A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 1.—Textile Workers

385.—Scollopers, Clippers, and Lace Warehouse Hands

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brown room hand, brown room worker ; ware room worker
general term for workers in warehouse where brown (unbleached) lace or net is stored; cuts, weighs, measures, and tickets goods ready for them to be dyed, bleached or dressed.
carder (lace finishing)
see jennier.
cheniller, chenille twister ; dewdropper, spotter
affixes, by hand, spots, usually of chenille, on veilings, lace net, etc.; passes chenille with help of brass wire through veiling and back again, twists it over and clips off end.
cuts away, by hand, connecting threads left by embroidery machine, on both sides of lace (sometimes held in clipping frame) between disconnected patterns in design.
colberter, lace
feeds and controls a small machine, electrically driven, which scollops lace curtains and makes a fast edge on them; keeps shuttles filled with thread and watches for faulty work.
cutter, cutter-out (lace finishing) ; lace warehouse hand, lace warehouse worker
cuts finished lace into widths with shears or in shearing machine.
see cheniller.
drawer (lace finishing)
draws out threads which join breadths of lace together.
dresser (lace finishing)
stretches lace web, after it has been starched, on frame to dry in a current of air.
finisher, lace
pins on fancy paper bands, and affixes tickets to pieces of lace, after they have been carded by jennier q.v.
finisher, rough
see jennier.
folder (lace finishing)
folds finished net or curtains to size required for pressing and packing; usually first by doubling lengthwise and then by yards between vertical pegs; removes lace web from dressing frame and folds as above; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. curtain folder, net folder, press folder.
jennier ; carder, rough finisher
folds or winds finished lace on cards, as they revolve in a machine called a jenny.
lace duchess (slang)
see middlewoman.
measurer, lace
measures finished lace.
middlewoman ; lace duchess (slang)
an intermediary between proprietor of lace warehouse and home workers; collects work from home workers, and distributes orders, designs, and materials for new work to them.
order room hand
makes invoices and keeps record of goods; sometimes makes up parcels.
paperer (lace finishing)
wraps lace goods or filled boxes in paper; sometimes done by cutter or lace warehouse hand q.v.
pattern girl, pattern hand
cuts small sample pieces of lace; pastes them on sheets, and marks them with number and price.
presser (lace finishing)
presses heavy finished lace goods, e.g., curtains, bales of net or lace, in a steam er hydraulic press to reduce bulk and improve appearance.
attaches purl edging to lace, usually hv sewing machine.
scollops or cuts away superfluous net or foundation of lace after patterned edge has been worked.
shifter (warehouse)
carries finished lace or pushes it in trucks about warehouse, stacks it under direction of warehouseman (940) q.v.
see cheniller.
stock girl, stock room assistant
helps stock keeper in warehouse.
warehouse hand, lace; lace warehouse worker
see cutter.
ware room worker
see brown room worker.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.