A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 2.—Makers of Other Products

092.—Kilnmen and Lime Burners

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blue lias maker, blue lias burner, blue lias lime burner, blue lias lime maker
as for burner.
burner ; furnace man, kilnman
is in charge of a kiln, oven, or furnace in which chalk, limestone, gypsum, or other mineral or combination of minerals is burnt (calcined); duties vary according to mineral burnt, and according to process, type of kiln used, etc., but usually feeds kiln, etc., with mineral by hand, or by setting feed apparatus in motion; feeds furnace with fuel; regulates heat of kiln, and decides when process is complete; often further designated according to mineral burnt, or according to process, type of kiln, etc., e.g. blue lias lime burner, chalk burner, gray stone lime burner, kiln burner, rotary burner.
burner, kiln burner (cement) ; cement kiln man
a burner q.v. in charge of a kiln in which mixture of chalk (or limestone) and clay is "burnt," usually in this country a rotary kiln; cf. burner, rotary kiln.
burner, chert
as for calciner, flint.
burner, gypsum
see kiln man, gypsum.
burner, lime ; lime kiln man, lime maker
has charge of kiln in which limestone or chalk is burnt; shovels limestone or chalk into top or mouth of kiln; maintains combustion by regulating draught; decides when process of burning is complete; sometimes also shovels fuel into furnace at base of kiln, and draws out quicklime, i.e. lime after burning process, from bottom of kiln. .
burner, plaster
boils plaster of Paris (gypsum) in a boiling pan.
burner, rotary kiln ; rotary kiln man
is in charge of rotary kiln, used in manufacture of cement; regulates supply of slurry (mixture of limestone, or chalk, and clay with water) to kiln by means of levers and throttles; regulates hot blast from furnace.
burner, rouge ; rouge oven man
a burner q.v. in charge of a kiln in which ferrous sulphate is burnt to a powder (rouge), used in polishing metal surfaces.
burner, Schneider kiln
loads Schneider kiln (a vertical bottle-shaped kiln) with a layer of coke, which is fired; shovels mixture of chalk (or limestone) and clay, in form of briquettes, through top or mouth of kiln, which is then sealed up by bricklayer or mason; when calcination is complete, withdraws bars on which coke and briquettes rest, allowing briquettes to fall to bottom of kiln; briquettes are then drawn out and taken away by labourers.
calciner, flint
charges kilns or cupolas with flint, to be used in manufacture of china and earthenware or of glass; attends to furnace; draws out calcined flints when process is complete.
calciner, magnesite
throws magnesite into kiln or furnace, which is kept always full; rakes out magnesite, through an opening at bottom, when it is sufficiently burned.
chamber man (cement)
see kiln man, chamber.
dry man ; dry kiln man
controls levers of bucket conveyor which carries slimy china clay from settling bank to heated floor of drying kiln; supervises labourers spreading clay to dxy, and removing dried clay in lumps.
fireman, abrasive wheel ; abrasive wheel kiln man
attends to gas or coal heated furnace in which vitreous wheels (placed in a mould) are fired; sees that correct temperature is maintained; regulates heat by means of valves (if gas heated) or by opening or closing furnace door of coal heated furnace; removes moulds from furnace with tongs.
fireman, emery wheel
as for fireman, abrasive wheel.
fireman, oven (cement)
see kiln loader (cement).
furnace man
see burner.
furnace man, whiting
shovels fuel into furnace heating hot plate, or bed, on which "slurry" of washed chalk is automatically run (becoming "whiting" when dried); sometimes also, where not working under supervision of foreman, judges whether furnace is at correct temperature.
kiln filler, kiln loader (lime burning) ; kiln packer, limestone filler, stone filler (lime burning)
shovels chalk or limestone into lime kilns, with or without admixture of clay, in preparation for burning; may shovel into buckets of feeding conveyor.
kiln loader, kiln filler (cement) ; kiln setter (cement), oven fireman (cement)
charges lain by shovelling in alternate layers of coke and of dried slurry from kiln chambers, and attends to firing of charge.
kiln man
see burner ; often specifically designated according to material burnt, or according to process or type of kiln used, e.g., abrasive wheel kiln man, cement kiln man, Dietzsch kiln man, dry kiln man, lime kiln man, rotary kiln man.
kiln man, abrasive wheel
see fireman, abrasive wheel.
kiln man, cement
see burner, kiln.
kiln man, chamber (cement) ; chamber man (cement)
regulates supply of gas in chamber kilns, in which chalk or limestone and clay are calcined, in manufacture of cement, and is responsible for all material and fuel put into kiln.
kiln man, dry
see dry man.
kiln man, emery wheel
as for fireman, abrasive wheel.
kiln man, fuller's earth
shovels fuller's earth into a wheelbarrow; wheels it into kiln, and spreads it evenly over floor, with a shovel; turns it over with a shovel periodically, so that it is burnt evenly and completely; attends to furnace which heats kiln; cleans out furnace with a rake, by hand.
kiln man, gypsum ; gypsum burner, gypsum ovenman, plaster baker
spreads powdered gypsum on travelling bed of kiln (like a baker's oven); controls flow of hot furnace gases by means of dampers and so heats gypsum to relatively low temperature to drive off part of moisture, or dehydrate it; removes plaster of Paris at delivery end of kiln; cf. gypsum boiler (099).
kiln man, lime
see burner, lime.
kiln man, rotary
see burner, rotary kiln.
kiln packer
see kiln filler (lime burning).
kiln setter
builds up alternate layers of limestone and of coal in horseshoe kiln.
kiln setter (cement)
see kiln loader (cement).
lime maker
see burner, lime ; sometimes further designated, e.g., blue lias lime maker, hydraulic lime maker, stone lime maker.
limestone filler
see kiln filler (lime burning).
oven man, gypsum
see kiln man, gypsum.
oven man, rouge
see burner, rouge.
plaster baker
see kiln man, gypsum.
stone filler (lime burning)
see kiln filler (lime burning).

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.