A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 8.—Other Workers

260.—Scale and Weighing Machine—Makers, Fitters, and Adjusters

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adjuster, balance; scale adjuster
a balance maker q.v. who makes final examination and adjustment of balances and small scales in preparation for official tests; files and measures beam and pans; adjusts screws and tests balance with standard weights.
adjuster, spring balance
adjusts springs of spring balances by altering tension of springs; uses flies, and hand tools where necessary, and tests with standard weights; balances may be of hanging, counter and stand, or platform types.
adjuster, travelling
see adjuster, weighing machine ; cf. woffler.
adjuster, weighing machine ; tester, weighing machine tester
(i) travelling adjuster; a weighing machine fitter q.v. sent out by manufacturer to test and adjust weighing machines on customers' premises, and, if necessary, to send them back to factory for repair; sometimes also tests and adjusts weights;
(ii) examines and tests weighing machines, either inside or outside factory, and makes final adjustments with files and hand tools in preparation for official tests;
(iii) (in repairing depots, etc.) tests, adjusts, and repairs weighing machines taken in for repair at retail shops, or at repairing depots.
adjuster (Weights and Measures Department), weight adjuster
adjusts weights returned to workshop for adjustment; punches out old lead from recessed holes, and fills in with a block or lead or with molten lead, in excess of quantity required; trims away superfluous lead, weighing from time to time on. balance against standard weight.
balance maker, balance and fine scale maker, balance and small scale maker
makes up from machined parts, small and delicate weighing instruments, such as chemical balances, letter balances, gold balances, tea balances, tobacconists' balances, and agate balances generally; uses file to make necessary fitting and balancing adjustments and various band tools, stocks and dies.
balance maker, spring
assembles machined parts of spring balances, using file, hammer, screwdriver, etc., to screw or rivet parts together.
beam maker, agate beam maker ; beam fitter, scale beam fitter
cuts brass or steel beam of chemical or other balance from sheet or plate, using small machine or hand saw; alternatively files, to correct shape, cast beams received from store; measures and marks out work; cuts a notch at each end and fits in pieces of agate with knife edges from which scale pans depend; brazes or screws on long indicator or metal pointer to centre of bar and also centre pin; files edges of bar smooth and files arms so that beam is accurately balanced about this pin; may also cut with graving tool or small file measuring marks on arm for use with small rider; sometimes specifically designated, e.g., box and beam maker, scale beam maker, weigh beam maker.
cleaner and balancer, weighing machine cleaner and balancer
an adjuster q.v. sent out by manufacturer to clean and balance or re-adjust weighing machines by contract; removes dirt from bearings and oils them; adds lead to, or removes it from, balancing box beneath scale pans of counter machines, etc.; adjusts tension of springs by altering screws.
erector, weighing machine erector, weighbridge erector
usually a weighing machine fitter q.v. who erects in position weighbridges and heaviest types of platform weighing machines; directs labourers in excavation, concreting and general preparation of site; cf. erector (210).
fitter, beam; scale beam fitter
see beam maker.
fitter (scales and weighing machines) weighing machine litter
makes up and fits together counter or stand weighing machines, beam balances, platform machines and other heavy types of weighing machines, from castings and machined parts; operations as for fitter (210); sometimes specifically designated, e.g., dial weighing machine fitter, spring dial weighing machine fitter, weighbridge fitter.
fitter, steelyard
see steelyard maker.
repairer, scale repairer, weighing machine repairer
a fitter q.v. engaged in repair work, either in factory or repairs depot, or at customers' premises; replaces worn knife edges or files them sharp again; adjusts proportional weights; may dismantle machine and replace broken or bent lever, etc.
scale maker, counter scale maker, counter scale and balance maker
makes up from machined and manufactured parts, scales, French balances, and other scales and counter weighing machines, such as are found in stores and retail shops; fits and adjusts bearings and tests balance with standard weights; uses vice, files, screwdriver, and various hand tools at bench.
scale pillar maker
makes up pillar and stand from cast and machined parts for scales and steelyards; fits parts together with bolts and screws and files where necessary, using hand tools at bench.
steelyard maker ; steelyard fitter
as for beam maker; measures and marks divisions on yard and cuts marks and figures with file and steel punches: adjusts steelyards on pillars carrying them.
tester, weighing machine tester
see adjuster, weighing machine.
weighbridge maker
a fitter q.v. who specialises on fitting and erecting weighbridges.
weighing machine maker
a weighing machine fitter q.v. who is experienced in all types of weighing machines and also able to adjust them, see adjuster: sometimes specifically designated, e.g., automatic weighing machine maker, dial weighing machine maker, visible weighing machine maker.
slang term for a repairer q.v. engaged in adjusting and repairing scales and weighing machines on customer's premises; either works on own account or for manufacturer.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.