A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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411.—Glove (not Knitted or Rubber)—Makers, Cutters, Sewers, and Machinists

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binder (fabric gloves)
see glove finisher (machine).
cutter, glove cutter, skin cutter ; tranker
cuts by hand, with shears, oblong-shaped pieces of leather or "tranks" from which gloves are to be shaped; stretches skin carefully, by hand, after rolling it in a damp cloth to make it pliable, and applies pasteboard patterns as guides for cutting.
cutter, fur; fur glove cutter, fur lining cutter
cuts out of fur skins, by hand, gauntlets or gloves to shape by pattern; selects and matches skins.
sews seams of gloves with a particular kind of felling stitch on treadle machine; may also turn welts over, by hand and machine, and sew them down with felling stitch cf. welter.
fur sewer, fur lining maker
sews the parts of fur gloves together by hand or stitches fur lining in gloves.
glove finisher (hand)
fastens buttons or sews in tape at back of buttons, by hand; finishes buttonholes.
glove finisher (machine) ; binder (fabric gloves)
stitches tops of gloves and welts by treadle sewing machine.
glove maker (cloth, cotton, fur or leather)
general term applying to anyone who makes gloves from warp, fabric, fur or leather, including glove sewer, glove machinist q.v.
lace glove maker
makes gloves or mittens throughout of lace fabric, cutting, machining and finishing.
liner, glove liner
makes gloves' linings by sewing cut parts on machine, usually treadle; stitches lining in glove, by hand.
machinist, glove machinist, machine sewer
sews together pieces of glove leather or fabric by hand, treadle or power-driven machine; cf. sewer.
pointer, glove pointer
does ornamental sewing or pointing on backs of gloves, either by hand or machine, before parts are assembled; cf. tambourer.
sewer, glove sewer
a hand or machine worker who sews in fourchettes, i.e. side pieces, between glove fingers, closes finger pieces, sews in thumb pieces, sews up sides; slit and top of glove; may also embroider pointing (see pointer or tambourer), attach welt (see welter), sew on buttons and make buttonholes; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. drawnseam sewer, hand sewer, lapseam or pique sewer, machine sewer, overseam or roundseam sewer, prickseam or saddleseam sewer. P.X.M. sewer.
stamper (gloves)
cuts fabric gloves from strip of material which is laid in several thicknesses (e.g. twelve) on a large rubber block, on which cutters descend, thus cutting out twelve tranks at once; fourchettes and thumb pieces are stamped separately; lays up fabric in required number of thicknesses in readiness for cutting.
a pointer q.v. who embroiders, by hand, on a tambour frame, wide silk points on glove backs before gloves are made up; cf. preener (gloves) (429); obsolescent.
see cutter ; cf. puncher of tranks (429).
welter, glove welter
attaches welt, or narrow piece of leather to edge of slit and top of glove, by hand felling or by machine sewing; cf. feller.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.