A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 1.—Textile Workers

369.—Sizers, Slashers, and Tapers

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assistant dresser
assists warp dresser q.v. on wide dressing machine.
dresser, Bradford; coloured dresser (wool) ; Yorkshire dresser
guides threads from separate balls (see bailer (367)) of each coloured yarn, in correct sequence to pair of grooved rollers on warped dressing machine, which arranges threads in correct position for winding on beam; combines threads of various colours according to pattern, passing two or four threads through each dent or division in reed, which he carries in his hand and which keeps threads separate; mends or replaces broken threads, and winds on to beam.
dresser, warp dresser (not wool)
minds a warp-dressing machine, which dresses or prepares warp threads for warp beam in readiness for weaving; may be either (i) a Yorkshire dresser or Bradford dresser q.v.; or
(ii) one who prepares delicate and fine yarns by passing them through sizing or slashing frame; or
(iii) an ordinary sizer or slasher q.v.; sometimes specifically designated, e.g. cotton warp dresser.
dresser, yarn ; starcher
minds a yarn-dressing machine, which starches yarn for use in weaving; guides yarn ends through machine and stands-by to stop machine in event of irregular passage of yarn during dressing.
dresser, Yorkshire
see dresser, Bradford.
crosses warp threads, after sizing, alternately above and below lease rods at one end of warp and in groups at the other, to keep them in position during beaming and weaving.
size mixer, warp size mixer
dissolves ingredients of size in water, and boils solution in cisterns; regulates heat and steam pressure of cisterns, and solution strength of mixture.
sizer, yarn sizer, sizing machine man, sizing machine minder ; slasher, slasher-sizer, taper, warp slasher
(i) places beams of yarn in position at back of sizing machine; gathers thread ends into sheet-like form and guides them through rollers; lowers rollers into troughs of hot size, and starts machine; guides yarn from size trough on to drying cylinders;
(ii) (carpet trade ) passes dyed yarn through trough containing size, and over steam -heated drying cylinders or pipes, and attaches it to a beam; controls mechanism which causes beam to revolve and wind yarn round itself;
(iii) dips yarn in form of hanks, etc., into vats of sizing solution, and squeezes out between mangling rollers of winches; sometimes specifically designated, according to form in which yarn is made up, e.g. cop sizer, hank sizer, skein sizer, tape sizer, warp sizer.
slasher, warp slasher
see sizer.
slasher, dry
see taper, dry.
see sizer.
see dresser, yarn ; cf. starcher (384) and (398).
(i) see taper, dry;
(ii) see sizer.
taper, dry ; dry slasher, taper, winder-on
minds dry taping machine, chiefly used for coloured cotton goods, which takes threads, unsized, from several other beams, and winds them on to weaver's beam to make one complete warp; gathers threads from beams into one sheet of ends and places on weaver's beam; starts and stops winding mechanism as necessary.
taper's finisher
attends to drying and beaming of sized yarn on sizing machine, under direction of taper or sizer q.v.
warp spooler
minds a warp winding frame run in conjunction with drying cylinder of sizing machine; yarn, after being wound on to warp bobbins, is beamed in usual way.
warp stretcher
minds a hank (or skein) stretching machine which, besides stretching yarn, also opens out sticky patches from sizing; places hanks or skeins over stretching rollers, switches on power-drive, and removes hanks or skeins on completion of operation.
see taper, dry.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.