A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 1.—Makers of Bricks, Pottery and Earthenware

104.—Potters' Mill Workers; Slip Makers and Arkmen

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ark man
see slip maker.
blunger, clay blunger
a slip maker (q.v.) who feeds and tends blunging machine, which stirs up clay in water, with paddles, to form slip.
clay maker, clay mixer
see slip maker.
clay preparer ; clay temperer, temperer (pottery)
prepares potter's clay for use in manufacture of certain classes of tiles, by putting it on damping slabs of plaster which absorb moisture from clay before it is passed to tile presses; cf. dust-damper (118).
disintegrator attendant
see grinder, clay.
flint mill worker, flint miller
see grinder, flint.
glaze grinder, glaze miller
feeds and attends mill grinding various ingredients of liquid glazes used in pottery manufacture, working under direction of glaze mixer (q.v.).
glaze mixer
see slip maker, glaze.
general term for any worker grinding materials in a mill, including clay grinder, flint grinder, marl grinder, mill man (q.v.).
grinder, clay: dust grinder ; disintegrator attendant
shovels lumps of potter's clay into pan or hopper of disintegrator machine; watches smooth working of grinding machine, elevator and sifting screens; oils working parts, also damps resultant clay dust in store boxes with water.
grinder, flint ; flint miller, flint mill worker
shovels flints into mill which grinds them to powder, for preparation of "slop" flint, to be used in making potter's clay, or for use in packing earthenware and china articles in saggers, in readiness for firing.
grinder, marl
shovels marl clay into mill to be ground up, ready for use in making red bricks, tiles, and saggers, i.e. , fire-clay boxes in which ware is fired.
grog mill worker
shovels burnt clay (grog) into mill for use in making certain classes of fireclay and earthen ware goods.
miller, millman, pottery millman, dust miller, felspar miller, potters' miller, pottery miller, potters' material miller, stone miller
feeds with a shovel grinding mill, pan, or cylinder, which grinds up felspar, china stone, or flint, used as raw materials in potteries; regulates supply of water and when grinding is complete, runs slip through a trap or vent and allows it to flow down a trough to mixing ark or where desired; oils and cleans mill, pan or cylinder; occasionally assists in fixing of new runners and paviors which grind materials.
pan mill man (blast furnaces)
see temperer (blast furnaces).
press emptier
a pressman (q.v.) in a slip-house, principally engaged in emptying "leaves," or flattened sheets, of clay from canvas bags in which they are pressed.
pressman, clay pressman, filter pressman, press feeder, press filler, press worker
inserts press cloths or canvas bags into a filter press and starts and stops pump which pumps clay slip through nozzles into bags; turns off tap on nozzle as each bag is filled and removes flattened leaves, i.e. , sheets of clay from filter press cloths.
pugger, clay pugger, pugman, clay pug man, pug miller, clay pug miller, pug mill man
throws flat slabs ("leaves") of clay produced by filter press into pug mill, which kneads them into a homogeneous mass, free from air bubbles, for use in pottery manufacture; for stoneware, throws or shovels fireclay direct from steep into mill; c/. pug miller (brickworks) (119).
a slip house man (q.v.) who looks after machine which sifts clay "slip" by passing it through a fine lawn mesh; controls rate of flow of slip, and cleans sieves to prevent clogging.
slip house man
general term for men who assist slip maker (q.v.) in sliphouse, where clay is mixed and prepared, including clay press man, clay pugger (q.v.).
slip maker, clay slip maker ; ark man, clay maker, clay mixer
releases traps to run, by means of troughs from tanks, proper proportions of the various ingredients of potter's clay which have previously been finely ground and made into a slurry with water, into a large tank or "mixing ark"; sets working machinery which thoroughly mixes ingredients; when mixed starts machinery to pump slip to filter press.
slip maker, glaze ; glaze mixer
makes glaze slip, in which ware is dipped before being fired in glost oven, by mixing "sups" of fritted glaze, china clay, china stone, hall clay, etc.
temperer, clay temperer (potteries)
see clay preparer.
temperer (blast furnaces) ; pan mill man
prepares clay for plugging furnace tap hole and tuyeres, i.e. , air holes through which blast is forced into furnace; shovels clay into pan of tempering mill; adds spray of water from time to time till correct consistency is reached; controls mill h.v levers.
wedger, clay wedger
cuts lump of clay into pieces or wedges with wire cutter, and beats one piece of clay vigorously against another to make it homogeneous and free of air bubbles, for use in manufacture of highest class ware.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.