A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 1.—Electrical Apparatus Makers and Fitters (not elsewhere enumerated) and Electricians

302.—Accumulator Makers and Pasters

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accumulator assembler
places positive and negative plates in proper position in a jar or cell; inserts between each pair of plates a wooden or rubber partition, known as a separator, to keep plates from touching; fills up jar or cell with sulphuric acid of correct specific gravity; if jar or cell is made of hard rubber, fixes on lid by pouring a melted compound of pitch round edges of lid.
accumulator erector, accumulator installer
see battery fitter.
accumulator maker ; battery maker, storage battery maker
general term for workers who make electric accumulators by putting together and building from components; includes plate caster (188), leader burner (242), assembler, paster, former q.v.
accumulator repairer
repairs plates or containers of electrical accumulators, by replacement of parts, or by lead burning; in latter case, melts lead with oxy-hydrogen or oxy-gas flame into mould or former, or fuses together broken parts, or attaches lugs (handles) to plates by same means.
battery fitter ; accumulator erector, accumulator installer
erects or instals series of accumulators, such as lighting batteries, power batteries, on site; places cells in proper position on appropriate stands, e.g., trestle; connects cells either by burning a lead strip in an oxy-gas or oxy-hydrogen flame from positive to negative lugs of adjoining cells or by a lead-covered bolt, which is screwed from lug to lug by nuts; fills cells with sulphuric acid from a drum and connects up terminals of battery to a dynamo or switchboard; superintends first charge, i.e., connects battery to charging terminals and to voltmeter uses hydrometer to test specific gravity of acid; record specific gravities and voltages from time to time during charge; examines conditions of plates and makes all necessary adjustments to ensure that battery can take full load for which it is built.
battery maker
see accumulator maker.
former, plate ; storage battery former
places plates, as received from paster q.v. in correct sequence (alternately positive and negative) in a forming tank, a lead-lined wooden container filled with sulphuric acid; joins plates in sequence by fusing strips of lead on to lugs with oxy-hydrogen or oxy-gas flame, so as to form complete circuit; when all plates have been duly connected up, connects terminals to switchboard; switches on electric current, thereby charging plates; removes plates from forming tank and examines them before passing them to washer q.v.
lead worker (accumulators)
general term for any person, engaged in making or pasting accumulators, who works in lead, e.g., a worker casting or burning lugs together, or making or repairing accumulators and storage batteries, including accumulator ©rector, accumulator maker, accumulator repairer q.v.
maintenance man (accumulators)
a battery fitter q.v. employed by accumulator manufacturers to make periodical visits to places where they have installed batteries; examines accumulators to see that sulphuric acid is at correct level in cells; repairs or replaces, if necessary, any broken cells; fuses broken parts together, or fuses new parts on to battery, by lead-burning process, using oxy-hydrogen or oxy-gas flame.
(i) takes grids of accumulator cells and fills them with paste (a mixture of lead components), by pressing or rubbing paste into them by hand with spatula, passes grids under a press to get as much paste into interstices as possible, or hands to paster's trimmer q.v. for pressing process;
(ii) passes grids into or under a machine, which automatically presses paste into them by operation of a lever; feeds machine with paste unless this also is done automatically; often specifically designated e.g., accumulator paster, secondary battery paster, storage battery paster.
paster's trimmer
cleans plates as they come from paster q.v. of superfluous ' paste by hand; places plates on racks in drying room; if drying room is heated by stove, attends to fire; sometimes places filled plates under a press before cleaning, although this is more often done by paster.
secondary battery maker, secondary cell maker
as for accumulator maker.
storage battery former
see former, plate.
storage battery maker
see accumulator maker.
receives plates from former q.v.; scrubs them with scrubbing brush and water to remove surplus acid; places them on a drying rack to dry.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.