A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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418.—Tarpaulin, Tent, Sail and Other Canvas Good&Makers, Dressers, Repairers (not elsewhere enumerated)

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brattice cloth maker
a dresser q.v. who coats coarse jute fabric with tar, by machine, for use in lining mineshafts and air-ways; feeds cloth through sets of rollers and a bath of tar, winds it over rollers of machine and hangs to dry in loops on poles.
canvas buoy maker
stitches, by hand, canvas covering over body of buoy and attaches guide loops and ropes.
dresser ; oiler
dresses cart sheets, canvas goods or oilskin clothing, by applying oil or other preservative with a brush; sometimes specifically designated according to article dressed, e.g., canvas dresser, cart sheet dresser, sail sheet dresser, van sheet dresser; cf. spreader.
carries oiled material to drying room; hangs it on rack and removes it when dry.
hot plater
see polisher.
sews short lengths of rope (lashings) with palm and needle on to canvas buoys for fishermen's nets, so that wooden lid of buoy may he lashed fast.
see dresser.
polisher ; hot plater
warms garment made of material that has been dressed with oil by laying it upon a hot plate, heated by steam, to keep garment pliable; removes it, and applies polish containing a drying mixture, by hand with pads, to remove stickiness.
proofer ; waterproofer
(i) feeds with material and operates proofing machine, driven by gas or electricity, which carries material through rollers, into bath of proof, and through drying rollers;
(ii) applies dope or proofing solution with brush by hand.
repairs tarpaulins, sheets, etc., by reproofing (see dresser) and by sewing, patching and darning by machine or palm and needle method; cf. palm and needle hand (419); sometimes specifically designated according to article repaired, e.g. cart sheet repairer, oil sheet repairer, sail sheet repairer, van or wagon sheet repairer.
repairer (canvas hose)
repairs canvas hoses by darning fresh material into damaged portion, or by solutioning patches over worn or weak parts.
sailmaker, sail sheet-maker
designs, cuts by hand or with band knife, sews by palm and needle method (cf. palm and needle hand (419)), and prepares ship's sails, boat covers, deck awnings, etc.
sailmaker, fire
makes chute fire escapes and canvas jumping sheets; cuts them with a sharp hand knife, sews them with palm and needle, and attaches ropes and cords wherever necessary.
sews railway covers, or sews up seams of other canvas goods, e.g. knapsacks, gun bags, web equipment, by machine or palm and needle; sews on tapes, buttons and other fittings; cf. machinist, palm and needle hand (419).
feeds roll of cloth or canvas between rollers of spreading machine which coats fabric with rubber dough, tar or other waterproofing material; cf. dresser.
stove hand
hangs brattice cloth over poles or lines in drying room after it has been spread, tent finisher; sews on hooks and eyes, attaches wooden cleats to guy-lines, and does other similar finishing operations with palm and needle to finish tents.
tent machinist
see tent sewer.
tent mender
a tent sewer q.v. engaged in mending tents.
tent sewer ; tent machinist
stitches seams of canvas tents by feeding edges of parts to be joined under needle of power sewing machine; sews ropes into canvas and stitches parts of tent, too thick for machining, with palm and needle, cf. palm and needle hand (419); punches and stitches small holes in canvas, for ropes to pass through, by machine; sews round big holes by hand.
see proofer.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.