A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 2.—Makers of Other Products

098.—Other Skilled Workers

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abrasive wheel maker
general term for any operative engaged in making emery or other abrasive wheels, including moulder and mixing machine attendant (099) q.v.
artificial stone maker
casts mixture of cement, ballast, shingle, breeze, etc., into blocks, by hand or by machine, and faces them to represent stone.
asbestos sheet cutter
cuts sheets of asbestos fabric into lengths, or according to pattern, with shears; sometimes also prepares patterns (from paper or zinc) from dimensions supplied to him.
block maker, breeze
puts "breeze," i.e. crushed or small coke, into a disintegrator, and grinds it to powder: mixes powder with melted pitch, and passes it into a moulding machine, which presses it into blocks.
block maker, building
makes building blocks;
(i) casts and sometimes faces to represent stone;
(ii) fills hollow blocks of clay, after baking, with mixture of cement and breeze or shingle.
block maker, cement
as for block maker, building.
block maker, concrete; fireproof block maker ; concrete (fireproof) wall maker
(i) mixes "aggregate" of granite or other hard stone, clinker or gravel, and sand; passes it through mesh of given size, according to thickness of concrete required; mixes "aggregate" with cement, in definite proportions, in mixing machine, and puts mixture in hydraulic or hand press, which forms it into blocks; takes out blocks and leaves them to harden, watering them at intervals;
(ii) makes concrete blocks by tamping or ramming "aggregate" and cement into moulds.
blockman (salt)
see lump maker, salt.
breeze concrete partition maker ; partition slab maker
(i) mixes cement, breeze (crushed or small coke) and water together, in definite proportions, in a mixing machine; puts mixture in machine which presses it into blocks by hydraulic or hand power;
(ii) makes partition blocks by ramming or stamping breeze and cement into moulds.
composition stone maker
see flag maker, artificial.
concrete damp course maker
as for block maker, concrete.
concrete (fireproof) wall maker
see block maker, concrete.
concrete pipe maker
(i) makes pipes of re-inforced concrete; places prepared cylindrical framework of strong steel wire in rotating machine into which concrete is poured, controlling velocity of rotation according to size of pipe, and stopping at intervals to allow water to drain off; transfers pipes, in moulds, to steam chamber for 24 hours; removes pipes from moulds and leaves them immersed in water tank for about one month;
(ii) pours concrete into fixed moulds containing steel wire for re-inforcing;
(iii) (for pipes less than 6 inch bore), tamps concrete, without re-inforcement, into moulds by hand.
concrete post maker
shovels newly mixed concrete into wooden moulds, smooths over top with trowel, and, when fairly firm, removes posts to dry in the open; if posts are to be reinforced, uses steel bars or wires in mould.
crayon maker
general term for any person engaged in making crayons, including mixer and moulder (crayons) q.v.
drawer, salt; salt maker, waller
draws or scoops out, with skimmer, from bottom of boiling pans, salt which is continually being precipitated therein; places coarse salt in bulk on hurdle for removal to warehouse, and line salt in moulds or tubs.
driller (micanite)
drills holes in sheet mica, with a mechanically-driven drill.
electrical insulation maker (mica)
general term for any person engaged in building up mica for insulating purposes, and in forming and pressing to required shape in a mould and placing mould in a semi-heated press; includes mica cutter, mica ring builder q.v.
emery cloth maker, emery paper maker
operates, by hand, levers of machine which spreads thin coating of glue on a piece of doth or of specially prepared paper and automatically sprinkles it with emery stone; feeds machine, by hand, with pieces of cloth or prepared paper.
emery roller coverer
covers steel rollers with emery cloth, in form of a thin strip or fillet, for use in textile trades.
emery wheel maker
mixes ground emery stone with a binding material, e.g., soluble glass, or shellac; moulds mixture into shape of a wheel, and dries it by application of heat.
fibre cement wall maker
a concrete block maker q.v. who pours concrete "aggregate," re-inforced by rags or wood fibre, into moulds, and smooths off with trowel.
finisher, artificial flag; artificial stone finisher, composition stone finisher ; concrete block finisher, patent slab finisher, patent stone finisher, plasterer
applies plaster mixture to surface of artificial stone, to make it smooth; slides stone into press (hand or hydraulic); applies pressure by means of a lever; removes stone, by hand, after pressing.
finisher, concrete block
(i) cleans concrete blocks, after they have been taken out of moulds, with a wire brush, to remove dust and small pieces of foreign matter adhering thereto;
(ii) see finisher, artificial flag.
finisher, partition slab
as for finisher, concrete block.
finisher, patent slab; patent stone finisher
see finisher, artificial flag.
fireman (salt works), salt fireman
lights and feeds fires under salt pans; maintains correct temperature by judgment based on experience and by adjustment of flue dampers; obsolescent; sometimes also does work of salt drawer q.v.; cf. salt boiler.
fireproof door maker
as for flag maker, artificial, except that pumice stone is used, instead of ordinary stone or gravel.
flag maker, artificial
artificial flagstone maker, cement flag maker, concrete flag maker, paving flag maker; composition stone maker, concrete slab maker, concrete paving slab maker; fills buckets with broken stone or gravel, pumice stone, binding material, water, etc., which have been mixed by another worker; empties buckets into wooden moulds, and rams down mixture with a wooden rammer; repeats process until mould is full; places cover on mould, and beats it with rammer to give greater pressure; leaves moulds to solidify; before concrete has completely hardened, gives final surface, with a trowel, to part of flag not covered by mould; removes concrete from mould, when it has solidified.
furnace man (lead pencils)
fills crucibles and pots with dried strips of graphite (plumbago, or black lead), and places them in furnace or kiln; attends to fire and empties furnace or kiln when process is complete.
gauger, cement
see tester, cement.
glass cloth maker, glass paper maker
as for emery cloth maker.
lead worker (lead pencils)
general term for any person engaged in preparing graphite (plumbago, or black load) for lead pencils; includes furnace man, lead presser, lead layer (099), machine hand (099), mill hand (099), lead mixer (099) q.v.
lofter (salt)
takes salt from drying stoves; puts it on a hand truck, and conveys it to a loft, and stacks it there.
lump maker, salt; lumpman ; blockman
turns salt out of mould in blocks; carries it to stove at back of fire, where it is thoroughly dried, dryness being proved by "ringing" or sounding it; sometimes also stores it in room over stoves until it is sold as "stoved" salt (see lofter).
mica cutter
cuts off rough edges from split mica plates with a knife; also trims mica into forms and patterns with large shears and punches, operated either by hand or by mechanical power.
mica ring builder
assembles thin mica sheets, cut to circular shape; daubs surface with shellac, and builds one upon another to required thickness; puts these "mica shapes" in ring mould or hot press.
mica splitter
splits mica, which has already been separated into plates, into sheets of extreme thinness with a thin-bladed knife.
mica worker
general term for any person working with mica, including mica cutter, mica ring builder, driller, mica splitter q.v. mixer; measures or weighs out ingredients of mixture; sometimes also tips them into mixing machine, sets machine in motion, and decides when mixing process is complete; often further designated according to materials mixed, or article manufactured, e.g. abrasive wheel mixer, emery wheel mixer, lead mixer, liquid lead mixer; cf. mixer (099).
mixer, lime (silica works)
weighs out lime, and places it in mixer, whence it runs into mill, and is mixed and ground along with silica materials.
moulder (abrasive wheels)
fills moulds with abrasive materials, mixed, ground, and moistened to form a paste; places mould either in a hydraulic press or in a hot-air chamber, to dry; sometimes also puts mould in a kiln or oven.
moulder (crayons)
supplies crayon paste to machine, which shapes it into sticks; these are automatically cut off in short lengths as they issue from machine.
moulder, patent slab
as for flag maker, artificial.
patent slab maker, patent stone maker
as for flag maker, artificial.
plaster chopper, plaster cleaner
removes outer covering of stone from plaster of Paris (gypsum), by chipping it off with a hand chopper.
see finisher, artificial flag ; cf. plasterer (567).
plate builder, micanite plate builder, plate layer, micanite plate layer
coats surface of thin shavings or sheets of mica with shellac, and builds them one upon another (usually upon an oiled linen sheet) to desired thickness- plates are then heated in oven, to drive off excess of spirit, and pressed in steam-heated press.
presser, lead
(pencils ) prepares and fills lead pots with mixed ingredients of lead; puts pots under hydraulic press, and operates press by means of levers.
pressman, black lead
feeds and operates small hand or hydraulic press which presses "black lead", in paste form, into blocks.
roof panel maker, concrete; fireproof roof panel maker
makes thin slabs of concrete, by mixing concrete and pouring it into a mould, and either pressing it in a hand or machine press, or allowing it to dry and harden in air.
salt boiler
minds open pan, heated by furnace underneath, in which brine is boiled; sees that pan is supplied with brine, and sometimes maintains fire in furnace; cf. fireman (salt); in some works also acts as salt drawer q.v.
salt maker
see drawer, salt.
sampler, cement
see tester, cement.
sampler (coal, patent fuel, pitch)
takes sample of patent fuel, etc., every hour during manufacture and assists chemist to carry out tests for volatile matter and calorific content.
sand paper maker
as for emery cloth maker.
slab maker, concrete; concrete paving slab maker
see flag maker, artificial.
slab maker, partition
see breeze concrete partition maker.
tester, cement ; cement gauger, cement sampler
conducts tests prescribed in British Standard Specification for (a) fineness— by means of standard sieves; (b) chemical composition— by chemical analysis on standardised methods; (c) tensile strength— by making briquettes of standard form and dimensions and submitting them at certain ages, e.g., 7 days, to breaking stresses in special machine; (d) setting time— by means of Vicat apparatus; (e) soundness— by the Le Chatelier or other methods, i.e., a determination of the expansion on setting; is often done by chemist, but tests vary according to quality tested.
turner, abrasive wheel
dresses rims of emery or other abrasive wheels with a toothed disc, pressed against rims in a lathe, and turns rim in a lathe, using a diamond tool.
turner, emery wheel
as for turner, abrasive wheel.
turner, mica
turns sheet mica to required diameter on a power-driven lathe, e.g. to reduce diameter of washers previously stamped out of sheet mica.
Venetian pavement maker
an artificial flag maker q.v. who mixes colouring materials with other ingredients of aggregate.
waller (salt)
see drawer, salt.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.