A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 1.—Textile Workers

364.—Strippers and Grinders; Card Grinders, Card Room Jobbers

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burr man, burr taker-out
removes burrs and other vegetable material from burr trays of carding machine.
card cleaner
(Scotland), see fettler.
dresser, card dresser (felt) ; engine dresser
strips card clothing from rollers of carding machine; removes fluff, etc., from teeth; re-grinds teeth to uniform height, on an emery wheel or on a grindstone.
engine dresser
see dresser.
fettler, card fettler ; card cleaner (Scotland)
removes accumulated waste, short threads, fly, etc., from carding or other machines with a brush or with cleaning waste; sometimes also does minor repairs to machines; cf. card stripper.
grinder, back ; back jobber
grinds card wire at back of main cylinder on roller-and-clearer carding machine, With emery-covered roller; works under direction of another grinder, who is called front grinder q.v.
grinder, card; card room grinder, cylinder grinder ; roller grinder
grinds wire teeth of card clothing, i.e., leather, webbing, or other material set with wire teeth, and used to cover rollers of carding machine, or of brushes (also made of wire, and used in raising nap of cloth) either by emery-covered or other grinding rollers placed on the machines, or by removing the cards or brushes and grinding them in a separate machine to restore sharpness to teeth which have become worn and irregular, and to make them uniform in height; generally also cleans wire teeth, removing waste, fluff, etc., therefrom.
grinder, doffer
operates a grinding roller which corrects irregularities in teeth of doffer (revolving cylinder or vibrating bar with teeth, which strips fibre from teeth of card clothing) of carding machine arising from wear and tear.
grinder, flat
sharpens wire teeth on card clothing covering flats, i.e. metal bars, of carding machine, with flat grinding apparatus.
grinder, front
is leading hand of pair of grinders—the other being back grinder q.v. .—who grinds card wire at front of roller-and-clearer carding machine, with emery-covered roller.
grinder, roller
see grinder, card.
grinder, shoddy
a stripper-and grinder q.v. in a cotton waste spinning mill, sometimes called a shoddy mill; cf. shoddy grinder (362).
grinder, spare
takes place of any regular card grinder, or stripper-and grinder, who may be absent through illness, etc.
jobber, back
(i) see grinder, back;
(ii) (more rarely) attends to small repairs and replacements, oiling, etc., at back, i.e., delivery end, of carding machine.
jobber, card; carding jobber, card room jobber (cotton, woollen and worsted)
(i) see jobber (cotton);
(ii) see jobber (woollen and worsted).
jobber, comb; combing jobber
cleans wool from teeth of combs in combing machine.
jobber (cotton) ; card jobber, carding jobber, card room jobber (cotton)
formerly a stripper-and-grinder q.v. also required to do other jobs, e.g., small repairs, replacements, oiling, in card room; obsolescent.
jobber, front
a front grinder q.v. who also attends to small repairs and replacements, oiling, and similar jobs at front, i.e., feeding side, of carding machine.
jobber, scribbling
an under overlooker (398) q.v. who assists scribbling engineer (353) in woollen scribbling department; sees that machine is in good working order; adjusts machine and carries out any necessary minor repairs; watches smooth passage of material through machine.
jobber (woollen and worsted) ; card jobber, carding jobber, card room jobber (woollen and worsted), sizer on carding machine (Scotland)
removes waste or fly from frame and running parts of carding machines; repairs and adjusts machines, and is responsible generally, under the overlooker (359) q.v. for their running.
scribbling miller
as for grinder, card.
sizer on carding machine (Scotland)
see jobber (woollen and worsted).
stripper, strippler
(i) see stripper, card;
(ii) see stripper, wool.
stripper, card ; stripper, strippler
cleans wire clothing of carding machine, in preparation for grinding; is often also a card grinder, q.v.; cf. card fettler.
stripper, flat
strips, from carding machine flats, worn card clothing for grinding; cf. grinder, flat.
stripper, wool; wool strippler ; stripper, strippler
cleans teeth of carding or combing machines of noils, short combings, etc.; if working on a carding machine, see card stripper.
cleans, or strips, surfaces of card doffer cylinders, and grinds wire teeth of cards and doffers on surface of these cylinders.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.