A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 3.—In Other Mines and Quarries

076.—Workers in Other Mines and Quarries not elsewhere specified

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alum clay worker
gets, or mines, clay shale used in manufacture of alum.
blaster (barytes, rock salt, etc.)
as for blaster (054).
blower (gypsum or plaster)
a gypsum miner q.v. who drills holes (usually with hand augur), charges and fires them, and often wards up rock loosened by explosion; frequently is also chargeman of small gang of miners; cf. quarrier (072).
bogie runner, bogier
as for trammer (054).
borer, rock salt
see driller.
brake lad ; incline lad
tends self-acting incline, i.e., a tramway worked by gravity, on which descending full tubs or trams draw up empty ones.
see getter.
delver (barytes mine)
as for delver (056).
see quarrier.
dresser (barytes mine)
dries barytes, and grinds it, either between several pairs of revolving burr stones, or in a pulverising mill; sorts it by floating in water, in which coarser particles settle, while finer remain in suspension; dries by steam-heat, and packs in barrels for despatch.
dresser, gypsum
picks over gypsum, after it has been quarried, with a pick, to remove foreign substances; sorts gypsum according to quality.
driller (barytes, rock salt, etc.) ; rock salt borer
as for driller (047).
ferrier, rock salt
fills loose rock-salt into trucks and conveys it to shaft for winding.
see loader.
ganister delver, ganister getter, ganister quarrier, ganister rock getter
see miner.
getter, rock getter, stone getter ; cutter, hewer, rock salt roofer
works at rock face "getting" mineral, e.g., rock salt, barytes, etc., in a mine or quarry, by hewing, drilling or blasting; cf. miner.
hewer (barytes mine)
(i) as for hewer (054);
(ii) see getter.
incline lad
see brake lad.
loader ; filler, rock salt loftman
as for filler (072).
loftman, rock salt
Irish term see loader.
a getter q.v. in rock salt mining.
miller (barytes mine)
tends grinding plant which reduces barytes to fine powder.
miner ; ganister delver, ganister getter, ganister quarrier, ganister rock getter, gypsum rockman
as for quarrier (072)
sometimes specifically designated according to substance mined, e.g., alum miner, amber miner, barytes (cauk) miner, ganister miner, gypsum miner, ochre miner, quartz miner, rock salt miner, spar miner.
mine worker
general term for any worker in or about mines, such as alum, barium, barytes, calamine, felspar, fluor spar, jet, mellite, ochre, plaster or gypsum, quartz mines.
navvy man, steam navvy man
assists steam navvy driver (950) q.v. in excavation work in quarries of gypsum, ironstone, etc., directing operations by signals.
picker, rock salt
works underground, sorting out various qualities of rock salt.
pit boy, pit labourer
does any unskilled work in pit or quarry, e.g., signalling to enginemen, pushing trucks, cleaning and sweeping roadways, loading trucks.
pit worker
general term for any person employed in quarry or pit, including digger, getter, filler, loader, miner.
as for bogier (054).
quarrier, quarryman ; digger
as for quarrier (074).
quarry worker
general term for all persons employed in quarries.
lays and repairs roads in mines and quarries, sometimes also lays rails; cf. platelayer (577).
rockman, gypsum
see miner.
roofer, rock salt
see getter.
shaftman, rock salt
is responsible for maintenance of shafts in salt mine.
striker, rock salt
detaches tubs of rock salt from haulage chain when they reach surface.
strontia digger, strontionite digger, strontionite quarryman
a quarryman q.v. digging or blasting for strontionite.
strontia pit worker
general term for any person employed in a strontia mine or quarry.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.