A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 3.—Makers of Stationery, Cardboard boxes and Other Workers in Paper

552.—Pressers, Stampers, Scorers and Punchers

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cap maker (cardboard boxes)
presses out caps for round cardboard boxes and tubes by power machine.
see scorer.
cutter, cutter-out (paper flowers) ; stamper
lays several sheets of paper under press; places metal stamp or die of required outline on paper; controls press by means of lever so that metal stamp is pressed through paper, so cutting out paper shape (petal] leaf, etc.); moves stamp and repeats process; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. flower cutter, cutter-out; artificial flower cutter, cutter-out.
disc cutter ; puncher
cuts discs for round cardboard boxes by power or hand machine.
embosser, card
a paper embosser q.v. who moulds borders of cards by hand machine or power press.
embosser (envelope and stationery)
see stamper.
embosser, paper ; embossing feeder
(i) attends to embossing machine, which, by pressure between intaglio and relief rollers, leaves impression on paper, e.g., resembling grain on leather;
(ii) operates a hand machine, or power press to give an embossed and perforated effect to edges of paper d'oyleys, etc.
embosser (razor cases)
operates heated press by hand to emboss raised device on sides of case.
embosser (wallpaper)
operates embossing machine, which, by pressure between intaglio and relief rollers, leaves impression on paper; in high relief, embossing is done by plates, which are inserted into machine, and colour is applied afterwards, by hand; in low relief , rollers are used after paper has been printed; cf. machine printer (paper staining) (536).
embossing feeder
(i) see embosser, paper;
(ii) see stamper.
laced paper maker, lacer
(i) stamps out lace or fancy paper articles by hand, machine or power press;
(ii) feeds and operates roller disc machine, which cuts, embosses and perforates paper lace, such as is used for frilling chocolate boxes; finished work is removed by female assistant.
machine hand (paper patterns)
see stamper, dress pattern.
machine minder (music rolls)
see perforating machine minder.
machine operator (music rolls)
see perforating machine minder.
perforating machine minder (music rolls) ; machine minder, machine operator
fixes stencil (cut by stencil cutter q.v. ), which determines pattern of perforations in perforating machine; attends to machine while it is working and sees that perforated copies reproduce original correctly.
perforator, card; pattern card perforator, stamp perforator
as for perforator (549).
plunger machine operator
feeds, with blanks, "plunger" machine which makes cardboard box in one operation.
places labelled or paper-covered cards in hydraulic press, to press out bubbles or creases caused by pasting operations; sets press in motion with a treadle or with a hand lever.
see disc cutter.
puncher, card
a paper puncher q.v. who punches out cards.
puncher, label
places knife or cutter, having shape of label to be cut, in position on pile of paper or cards and operates press, which is then brought down upon them by machinery.
puncher, paper
(i) cuts out, with loose cutters, shaped labels or envelopes in flat sheet;
(ii) lays paper in set position in bed punching machine, and sets machine in motion with foot lever.
scorer ; creaser
(i) marks sheets by pressing against register points on bench, so that they can be accurately fed into folding machine;
(ii) places cards in scoring or creasing machine which scores or creases card in readiness for folding; controls machine by levers; removes scorsed [sic] cards and stacks ready for folding.
stamper ; embosser, embossing feeder
stamps paper, envelopes, etc., with monograms, letters, designs, or crests, either in cameo (in white or coloured ground), in relief (in colour on white ground), or by die stamping; in all cases die is fixed in machine, and, if article is to be stamped in colours, colours are applied to die; paper is then placed under die, which is pressed down upon it, by machine; sometimes also mixes colours, using oil as vehicle; usually specifically designated, e.g. cameo stamper, full heading relief stamper, heraldic stamper, monogram stamper, relief stamper.
stamper, dress pattern ; machine hand (paper patterns)
sets knives, shaped according to pattern supplied by dress pattern maker (558) q.v., on top of a pile of sheets of paper; puts knives and paper under hydraulic press, which presses knives through paper and cuts out patterns.
stamper, fancy box
folding box stamper; lays sheets of cardboard on platen or stamping machine; controls machine by lever so that flaps and holes into 'which they fit, are stamped out; knives are usually set by mechanic (245) q.v.
stamper, machine (paper staining)
an embosser (wallpaper) (552) q.v. who applies plate having pattern intaglio, to paper as it rests on another plate, having pattern in relief.
stamper (paper flowers)
see cutter (paper flowers) ; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. flower stamper, artificial flower stamper.
stamper, pattern card
a stamper q.v. who stamps out pattern cards.
stencil cutter (music rolls)
perforates stencil paper, at places marked by music arranger, with a hammer and punch.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.