A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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406.—Corset Makers and Machinists

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see corset machinist.
baister, baster ; tacker
tacks, by hand or machine, tape for waistband inside corset; usually done by corset machinist q.v.
binds shaped top and bottom edges of corsets with a strip of folded material, by hand or by machine; in some districts, also inserts draw-ribbon in upper edge and hose suspenders on lower edge.
inserts whale bones, or strips of flexible steel under casings of corset, by hand, using a small tool to open ends; cf. caser.
see steel stitcher.
caser, bone caser
sews steel or whalebone into cases of material (cotton, and linen) by machine, for use in manufacture of stays and corsets.
see corset machinist.
corset machinist, corset maker ; assembler, closer, seamer
sews together, by band, treadle or power-driven machine (single needle or multiple needle), pieces of material which form corset.
corset sewer ; hand sewer
sews on bows, and trimming, and does plain sewing generally, by hand.
corset stitcher, corset stripper ; strapper, stripper
sews, by machine, strips or facings of material to under side of corset, ready for insertion of flexible steels; stitches an extra piece of material inside strap to prevent steels working through; turns raw edge of corset under strip at back and front; in big factories, where work is sub-divided, workers are sometimes specifically designated, e.g., front stitcher, back stitcher.
covers corset steels with paper, and caps ends with brass in press or by dipping them in celluloid solution.
see trimmer.
in Lancashire, see gorer; cf. flosser (407).
sews raw edges of binding of corset, by hand or by machine, and cuts off loose ends of thread left by corset stitcher q.v.
see shaper.
folder, folding machinist
-turns down fold of required size at each end of material and passes piece of material into a machine, which presses it firmly down, thus preparing scams for corset machinist q.v.
fanner (Lancashire.)-, cuts out material to shape according to given measurements; cuts opening in corset and stitches in shaped gussets, by hand or machine, after seams of corset have been closed.
hand sewer
see corset sewer.
ironer, corset ironer
see pressor.
lacer (Portsmouth)
see trimmer ; cf. corset lacer (129).
attaches metal parts of suspenders to webbing or cloth part of corsets, by hand sewing; may hold corset under riveting machine which attaches automatic fasteners.
examines corsets before they are boned, and repairs any defects in stitching; also repairs worn corsets; in small workshops, is usually done by corset machinist q.v.
fastens two parts of finished corset together by hooks on fronts, and rolls them ready for boxing.
presser ; corset ironer, ironer
presses completed corset with gas or electrically-heated band-irons, or with automatic irons, heated and propelled by electricity, or with rotary pressing machines heated by gas.
see corset machinist.
shaper ; fitter
shapes top and bottom edges of corset into a smooth curve, by use of shears or knife; passes corset through power-driven shaping machine which automatically binds and machines the edge with a narrow binding issuing from the machine.
steel setter
cuts slits, with scissors, in a fold of cloth and places front steels or clasps of corset, with clasps projecting through slits ready for stitching.
steel stitcher ; busker
sews front and side steels of corsets in position, by hand or by treadle or power machine.
strapper, stripper
see corset stitcher.
see baister.
trimmer ; edger, lacer (Portsmouth)
ornaments top of corset with lace, embroidery, etc., by hand sewing or by machine.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.