A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 1.—Textile Workers

366.—Doublers and Doubling Frame Tenters (not Silk)

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blind line maker
as for plaited line maker.
button hole twist maker
a twister (cotton) q.v. making twist for sewing round button holes.
see twister, double.
candlewick maker
watches a machine which makes candle wick from several single yarns, by drawing them together; replaces empty bobbins with full ones in creel; guides end of yarn through machine; stops machine and joins up broken yarns.
corder ; fancy cord maker, fancy cord spinner, fancy cord twister
draws threads of yarn through holes of a register plate on a cord twisting machine, a kind of doubling machine, and passes them between drawing rollers; thence attaches them to bobbins, and places them on spindles; controls drive to machine, which rotates spindles and applies twist to yarn; yarn is then wound, in cord form, on to bobbins automatically.
cord spinner
see plaited line maker ; cf. jack minder (373).
see twister, double.
doubler, double minder, frame doubler ; doubling frame tenter, doubling spinner
is responsible for quality and quantity of doubled yarns produced on doubling frames; guides yarns from creel through guides and rollers to winding-on bobbin; may or may not pass yarn under roller in water trough; starts and stops machine as necessary; supervises work of lapper-on (399) q.v. and of creeler (399) q.v. and himself/her self [sic] pieces broken threads, or creels bobbins, if necessary; often further distinguished according to type of machine, e.g., ring doubler, ring frame doubler, flyer doubler, or according to process, e.g., dry doubler, wet doubler, or according to nature of product or stage in manufacture, e.g. asbestos doubler, cop doubler, finishing doubler.
doubler, fancy
see twister (cotton).
doubler, finishing; finisher doubler ; finisher (doubling)
(i) see twister (cotton);
(ii) minds a frame on which final twisting or doubling of corded yarns is done; these are doubled twice, like crochet cotton or sewing thread.
doubler, single
see twister, single.
doubler, spare
a doubler q.v. who takes place of any worker on doubling frames absent through illness, etc.
doubler (wool)
see twister (wool).
doubling frame tenter
see doubler.
doubling hand
(i) see twister, single;
(ii) see twister, double.
doubling machine minder
see twister (wool).
doubling spinner
see doubler.
fancy cord maker, fancy cord spinner, fancy cord twister
see corder.
finisher (doubling)
see doubler, finishing.
frame worker (rope)
general term for worker mending house (machine on which twine and small rope are made; cf. plaited line maker, twine twister.
piecer, doubler
pieces, or joins, yarns broken in process of doubling; cleans machine, and assists doubler q.v. generally; for duties, cf. piecer (365).
piecer, twiner
pieces, or joins, yarns broken in process of twining; cleans machine, and assists twiner q.v. generally; for duties, cf. piecer (365).
plaited line maker ; cord spinner
(i) minds cord plaiting machine; passes yarn ends from bobbins through a central guide, switches on power-drive, and attaches plaited cord to overhead winch, which draws and winds up cord as it is made;
(ii) (fishing lines) twists and plaits silk and horsehair into convenient lengths for use as fishing lines and casts.
a doubler q.v. who minds a frame on which two or more threads of twofold yarn are twisted together.
self-actor minder (doubling)
see twiner.
twine maker
general term for workers engaged in twine manufacture, e.g., yarn warper (rope and twine) (367), twine twister, twine reeler (399) q.v.; sometimes more specifically designated, e.g., shop twine maker.
twiner (cotton), twiner minder, twiner spinner ; self-actor minder (doubling)
operates machinery which controls working of twining frame, and adjusts it as required; supervises twiner piecer q.v. and twiner spooler (367) q.v.
twiner (wool)
see twister (wool).
twister, yarn twister, twist hand (cotton) ; fancy doubler, finisher doubler, finishing doubler
takes several strands of cotton yarn, which have already been doubled, and threads them through guides on to bobbins of twisting frame, where they are twisted together in a direction opposite to that of doubling process; controls power-drive of twisting frame, clears faults and tangles, and mends yarns broken in twisting; sometimes specifically designated, according to type of twisting machine, e.g. cap twister (cap covered bobbins), fly twister, flyer twister, ring twister.
twister, double ; cabler, doubledoubler, doubling hand
minds frame which twists together yarns that have already been doubled once; cf. single twister.
twister, doubling (flax or hemp)
guides flax or hemp yarns through doubling or twisting frame and through water trough to winding-on spindles.
twister, patent
a twister (cotton) q.v. attending newer, patent, type of twisting frame, having special stopping, etc., devices and rendering supervision less arduous; attends two or more frames.
twister, single ; doubling hand, single doubler
a doubler q.v. who' unites, by twisting together, yarns that have not already been doubled; cf. double twister.
twister, twine
guides ends of yarn through drawing rollers of a twine twisting machine, and thence to spindles and. flyers; adjusts yarn tension device, controls power-drive of machine, mends yarns broken in twisting, and doffs filled bobbins assisted by doffer (399) q.v.; cf. line maker (373).
twister (wool), twister minder, twisting frame tenter, twisting machine minder ; doubler (wool), doubling machine minder (wool), twiner (wool)
minds twisting frames, or twiners, which twist together two or more woollen or worsted yarns to strengthen them, or to produce fancy effect; for duties, see doubler.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.