A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921.
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Sub-order 1.—Electrical Apparatus Makers and Fitters (not elsewhere enumerated) and Electricians

309.—Instrument Makers and Assemblers

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* Term officially obsolete. Classed by the Post Office Engineering Department as a skilled workman (311).

accessories assembler, accessories mounter
makes up or assembles from parts (which are supplied already stamped, turned, pressed, etc.) such articles as wall plugs, switches, lamp-holders, ceiling roses, etc., using screwdriver, files, pliers, etc.
ammeter assembler
as for instrument maker.
arc lamp maker, arc lamp fitter
assembles by hand, repetition parts of arc lamps, using pliers, files, screw drivers, etc.; fits, adjusts, and regulates arc lamps to insure correct working; repairs, when necessary, clockwork or internal mechanism of lamps.
assembler ; putter-together
general term for operative who assembles, or fits together, parts (previously made by other workers) of any electrical appliance, fitting, or piece of apparatus; often further designated according to article assembled, e.g., accessories assembler, brush assembler, rheostat assembler.
bell indicator maker
see electric indicator maker.
bell maker
see electric bell maker.
bell push maker
an accessories assembler q.v. engaged in making bell pushes; if a leading hand, also superintends girls engaged in assembling these parts into complete articles.
brush assembler
puts together body springs, and brushes, with bolts and screws.
calibrator, instrument calibrator ; instrument adjuster
tests, and adjusts to standard, electrical measuring or indicating instruments before delivery to customer, or when they have been returned for repair, using voltmeter, ammeter, potentiometer, megger or other testing instruments; sometimes also connects to switchboard and passes electrical current through instrument to be calibrated; cf. tester (308).
clock assembler (meters)
puts together clock mechanism forming part, of electric meters.
clock hand, clock man, clock maker (electric meters)
a clockmaker (323) q.v. who specialises iji attending to clockwork mechanism of electrical meters; replaces worn or defective parte with new parts, using hand tools; turns and re-bushes parts of mechanism, if necessary, on a lathe; cleans mechanism with paraffin, etc., and overhauls it generally.
condenser builder ; condenser hand
builds up condenser with mica, insulating paper, tinfoil, ebonite, or glass, usually by arranging strips of two of these substances (e.g. tinfoil and mica) in alternate layers until desired capacity is attained; fits brass connecting terminals; encloses whole in a container.
condenser builder, variable
assembles plates, received already prepared, on spindle to form a variable condenser, using small bolts an-d pliers, screwdriver and other hand tools.
condenser hand
see condenser builder.
electric bell maker ; bell maker
assembles repetition parts of electric hells into complete units; adjusts them to fit and to ring properly; repairs electric bells by renewing worn or damaged parts, etc.
electric fan maker ; fan fitter
assembles blades, frames and other component parts, received, ready pressed or cast; builds them up into complete electric fans and adjusts them to run correctly, using pliers, screwdriver and other hand tools.
electric ignition maker
see magneto maker.
electric indicator maker ; bell indicator maker
assembles parts of electric bell indicators into complete unite; adjusts them, and fits them in cases.
fitter, electric bell
(i) fits up apparatus and wire® for electric signals or indicators in internal work, and does simple electric bell repairs;
(ii) fits wires, pushes, switches, hells, and batteries; cleans batteries, and repairs wires and bells when necessary.
fitter, fan
see electric fan maker.
fitter, galvanic apparatus
as for instrument maker.
*fitter, instrument
(i) see instrument maker;
(ii) (G.P.O.) fits telephone instruments and small switchboards on subscribers' premises.
fitter, rheostat ; rheostat builder
makes parts for rheostat starting switches used in connection with electrical machinery; assembles resistances, usually made by other workers (though in small works, may wind own coils); sets up rheostats complete and adjusts for proper working.
fitter, switchgear
an electrical fitter (306) q.v. who assembles made up parts by hand, using screwdriver, spanner, pliers, etc., to form switches, circuit breakers, and instruments for control of electrical plant.
*fitter, telegraph instrument
(i) (G.P.O.) see telegraph instrument assembler;
(ii) in some factories, does more highly skilled work of making final adjustments [sic].
galvanic apparatus maker
as for instrument maker.
galvanometer assembler ; galvanometer maker
fits and screws together component parts of galvanometers.
galvanometer maker
as for instrument maker.
instrument adjuster
see calibrator.
instrument assembler
as for assembler.
instrument maker, electrical instrument maker ; instrument fitter
assembles components, usually made by other workers, into complete electrical instruments; but sometimes makes, assembles and fits instrument entirely himself; often also repairs worn or defective instruments, by renewing parts and by readjusting.
instrument maker (Post Office Engineering Dept.)
builds up cr repairs telegraph or telephone instruments or apparatus.
instrument repairer
an instrument maker q.v. wholly or mainly engaged in repairs.
magneto assembler
as for assembler.
magneto components maker, magneto parts maker
files, shapes, or turns on lathe, gear wheels, handles, insulators, contact bushes, arid other parts of magnetos.
magneto condenser maker
as for condenser builder.
magneto maker ; electric ignition maker, motor ignition maker
assembles parts of magnetos, trembler coils, commutators, switches, plugs, etc., received ready machined, into complete articles, using screwdriver, pliers and other- hand tools.
magneto repairer
strips magnetos; examines them to detect faults in winding or in internal mechanism; repairs worn or defective parts; reassembles parts into complete unite.
meter assembler, meter hand, electric meter assembler
general terms for any operative engaged in assembling, fitting, making calibrating, repairing, or otherwise working upon, electric meters.
meter maker, meter fitter, electric meter maker, electric meter fitter
an instrument maker q.v. who screws, solders, insulates and fits together component parts of electric meters, using screwdrivers, files, pliers, spanners, soldering hits and varnish brushes; repairs faulty meters by replacing worn or defective parte.
meter repairer, electric meter repairer
a meter maker q.v. wholly or mainly engaged in repairs.
microphone maker
assembles parts already machined, to form complete microphones, using pliers, screwdriver and other hand tools; makes final adjustments to articles when completed.
motor ignition maker
see magneto maker.
motor starter maker, motor starter fitter
makes parte for motor starters, fits and assembles them.
ohmmeter maker
as for instrument maker.
see assembler.
resistance maker
makes up coils (or grids) for resistances by winding wire on insulators by hand or by machine; sometimes also fixes resistance on a board of vulcanite, slate, or porcelain, either with bolts or with screws.
rheostat builder
see fitter, rheostat.
sparking plug maker
as for accessories assembler.
telegraph instrument assembler, telegraph instrument maker ; telegraph instrument fitter
assembles and fits together, by hand, component parts (microphone, earphone, small transformer, etc.) to form telegraph instruments, using files, screwdrivers, pliers, drills, and tapping or screwing dies.
telegraph instrument calibrator
a calibrator q.v. who specialises on telegraph instruments.
telegraph instrument mounter
mounts telegraph instrument in metal or wooden case or mount, and instals it in position ready for use.
telegraph instrument wirer
fits insulated wire and flex to telegraph instruments, making connections to terminals, etc., by hand, using pliers, screwdriver, and, if necessary, soldering bit.
telephone instrument assembler, telephone instrument fitter, telephone instrument maker, telephone instrument wirer
as for similar telegraph terms.
torsion meter maker
as for instrument maker.
voltmeter maker
as for instrument maker.
wattmeter maker
as for instrument maker.
wireless apparatus installer
fits up motor generators, wiring, aerials, poles, insulators, and table instruments forming part of wireless installation, under direction of wireless engineer (305) q.v.
wireless apparatus maker
as for instrument maker.

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From: A Dictionary of Occupational Terms Based on the Classification of Occupations used in the Census of Population, 1921,
Ministry of Labour, 1927. Digitised by Peter Christian, August, 2016.   This text is in the Public Domain.