer.
roller maker (textile machinery)
a turner q.v. who specialises in turning and making on lathe, various iron rollers for use in textile machinery. .
roller sawyer (steel)
(i) feeds and attends milling machine which cute mild steel rods into sections for small rollers used in roving and spinning machines;
(ii) places rod in supports under power-driven hack saw, operated by hand lever.
roll ragger (rolling mills)
assists roll turner (169) q.v. by helping to place rolls in position in lathe by means of a crane; sometimes does rough or first turning of roll; helps to remove roll from lathe.
scalphing machine worker
see scarfer.
scarfer, scarpher, scarphing machine man ; scalphing machine worker
sets up job on scarfing machine and operates it to taper corners and ends of plates and angles, to allow them to overlap each other, when riveted in position, in shipbuilding.
screwer ; screwer machinist, screwing machine attendant, screwing machine man, screwing machine worker, screwing machinist, threader (bolt, nut and screw), wormer
feeds and operates automatic or semi-automatic screwing machine, which cuts threads on bolts, in nuts, spindles, etc.; may be limited, to screwing, i.e. external threading, or may do screwing and tapping (cf. tapper) by adapting machine, adjusting tools, etc.; machine is usually set up by machine tool setter (211) q.v.; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., bonnaz hook screwer, button screwer, copper bolt and nut screwer, frost cog screwer, frost stud screwer, stud screwer, terret screwer.
screwer, axle box; axle bush screwer
see turner, axle box.
screwer, tube
machines screw-thread on tubes under eight inches in diameter; cf. turner, steel tube.
screwing machine attendant, screwing machine man, screwing machine worker
see screwer.
shaper ; shaper machinist, shaping machine man
fixes small iron and steel component parts, e.g., die, axle box, bolt head, on bed of shaping machine tool (a kind of planing machine); fixes gauges and sets cutting tool in head of reciprocating arm or ram and controls power drive by means of levers; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. , axle box shaper, bolt head shaper, die shaper, nut shaper; cf. lathe hand, miller, planer.
shaper, ship's propeller
a planer q.v. experienced in trueing-up propeller blades to correct pitch on metal planing machine fitted with special adjusting gear.
shaping machine man
see shaper.
slabber (sewing machine needles)
a planer q.v. who feeds needles into semi-automatic planing machine, which outs a flat surface on side of shaft of sewing machine needles.
slider, shaft slider, sliding machineman
a turner q.v. who fashions long lengths of shafting on shaft sliding machine adapted for such work.
slotter ; slotter machinist, slotting machine man
sets-up and operates slotting machine which cuts slots in metal, or slots-off portions of metal; lathes and milling machines are commonly used for this purpose, see, lathe hand, miller; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., flyer slotter (textile machinery), machine knife slotter, plate slotter, spindle slotter.
slotter, axle
makes a slotted hole, by means of special slot drilling machine, through axle, and fixes therein, pin which holds together axle and box.
slotter, spring
pierces on slotting machine, steel springs used in building rolling stock; cf. spring puncher (254).
slotter and planer, wall
see planer and slotter, wall.
slotting machine man
see slotter.
a lathe hand q.v. who operates lathe on which cycle spindles are turned and screwed; cf. spindler (279).
steel letter carver
see cutter, steel letter.
stock maker (textile machinery)
(i) a turner q.v. who fashions cylinders to correct size;
(ii) a miller--q.v. who mills recess on turned cylinder ready to receive matrices into which needles of circular comb are fixed.
tapers holes, after drilling, to fit taper pins by holding up to reamering machine, or by use of hand reamer.
tapper ; tapping machine attendant, tapping machine hand, tapping machinist, threader (bolt, nut, screw, etc.)
sets-up and controls machine for tapping, i.e., putting threads in nuts, etc., as distinct from external threading, e.g., on screws; cf. screwer; may be engaged on a lathe or drilling machine, tapping by means of tapping tools; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., button tapper, hub tapper, nut tapper, wheel hub tapper.
tapper, stay; stay hole tapper
a tapper q.v. engaged on tapping boiler or condenser shells into which stays are fitted.
tapper and bolter, wheel
drills and afterwards taps, holes, (see driller, tapper), in wheel centres, to receive screws holding wheel tyre to centre; screws in studs, or set screws, and tightens them up.
tapping machine attendant, tapping machine hand
see tapper.
threader (bolt, nut, screw, etc.)
(i) see screwer;
(ii) see (tapper.
sets-up and operates semiautomatic machine which trues seatings, or track or ball race, of ball bearings.
a turner q.v. engaged in shaping long shafts, rollers, or cylinders, mainly in the rough, i.e., without putting a finished surface on them.
treader, wheel treader
see turner, tyre.
see facer, nut and bolt.
fashions metal, by applying a cutting tool to it, as it revolves in lathe; sets-up work, fixes and adjusts tools and gauges by means of clamps and screws in chuck, tool rest, etc.; arranges gears to obtain most suitable cutting speed; controls lathe during turning by means of hand wheels and levers; understands working of common makes of lathes, including setting-up and operating of more complicated lathes, such as turret lathe, and use of lathe tools, cutters, drills, etc., as distinct from lathe hand, e.g., capstan lathe hand, who may possess no such skill; precise duties, e.g., guiding of tool, and hand control of lathe in turning, vary with work and lathe concerned; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., aluminium turner, axle turner, axle tree turner, beam turner (textile machinery), boiler turner, bowl (or roller) turner, buffer turner, calender and mangle bowl turner, calender bowl turner, centre boss turner, copper turner, copper band turner, crank turner, die turner, engine tool turner, (textile) flyer socket turner, flyer top turner, fly wheel turner, gun mountings turner, hinge turner, hollow-ware turner, iron turner, lead turner, locomotive turner, loom turner, machine tool turner, mandrel turner, marine turner, motor turner, plate lock key turner, rim turner, ring turner (spinning frame), roller turner, shell turner, stock lock key turner, stud turner, textile turner, tool turner, tyre turner, valve turner, vice box turner, vice pin turner, wheel axle turner, window pin turner.
turner, axle box ; axle box screwer, axle bush screwer
a turner q.v. who finishes rough castings to required dimensions for an axle box or axle bush in lathe, and threads, i.e., puts screw thread on end to receive brass grease cap.
turner barrel ; barrel stripper
a turner q.v. who turns, on lathe, to required diameter moulds, i.e., forged or rolled blanks of gun or rifle barrels.
turner, capstan; capstan lathe turner
a turner q.v. performing skilled work on a capstan lathe, a lathe in which turning is done by means of a tool fixed in a capstan head; sets up work and tools in capstan head, making necessary adjustments to ensure accurate work; cf. capstan lathe hand for repetition work, and other work not requiring fully skilled worker.
turner, commutator ; commutator borer
sets up and operates lathe or other machine for boring out commutator in preparation for building it up to armature; after boring, files down copper ends of armature, and machines or turns it smooth and true; cf. borer, turner.
turner, copper roller
a turner q.v. who drills and bores copper castings, then turns roller in a lathe to make it true, after casting has been assembled with steel spindle to form roller.
turner, cutter
a turner q.v. who shapes .on lathe, round parts of cutting tools used on cutting and worming machines; work sometimes done by tool maker (265) q.v.
turner, engine
(i) a turner q.v. who turns crank-shafts and similar engine parts, on lathe;
(ii) old name applied to turner who operated power-driven lathe.
turner, engraver's ; turner-off (roller engraving)
a turner q.v. who turns off designs, which have been previously engraved on roller, to provide new surface for fresh engraving.
turner, ferrule
see ferrule maker.
turner, gun
turns, on lathe, heavy steel forgings for guns; sets cutting tool, makes changes in gearing, etc., during turning, and generally controls semi-automatic machines boring and turning parts of large calibre guns.
turner, hub
see turner, wheel hub.
turner, key
turns, on lathe, using template cutting tool, round parts of keys.
turner, rib engine (rifles)
sets-up and operates an engine-turning lathe to form design of superimposed circles on ribs of better class small arms.
turner, rough
a turner q.v. who is engaged, on rough turning in boiler, railway and other engineering works.
turner, steel tube
(i) turns screw threads on ends of tubes, eight inches or more in diameter, for connecting purposes; cf. tube screwer;
(ii) a lathe hand q.v. who turns-down, i.e., reduces diameter of ends of cycle tubes in preparation for screwing.
turner, tube
cuts in lathe to required length large and heavy tubes, having bores from eight to twelve inches or more; cf. facer.
turner, turret lathe ; turret hand, turret lathe hand, turret lathe operator
a turner q.v. who sets-up and operates turret lathe, having tools, usually four to six in number, gripped in a turret head; brings round tools in due succession to perform necessary operations, e.g., turning, screwing, roughing and finishing cute, drilling and boring; also operates tool, if necessary, for cross cutting or outlining.
turner, tyre ; treader, wheel treader, wheel turner
a turner q.v. who turns, on a special lathe, treads of rolling stock tyres, after they have been pressed on axle.
turner, wheel
(i) turns wheels of railway rolling stock; sets-up in lathe, castings of wheels, and trues-up to suitable dimensions for fitting tyres;
(ii) see turner, tyre.
turner, wheel hub ; hub maker, hub turner
shapes hubs for perambulator and similar wheels, on lathe, by drilling, boring, tapping, etc.
turner-off (roller engraving)
see turner, engraver's.
turret hand, turret lathe hand, turret lathe operator
see turner, turret lathe.
verger (lace carriage making)
a lathe hand q.v. who cuts out the verge or semi-circular seating for bobbin.
vertical man
see driller, vertical.
wheel topper
a turner q.v. who turns on lathe, periphery of wheel centres of wheels for railway or tramway rolling stock; cf. wheel tapper and bolter.
wharve scraper, wheel scraper, whirl scraper
a lathe hand q.v. in spindle department of textile machine works, who finishes off (scrapes) parts already turned.
see screwer.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.